12 Natural Hair With Highlights Ideas for 2020

Natural hair with highlights is a hot topic in the hair world right now and we can see why. Just adding a few pops of colour to your curls and coils can make such a difference in your overall appearance.

Having your natural hair with highlights is a great way to enhance your look without drastically changing it. To get this look, we recommend visiting a professional hairstylist. He/She will apply peroxide to individual hair strands in order to lighten the hair, and once this is done, the colour of your choice will be applied to the lightened strands of hair.

Lightening a few strands throughout your hair lets your natural curl pattern stand out much more than having a one-dimensional colour. It also adds dimension and fullness to your curls by creating a contrast with your base colour, even if you only highlight the natural hair that frames your face. This is especially great for those with thin hair, as it helps give an illusion of volume.

Not to mention, one of the best things about natural hair with highlights! Because this look only strips the colour from tiny sections of hair, the overall health of your hair isn’t compromised. A true win-win situation in our opinion!

Keep scrolling to find the best natural hair with highlights look for you!


Curly Hair With Golden Blonde Highlights

girl with braid blonde hair highlights gold accessories
Source: All Things Hair SA

A full head of golden highlights adds the illusion of volume and depth to your hair. It adds a touch of sophistication and flair to any hairdo.

Editor’s Tip: A full head of highlights may cause some harm to your locks. Because of this, we recommend using repairing products, such as the Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. This range works from the core of the hair strand to repair and hydrate your hair, so you can say bye-bye to moisture-lacking tresses.


Short Natural Hair with Blonde Highlights

short natural hair blonde highlights
Source: Shutterstock

Add some dimension to your natural hair pixie cut with some subtle highlights sprinkled throughout. This takes a simple pixie cut to the next level as it adds the illusion of depth while still maintaining the sleek pixie vibe.


Gorgeous Ginger Highlights

short natural hair tight curls highlights
Source: Shutterstock

Ginger highlights look great on people with a warm skin-tone. You can highlight your curl pattern loads of ginger baby lights or you can keep it a bit more subtle with a ginger balayage.


Natural Hair with Orange Highlights

Woman with natural hair highlights
Source: Shutterstock

Add a touch of orange highlights to your tresses and thank us later. This highlight colour works best for people with warm-toned skin.

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Editor’s Tip: Keep your colour vibrant with a haircare range specifically formulated for colour-treated hair. We recommend the TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Shampoo and Conditioner which keeps colour looking great for up to 40 washes and is super gentle on hair. The conditioner is also a major help with detangling! 


Bright Blue Highlights

girl with black and blue hair wig weave
Source: Shutterstock

Blue hair is a major statement, but like any colour, being one-dimensional can make it look volumeless. Add depth to your locks by incorporating a few natural-looking blonde highlights, like in this picture.


Natural Hair with Chestnut Highlights

closeup braid balck and chestnut coloured hair
Source: Shutterstock

We love the idea of adding a touch of chestnut-coloured highlights to add a soft touch to the look of your natural tresses. 

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Editor’s Tip: We recommend the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil to give your hair that healthy shine. Formulated with Keratin and Marula Oil, this dry oil will also help reduce flyaways and nourish your locks!


Ash Blonde Curls with Shadow Roots

dark skinned girl with ash blonde hair dark roots curly hair natural hair
Source: Pexels

Don’t be afraid to go super light with your hair colour – it’s daring, but we promise it will look great. To tone it down a bit, leave your roots a dark brown colour.


Full ‘Fro With Golden Caramel Highlights

woman with afro curly hair caramel highlights
Source: Pexel

We love highlighting hair with variations of the same colour. This afro looks so gorgeous with the different shades of gold and caramel, we can’t help but stare!


Statement Highlights

smiling lady with big afro natural hair curls brown highlights
Source: Pexels

As with most good things in life, sometimes less is more. A few strategically-placed highlights is all it takes to enhance the look of your curls and add dimension to your fro.


Chocolate Brown Hair with Golden Highlights

woman with big natural hair afro curls blonde highlights
Source: Pexels

The base colour is just as important as the colour of the highlights. This can make or break how the highlights stand out, as well as how they complement your skin tone. Pair a full head of golden highlights with a chocolate brown base for a match made in heaven.


Blonde Box Twists Highlights

woman with long box braids blonde highlights
Source: Pexels

You don’t need to limit yourself to putting highlights on your natural hair. Experiment with highlights in your braids and twists. We love these dark twists with a few blonde twists scattered throughout.


Pumpkin Spice Balayage

smiling woman with afro dark roots highlights
Source: Pexels

The balayage is a great option to add highlights to curly and afro hair because each highlight is individually painted on, creating a much more natural effect. This allows each individual curl to be highlighted, ensuring that it truly stands out. We love to pair this technique with unusual colours like this for a striking, but toned-down effect.


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