Wonderful Ways to Wear Dread Extensions

Dread styles to suit your personality.

Dread extensions are the perfect answer to embracing a beautiful natural hair technique without the full-on commitment. Of course you can go the fake dreads route, but those seeking an authentic look will love the low-fuss appeal of extensions. Much like braided extensions,these matted rope-like and synthetic dreads are generally heavier than most extensions, but well worth the extra weight. They can be washed weekly and shouldn’t be worn longer than two months, because your natural hair can become matted and turn into real dreads. While it might take a bit of extra time and work, these locs can be creatively styled just like real hair. Whether you have small thin dreads, large thick long ones, or short medium locs there are so many looks that can be created. Read on to discover the multiple options for your awesome dread extensions.

Wearing Dread Extensions

natural women dreads

1. Wrapped Hair

Look like royalty everyday by wearing your beautiful dreads in a high bun on top of your head like a big crown. Wrapping the dreads in one continuous direction gives the bun a more chic look. Add some cowrie shell beads to a few dreads to complete the look.

2. Double Trouble Dreads

One bun isn’t good enough? Try double buns. This is a fun grown-up way to wear your favorite childhood style without looking like a kid. Play with the length of your buns where you can opt for a really high double bun look or something more subtle.

4. Curl Girl

Having dreads doesn’t mean you can’t curl or crimp them. Using flexi rods, or even pipe cleaners, can give your faux dreads a completely different look modern, yet alluring.

5. Dread Hawk

Looking for a bold new way to wear your dread extensions? Why not try a rebellious style by shaving the side of your hair, leaving just hair on the top for a daring, but lovely “dread hawk.” Then, wear your dreads in a braid, bun or just loosely.

6. Faux Hawk Dreads

Another option is to try faux hawk look. Pull sides of your hair up tightly and twist dreads in the middle of head and secure with some bobby pins. Try this for special occasions or as a part of your everyday look.

7. Big Braided Dreadlocks

Gather your lovely locs together and make a massive braid. Whether it’s a traditional french braid or fabulous cornrows, dreads that are braided look much cooler than braiding your natural mane.

8. Bright Dreadlocks

Adding a pop of color to your dreadlocks will add vibrancy to your look. Get crazy and go for a bright red or even a purple hue. Don’t want to be that wild? You can still have fun with hair color by adding in some shades of red, blonde or even the ever-trendy gray hair.

Would you ever wear dread extensions?