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5 Top Hair Accessories in 2020

Hair accessories have an amazing ability to draw attention to your gorgeous tresses, complete an outfit and transform a hairstyle. Lockdown has all of us rocking our fav hair accessories for our #stayathome selfies and for TikTok – and honestly, we love it! Find out about the top hair accessory trends spotted in 2020 by the experts at All Things Hair.


5 hair accessories you need in 2020


One of the greatest things about hair accessories is that they can totally change a look. A simple hairstyle can go from an everyday style to an IG-ready look with just a few hair accessories.


Pearl hair accessories

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Pearls are so old Hollywood glam. These little gems (we mean, pearls) bring a whole new aspect to a look, depending on the type of pearl accessory. From elegant and sophisticated to sweet and youthful, you choose. You can find pearls in hair accessories like pearl clips, combs, hair bands, Alice bands and even pearl beads. The possibilities are endless!

No matter what vibe you’re going for, pearls demand a polished finish. Tame your flyaways with the VO5 Firm Hold Hairspray.


OTT headbands

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Padded and chunky headbands give off a vintage vibe and we’re obsessed! This twist on the classic, plain headband gives you a unique way to draw attention to your hairdo.

If you want to keep it simple, opt for plain, brightly-coloured bands. Alternatively, go bold and invest in super padded bands with patterns and glitter on them.



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This trend started in the ’80s and is back in a big way (yay!). Scrunchies are a softer and much cuter version of a hair tie or elastic. These classic hair accessories come in different colours, fabrics and prints – which means you can find a scrunchie to go with any outfit.

Plus, these trendy accessories don’t do any damage to your hair. Regular hair ties, on the other hand, often cause breakage because your hair tangles or knots around it, but scrunchies are made with material surrounding the elastic, so your hair is less likely to get caught up.


Bucket Hat

hair accessories: Happy smiling fashionable woman wearing yellow square sunglasses
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High fashion, or at home fashion – the bucket hat is both! This stylish hat has been adopted into streetwear and has become a fashion staple for all.

A bucket hat can tie an outfit together or be a statement piece. This hair accessory gives off a cool and casual vibe. Plus, they’re the perfect accessory for a bad hair day.


Layered Clips

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A hair accessory trend that’s totally “kawaii” inspired! Mixing and matching clips of different styles, patterns and sizes is a big global trend right now. It draws attention to your hairdo by layering different types of hair clips all over or in a pattern – the choice is yours! Mix and match different colours, shapes, sizes and materials used to totally personalise your look.

Editor’s tip: If your hair is super smooth and clips keep falling out, this tip is for you. Spray some hairspray onto your hair and directly onto the clips before applying them. This will make the accessories tacky and enable them to stay put. A great option for this is an extra hold product like the VO5 Strong Hold Hairspray. Trust us, this is a game-changer.


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