The best hairstyles for beach-lovers

If sandy feet and ocean breezes are your vibe, then this is definitely for you. During those toasty summer months, packed with visits to the beach, you’re going to need a hairstyle that can withstand the salty ocean air and a couple hours of sun. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with these cute and functional hairstyles for beach-lovers.


Beachy Waves

hairstyle for the beach: woman wearing beachy waves
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Fresh, salty air can have its benefits, including giving you an instant wavy ‘do. Beachy Waves are a simple, effortless look that’s perfect for those weekly beach visits. Not only does it require minimum fuss, but the style will even hold its own and get better with some salty ocean air.


Headband Hairstyles

beach hairstyles: girl wearing a fun headband
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To add some fun and colour to your beach look grab your fave summer headband. Headbands are super versatile and have the added benefit of being able to hide those flyaways that may pop-up when at the beach. Paired with curls, long waves or a pixie cut, the right headband can add a unique twist to a number of hairstyles for beach-lovers.


Braided ‘fro

hairstyles for the beach-lovers: woman with a braided afro
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Let your ‘fro shine as bright as the sun. To get this look all you need to do is braid the front of your afro as desired, stopping at the crown of your head. Not only is this on trend but helps keep your hair out of your face for a day at the beach.

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beach-lovers hairstyle: woman wearing a top knot
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Topknots are a fave and for a good reason. They take little effort and give maximum cuteness! All you need is a simple hair band or your fave scrunchy to create this look. It’s one of the best hairstyles for beach-lovers because it’s easy to adjust, keeps your hair off your shoulders and will last all day.

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Two Braids

beach-lovers hairstyle: woman with long blonde and pink hair wearing two braids
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Two Braids are another great option if you’re looking for a style that is functional but still fun. It’ll definitely keep your hair out of your face and could also protect your hair from some of the elements. Make sure each braid is tied securely and it can even be a great style to swim in.


Statement Beach Accessories

hairstyles for beach-lovers: woman wearing a wide rim beach hate
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It’s great to experiment with different styles, but Statement Beach Accessories are a MUST-have when it comes to hairstyles for beach-lovers. Whether it’s a playful cap, bucket hat or wide-brim beach hat — the addition of a statement hair accessory instantly gives you a lush holiday vibe. And of course, a great statement hat will also protect your hair and face from any harsh summer sun.


Fishtail Braid

beach-lovers hairstyle: woman wearing a long fishtail braid
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A Fishtail Braid is another trendy braided hairstyle that’s a winner for the beach. It’s a gorgeous look that gives you a ‘fancy’ feel and is great at showing off colourful hair (shout out to the ladies who went bright and bold this summer). In addition to stunning look of the braid, it also helps avoid any tangling so that you can spend less time worrying and more time having fun.

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