7 Ways to style your lovely locs

It can be easy to underestimate the versatility of locs – but they really are super versatile. From styling, to colour, to the incredible lengths they can grow to you have so many options to choose from. Not to mention they’re just gorgeous – do we really need any other reason to talk about them? Keep reading for the latest locs hairstyles inspiration.


Wavy locs

locs hairstyle: woman with long dark locs
Source: Unsplash

Have you every tried curling your locs or making them wavy? Hands down, this is one of our favourite locs hairstyles, which is why we had to put it at number 1.

Editor’s tip: To get the look simply pin up your locs into twisted knots and leave them that way for a day or two and voila, you have curls or waves, depending on the size of the knots and how long you leave them in.



woman with locs tied up into an updo hairstyle with a burgundy headwrap
Source: Unsplash

A true classic, a head wrap will look stunning with locs. Just be sure to leave the ends peeking out, with one or two to frame your face.


Two toned locs

woman with long locs that are half dyed black, and half are bleached blonde
Source: Unsplash

Whoever said locs can’t be bleached or dyed didn’t know what they were talking about. Sure, it takes some expertise to get this locs hairstyle right, but it’s not only possible — it’s beautiful. Just look at these two toned, blonde and black locs!


Green locs

girl with green hair tied into an updo
Source: Pexels

On the topic of colourful locs hairstyles, don’t be afraid to think out of the box. This green shade is absolutely stunning and we just know you will look amazing with it.

We love how this beauty has laid down her baby hairs in this look. To get the look, simply apply a bit of the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie directly onto an unused toothbrush or edge brush and brush down your baby hairs to keep them looking slick.


Peekaboo highlights

woman with medium-length hair tied back
Source: Unsplash

If you’re keen to try out colourful locs hairstyles but don’t want anything too “out there” give these peekaboo highlights a try. Simply bleach and dye the underneath locs.


High bun

woman with locs tied up into a high bun hairstyle
Source: Unsplash

No matter whether your locs are long, medium, thin or thicc (yes, with two C’s!), you can’t go wrong with a high bun. This kind of locs hairstyles look so slick, chic and sophisticated, it’s great for any occasion.


Topped with a hat

woman wearing a brown, broad-brimmed hat
Source: Pexels

Hats are one of those accessories that every girl needs, don’t you agree? Invest in a hat that matches your personal style and wear it with your locs down. It can be the perfect finishing touch to your OOTD, or it can hide any growing out roots that you may need to tighten.

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