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Hair Wand vs. Curling Iron: How are They Different?

Pop quiz: What do curling irons and hair wands have in common? If you answered that they both curl, you’ve guessed right. But they are actually two totally different hair tools. Think of it as hair wand vs curling iron, in that they can allow you to achieve a different type of curl or wave.  Which is pretty important stuff to consider, depending on what hairstyle you want to achieve. Who knew!? So the next time you’re wondering which tool to use to create those sultry ringlets or that wavy hairstyle, you’ll be a pro because we’ve got your back with these important basics! Read on to discover more about the differences between a curling iron and a hair wand and when to use them on your hair:


Hair Wand vs. Curling Iron

What’s the difference?

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We love to use this genius hair tool when it’s time to create a curly hairstyle in minutes. The circumference of a curling iron is one uniform size from the top to the bottom of the barrel and has a clasp (either a spring or Marcel handle). It holds hair in places and makes it easier to twirl it around the hair. While styling, the curler should be positioned downward while the hair is secured between the clasp and the barrel. Depending on the size of the barrel, the curling iron will give you either a tight barrel or loose curl that’s defined and bouncy. For a tight spiral curl, opt for using a skinny barrel iron, and for a looser curl or gently curled ends, opt for a large barrel iron.


Which one should you use?

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When it comes to hair wand vs curling iron, the hair wand usually increases gradually in size as you go down the diameter of the barrel. It’s offered in a conical or cylinder or reverse-cone shape. The conical style is one size down the diameter similar to a curling iron. This clasp-less curling tool is designed with barrels made out of tourmaline, ceramic, or titanium, which help to hold your hair in place while styling, and can heat up to 450 degrees. To achieve your favourite stylish and effortless-looking hairstyles, like beach waves, curl your hair around the wand while wearing a protective glove that comes with the wand. If you’re aiming to achieve a nice spiral curl opt for a cylinder barrel. For a curl that goes from wide to tight use a conical barrel, and for the opposite of this said curl, use the reverse-cone shape.

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People often favour using a curling wand over a curling iron because of the tourmaline, ceramic and titanium plates it’s offered in. Tourmaline produces negative ion technology which adds moisture and smoothens the hair cuticle which helps cut down heat damage. On the other hand, ceramic spreads heat evenly throughout the hair. Both produce shine and cut down styling time – which means you’re curling your hair with less heat. Titanium plates help eliminate stickiness caused by your hair and styling products. There are also curling wands and irons that are made out of gold and titanium. These look pretty and produce good heat, but they don’t do much for the overall health of your hair.


Grab your curling iron for: Sassy Ringlets

curling iron: woman with ringlet curls
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To Style: In small or big sections, place hair between the barrel and curl hair forward toward your face. Repeat this step all over your hair.

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Don’t forget to spritz some of the TRESemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray throughout the hair to keep it protected.


Grab your hair wand for: Tousled Waves

hair wand: woman with long heat-styled curls
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To Style: After applying a heat protection spray, curl hair in large sections. Let the hair cool to set then use your fingers to tousle and give it shape.

Finish off with a hairspray like the VO5 Strong Hold Hairspray to lock in this style.


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