South African Hairstyles: 11 Hairstyle Ideas to Last You the Whole Year

South African hairstyles are unique to the spirit and culture of Mzansi, our home. The fresh vibe of Mzansi has been the starting point to some incredible hairstyle ideas and fashion trends. From iconic cornrows to lush chocolate brown curls to the teeny weeny afro, these diverse hairstyle ideas can be worn from day to night with minimal effort.

We went through some of our top natural hairstyles to find the chicest looks for you. Keep scrolling to check out our top picks of natural, boldly South African hairstyle ideas!


Strawberry Blonde Curls

girl with strawberry blonde curly hair
Source: Unsplash

The strawberry blonde curl is one of the most versatile hairstyles that we see young women wear today because it enhances the beauty of their hair texture and is can be worn with ease. The strawberry blonde colour is the perfect colour to help spruce up any season!


Lush Chocolate Brown Curly Hairstyle

Girl with curly brown hair
Source: Shutterstock

These lush chocolate brown curls are an absolute favourite. This gorgeous hairstyle can go with every outfit and shine as a stand-alone beauty!

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Slicked Back Ponytail Hairstyle

girl with slick back pony
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We can’t ever get over the classic ponytail. Turn your regular classic ponytail up a notch by trying this slicked back pony that will be able to go with any outfit! The slicked back pony can be worn with anything from a chic cocktail dress to regular jeans and tee and look effortlessly chic all year round.


Braided Mohawk Hairstyle Ideas

girl with mohawk braid
Source: Shutterstock

We’re getting edgy with this braided mohawk hairstyle that you can rock with any look. A braided mohawk is a centrepiece to any outfit all year round. Rock your braided mohawk with a leather jacket in winter or rock it with a floral dress in summer and thank us later!


Close Cropped Natural ‘Do

Girl with short hair
Source: Shutterstock

We’ve got the perfect hairstyle for girls who like to keep it short and sweet! No matter your reason, this hairstyle is beautiful and we love how it accentuates any face shape.


Pixie Cut Hairstyle Ideas

girl with pixie cuts
Source: Shutterstock

The pixie cut is a look that will never go out of style. South African women can try this look with their curly texture or straighten with a flat iron and still look effortlessly chic.


Warm Blonde Hairstyle Ideas

Girl with strawberry blonde curls brown roots hairstyle ideas
Source: Shutterstock

Why not try this fantastic warm blonde hair colour? For a lower-maintenance look, keep your roots dark. This way, you won’t need touch-ups for a long time!

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Short Afro

girl with teeny weeny afro
Source: Unsplash

Girls with short hair will love this styling idea as it enhances your natural hair and keeps your hair protected all year along.


Luminous Brown Curls

girl with curly brown hair natural hairstyle ideas
Source: Unsplash

We love some classic hairstyles and one that has been a South African favourite is this luminous brown curl hairstyle.

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Blonde Curly Wig With Dark Roots

girl with blonde wig dark roots curly natural hair wig
Source: Shutterstock

We love to spice up our hair look routines and what a better way to spruce up your look than by trying out a stand-out blonde wig.


Afro Space Bun

girl with afro hair space buns hairstyle ideas
Source: Unsplash

Do you love the space buns look and want to display and embrace your natural texture? Try giving this cute style a shot and let us know what you think.


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