20 Best Ash Blonde Hair Colour Ideas

Ash blonde is icier and more cool-toned than classic golden blondes we all know and love. And, if you’re looking for a new way to rock lighter locks, you’ll be glad to know that this hair colour is shaping up to be 2020’s shade of choice.

To help you make the right ash blonde hair decision, we’ve gathered the best looks that we could get our hands on. From light ash blonde to dark ash blonde hair colours, get inspired by these gorgeous hues, below.


1. True ash blonde

woman with blonde hair blue eyes straight hair
Source: Shutterstock

You don’t have to be a street style star to pull off ashy blonde hair. But, if you do want to get snapped by a fashion photographer, we suggest you give this classic, cool shade a whirl, stat.


2. Rapunzel blonde hair

woman with very long blonde hair
Source: Unsplash

Want to take your long hair to the next level? Get a mixture of ash and pearly blonde tones. This will give you an ethereal summer goddess vibe and make all your outfits pop.


3. Ash blonde hair with a full fringe

woman with long blonde hair bangs fringe
Source: Shutterstock

Bangs are having a major revival. And, whether you’re questioning if you should get them or wondering how they’ll look on ash blonde tresses, let this babe show you how it’s done.

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4. Dark ash ends with bright highlights

woman with light brown hair bob haircut
Source: Unsplash

If you’ve got dark blonde hair and want to take your hue to the next shade, try going for ash blonde highlights to create dimension. We love how this fashionista has left her roots dark, with most of the highlights in the lengths of the hair. This adds the illusion of volume and adds definition to her curls and waves.


5. Icy ash blonde with lilac

woman with white hair dark roots lilac purple ombre bob haircut
Source: Shutterstock

Soft lilac hair is set to be the hottest colour trend of 2020. If you want to give it a go without making a drastic change to a full head of lilac, this is your chance.

How? By sticking to an icy ash blonde base and incorporating a lilac ombre at the ends of your mane, like this.


6. Ash blonde and grey braids

woman with ash grey braids
Source: Adobe Stock

Attention braid devotees: mixing ash blonde braids with grey braids are an understated way to enhance your look. And, one glance at this example will make you want to follow suit.


7. Sandy blonde sombre

woman with medium length blonde hair
Source: Shutterstock

Under the impression that you can’t mix warm and cool tones together? This tousled sandy, medium ash blonde ombre is here to show us how perfect this combination really can be.


8. Ashy platinum blonde

woman with long platinum hair
Source: Shutterstock

Give yourself the ultimate makeover with this statement ashy platinum blonde hue. The subtle mix of warm beach blonde and cool ash tones in this shade make it perfect for year-round wear.


9.  Icy ash blonde

long grey hair white highlights
Source: Shutterstock

Let’s face it: icy blonde looks amazing on sleek strands. This vibrant, ashy, grey-blonde is a winner in our book, plus we love the grungy streaks coming through.

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10. Box braids with blonde accents

black woman with long box braids
Source: Unsplash

If your go-to look is braids, you have to see these gorgeous, goddess-like box braids, complete with a gorgeous ash blonde and warm blonde hair colour combination. Talk about #hairgoals!


Golden halo braid with ash blonde highlights

girl with blonde plait undo
source: unsplash

Braids look amazing with blonde hair, especially when it includes different shades, like here. The pale, ashy blonde highlights takes this halo braid to the next level with all this extra dimension and texture.


Dark roots with ashy ends

girl with long sleek back hair
source: unsplash

Give your hair the illusion of volume with a subtle ashy blonde ombre. The great thing about it is how low maintenance this look is: no regular root touch-ups needed! This means less time spent in the stylist’s chair, and less chemical damage on your locks!


Ash blonde blunt bob

girl with short bob
source: unsplash

The blunt bob has been one of the most popular trending hairstyles this year, and we can see why! Pair this look with a cool ash blonde for a slick, fashionable vibe.


Loose low ash blonde plait

girl with blonde hair
source: unsplash

One of the great things about highlights is how they truly stand out in braids. Take your low-effort loose ponytail to new chic heights with ashy accents, like this fashionista.


Ash-toned curls

woman with long curly hair and headband hairstyle
Source: Adobe Stock

There’s no denying how absolutely gorgeous these ash-toned curls are!


Pale platinum pixie cut

girl with platinum blonde hair
source: Shutterstock

This feminine cut is even bolder when paired with a gorgeous platinum blonde colour.


Dark roots with blonde ombre

woman with a sleek bob
Source: Shutterstock

Fade darker shades into a blonde that is awash with calm ash tones, and you’ll make your mane seriously conversation-worthy. If you do try this, don’t forget to send us a picture.


Dusty pink with ashy tips

girl with ash blonde with lilac highlights
source: unsplash

Paired with cool-girl shaggy layers, this pretty pink ash is the hue you need to try if you’re a big fan of the rose gold hair trend.


Ash blonde balayage with dark roots

girl with long blonde tips
source: Shutterstock

Not sure about getting regular ash blonde highlights? Then we’ve got the perfect solution: an ash ombre.

This super-subtle ombre are a subtle way to add depth and dimension to your mane, all with the added bonus of looking natural.


Summery blonde pixie

girl with a short haircut
source: Shutterstock

Sitting somewhere between medium and light ash blonde on the hair colour spectrum, these blonde hues are a great option for those who don’t want the faff of maintaining a bleached, platinum look.



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