Updos to keep cool

Is it just us, or do you also look for air conditioned spaces to tuck yourself into? Let’s be honest, the heat in the beginning of the year is definitely not comfy. And when the humidity peaks at over 60% and temperatures soar over 28 degrees, the last thing we want is layers of hair around our shoulders. But we still want to look cute, right? So we’ve listed our favourite hairstyles that are quick, easy, low maintenance and most importantly, tucked away from the neck and shoulders. This list includes ideal updo hairstyles for any occasion, so keep scrolling for deets.


Sleek chignon

Woman with blonde hair wearing a chignon updo
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Got a date? Want to look like a boss babe at work? Or maybe you want to impress your in-laws? Whatever the occasion, if you’re looking for an elegant updo, this is for you. And don’t be intimidated, chignons often look more difficult than they are. Feel free to watch our tutorial on an easy-peasy chignon, here.

Chignons are elegant and refined, which means no flyaways. Use a strong hold hairspray like the VO5 Extra Hold Hairspray to keep your hair neat and free of flyaways.


High puff

Woman with natural curls tied in a high puff hairstyle
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Without a doubt one of the most versatile hairstyles, this updo takes all of 5 minutes to do and will suit any occasion. Keep the back neat with a bit of strong hold hairspray and gel, and this look could even last you more than a single day.


Messy bun

Woman wearing a messy bun
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A staple in many women’s hair wardrobes the messy bun is a great go-to for any kind of weather. As an updo, it will give your look an overall relaxed vibe.


Cornrow updo

Woman with a cornrow updo
Source: Unsplash

Looking for a protective ‘do that will last for days? We definitely recommend you try out a cornrow up-style. Not only will this updo last for days, but you can personalise it to your taste. Keep it simple with straight-back cornrows or make it fancy with braided patterns and accessories.


Space puffs

If you’re still looking for more inspo, have a look at this article.
Source: Unsplash

Add some spice to your outfit with these sassy space puffs. Make your puffs as big or small as you want, either way will look super cute.

Lay your baby hairs and keep your hair sleek with a wet look gel. This kind of gel is perfect for this look as it creates a gorgeous shine that gives your hair a little extra va-va-voom. We recommend the VO5 Wet Styling Look Gel.


Accessorised ponytail

Accessorised ponytail updo
Source: Adobe Stock

If you’re looking to keep it simple, a sleek high ponytail is a great option. You can keep this updo plain (it’s a great power look) or you can change it up with a little scarf or scrunchie.


Braided bun

Woman wearing a blonde and black braided bun
Source: Adobe Stock

Braids and buns are two things that always look great together. Pair them up with a fancy undercut and you’ve got a perfect updo. And the best thing about it? It will last for days, so you don’t have to redo the style every morning.


Halo braid

Woman with blonde hair wearing a halo braid
Source: Unsplash

Depending on your skill with braiding, this look could take a bit longer to do. But once it’s done, all of your hair will be tucked up and right out of your way. So aside from the initial bit of effort, this is a good low maintenance updo to try out this year.



Woman wearing a pineapple updo
Source: Adobe Stock

Is your hair too long for a high puff? If it is, then you should try out a pineapple hairstyle. And if this updo falls too far onto your face, use bobby pins to arrange your strands away from of your face.


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