10 Yoga Hairstyles for a Beautiful and Peaceful Practice

Being comfortable in mind, body, and spirit is essential during a yoga session. The last thing you want to worry about is your hair falling over your face when you’re in downward dog. That’s why we’ve decided to give you our top 10 yoga hairstyles that will allow you to focus on your practice.


1. Fishtail Braid

yoga hairstyles woman with a long fishtail braid ombre hair
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A fishtail braid is a beautiful way to secure your hair through even the craziest of vinyasa flows. Even if you have bangs, you can still wear a fishtail by securing your bangs at the crown of the head with a hair tie or bobby pin.

Editor’s tip: If you have bangs, ensure they don’t slip free of the bobby pin by adding a bit of extra hold mousse. Try out the VO5 Mega Hold Styling Mousse. Its hold and texture is perfect for keeping bangs from slipping out of your yoga hairstyles.


2. Double Braids

woman with yoga clothes and a double dutch braid hairstyle
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Double braids are sleek, beautiful, and highly functional for the stylish yogi. With these braids, you’re sure to keep your hair out of your face the entire time. Double braids are especially great yoga hairstyles, as they balance out the weight of hair, especially if yours is on the thicker side.


3. Reverse French Braid

long light brown dutch braid hairstyle
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It always helps to have your hair pulled back during a yoga session, whether you’re doing a tree pose or standing on your head! A Dutch braid, also known as the reverse French braid, is a pretty way to secure your hair so all you have to think about is your breath and your body.

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Editor’s tip: Keep flyaways at bay with a good hairspray. We love the TRESemmé Firm Hold Hairspray for this. The best part? After your session, you can just brush it out.


4. Straight-back Cornrows

woman with straight back cornrows natural braids hairstyle
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Take your braids to the next level. Cornrows are not only pretty, they also do an amazing job of securing your hair during your practice. The best part? This is a well-loved protective style for natural hair, so you won’t need to undo it after your yoga session.


5. Topknot

Closeup image of a lady with a top knot hairstyle dark brown hair
Source: Pexels

Topknots are ideal yoga hairstyles. Whether you have braids or just a lot of hair, securing it all on the top of your head is cute, trendy, and obviously practical, unless you’re doing a headstand!


6. Perfect Ponytail

woman with a sleek high ponytail medium length hair yoga hairstyles
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Honestly, there is nothing better than an old-fashioned ponytail when it comes to working out! Sweeping your hair off of your neck into the classic style is a great way to keep it together during your yoga session (indoors of course!)

Editor’s tip: Keep your ponytail slick with a bit of gel. We love the VO5 Sculpted Firm Hold Styling Gel for this.


7. Twisted Ponytail

twisted rope braid ponytail yoga hairstyles
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This look is such a pretty style for the active gal. First, tie your hair into a high ponytail. Then split the ponytail in 2, twist in opposite directions and tie it with an elastic.


8. High Puff

woman with natual hair high puff hairstyle
Source: Unsplash

Sometimes simple is the way to go! High puffs or buns are often the best yoga hairstyles because they are perfect for keeping hair out of your eyes. Plus, it’s great for when the back of your head needs to be flat on the mat.


9. Low Topsy Tail

woman with a low ponytail yoga hairstyles
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The next time you want to wear a ponytail to yoga, try tying it off into different sections. This will keep you from getting strands of your mane messy and stuck to your face. Before tying each section, make a hole in the middle of the hair and loop the hair through it. That will give it this cool effect.


10. Headband

woman with a pink headband and natural curly hair
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If you’re looking to keep your hair in decent shape after a blowout or styling but don’t want to miss your yoga session, invest in a pretty headband. The look will keep your hair intact and will keep any sweat from making things messy.

Editor’s tip: If you’re trying to preserve a blowout, refresh your hair after your workout with a generous spray of the TRESemmé Instant Refresh Translucent Dry Shampoo.


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