beach hair on a wig tutorial

How to Create Overnight Beach Hair on a Wig

A DIY style that's perfect for the warmer weather.

If you’re looking for a way to save some money while still taking proper care of your wig and rocking a trendy style, keep reading! These are our tips on how to create overnight beach hair on a wig.

We spoke to Jazzi Ziegler, a New York-based stylist and wig expert, about how she creates this style. She stresses that this is the best way to create an actual beach wave versus a loose curl or a regular wave. “Keep practicing and don’t give up!” Ziegler says. “It’s supposed to be a messy effortless look. I know as a perfectionist I’ll keep adjusting the braid to make it perfect until the whole style is smooth and I end up losing the messy look we’re aiming for.” She notes, that while this style is intended for human hair wigs, it’s also a great option for synthetic wigs that can’t take the heat from hot tools. If you wear a synthetic wig or synthetic hair extensions, you may want to give this beach hair on a wig tutorial a shot.

Beach Hair on a Wig: Tutorial

beach hair on a wig tutorial
This is one DIY hairstyle you’ll be recreating all summer long.

1. Wash and condition your wig.

Start by using your finger to securely hold the wig at the front of the part and hold onto it there throughout the entire hair washing process. Fully immerse the wig in water. It’s best to use a showerhead or a bath faucet where the hair can hang out and avoid getting tangled. Once it’s wet, squeeze out the excess water with your finger still on the part and lather shampoo through the hair in downward strokes.

Shampoo the hair twice and take care to wash the cap, too. After rinsing the wig, fully condition the hair with your finger still on the part and then rinse the wig out well. With your finger still on the part, wrap the wig in a towel to dry making sure to maintain the downwards direction to avoid tangles. Put the wig on a wig stand and brush it out to free it of all tangles. We suggest Suave Moroccan Infusion Shine Shampoo and Suave Moroccan Infusion Shine Conditioner for extra shine and luster.

2. Apply product.

Apply the Suave Extra Hold Shaping Mousse throughout your wig and comb it through.

3. Twist and dry.

Wait until the hair is halfway dry as this styling hack is most effective when created on damp hair. Start by creating a zig-zag part at the top of the wig and make sure it extends all the way down to the back to help the waves blend well. Then, section the wig off into two pigtails and choose one side to start styling on. The trick to creating beach hair versus kinky waves is twisting instead of braiding. Grab two one-inch sections of hair from the top of the wig and twist them around each other. As you continue twisting add one-inch sections to the braid. Once you’ve incorporated all your hair, twist the tail around itself and into a low space bun. Let the style dry overnight, take it down in the morning, comb it through, and rock your beach hair with ease.

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