12 Gym hairstyles for short hair that are pretty and practical.

Gym bunnies, listen up! Gone are the days when sporty hairstyles for short hair came down to sweaty locks swept haphazardly off your face. Instead, we now have a ton of stylish and durable looks. Here are some great gym hairstyles for short locks that will see you through your workout and the day with ease!

Stay stylish while you squat, run, lunge, spin or lift!


The side-swept pixie

woman with relaxed hair
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If your hair is a bit too short to gather up into a ponytail, don’t stress, there are plenty of other gym hairstyles for short hair that you can do. We believe simplicity is the key to a great workout style.
So, if you’ve got a cute crop, streamline your ‘do by pinning your pixie cut to one side to keep your hair away from your face.

TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray_front image_100ml_product image

All you need to create this look are some bobby pins and a strong hold hairspray. We recommend a spritz of TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray over your hair (a tiny bit will do the trick). This will make double-sure it stays put, no matter how hard you train!


The gym-ready ponytail

woman with a short ponytail
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It may seem a little been-there-done-that, but nothing beats a classic ponytail when it comes to gym hairstyles. Even if your hair is too short to do a high ponytail, you can always adapt and create a hun (AKA a half-up bun) instead.


Chunky cornrows

woman with chunky cornrows hairstyle
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You know it, we know it, and everyone knows it: when it comes to hairstyles for short hair, you simply can’t go wrong with braids.

One of our favourite hairstyles for the gym are chunky cornrows. Not only do they look fantastic, but they also keep all your hair neatly off your face. Keep those braids tight and you’ll be able to rock this style post-workout, too.


The ‘no band’ braid

gym hairstyles for short hair: woman with dark brown hair with a dutch braid, braided close to the front hairline
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Are you the type to forget a hair tie, or lose one, when you really need one? Well now you no longer have to tip out your handbag in the hopes of finding one because with this ‘no band’ braid, hair ties are no longer an issue!

Simply tease the end of your braid with a comb and spritz with a good hairspray like TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray. We can’t guarantee it’ll hold tight during a HIIT session or a long run, but it’s quick, cute and useful when you don’t have a hairband.


The hun (aka half-up bun)

woman with brown braids hairstyle
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In our books, the half topknot bun is the ultimate ‘do for short hair. Gym hairstyles that keep you looking stylish aren’t easy to come by.

Use a little spritz of TRESemmé Instant Refresh Translucent Dry Shampoo before creating your topknot. You’ll slay your sesh and keep sweaty tresses at bay!


The short hair gym quiff

woman with short reddish brown hair styled into a quiff
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Clips, hairbands or pins not really your thing? Then this edgy alternative will be right up your street. The secret behind the success of this sporty hairstyle is a good wax to hold it in place.

We recommend VO5 Groomed Styling Wax to shape your tresses into a stylish quaff. The wax will hold your hair as you work up a sweat.


Headband updo

gym hairstyles for short hair: woman wearing a white headband and gym clothes
Copy-spaced portrait of a lovely sportswoman smiling and looking at camera

If you prefer to work out in the morning, then we can only presume a quick and easy gym hairstyle is all you want for your workout session. To stop any stray strands or flyaways from getting in the way of reaching your #bodygoals, add a headband to any updo. Sometimes messier hair can look more chic, so don’t worry about creating a perfectly smooth finish.


Double buns

gym hairstyles for short hair: woman wearing gym clothes and a double bun space buns hairstyle
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Why wear one bun when you can rock two? Channel your inner gym bunny with this hairstyle and create two buns on the top of your head. You can add volume by using a hair doughnut and lay down any short hairs with bobby pins.

When it comes to hairstyles for the gym, double buns are great. They keep your tresses up and out of your way, and they’re super cute.


Double Dutch braid

gym hairstyles for short hair: double dutch braid
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As you might have gathered by now, we have a thing for braids. Seriously, they’re one of the best sporty hairstyles for short hair out there!

There are plenty of ways to mix them up and we love these double Dutch braids on short hair. Just think how cute you’ll look!



woman with brown box braids practicing yoga in cobra pose
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While most girls with longer locks will rock an Insta-perfect messy bun as their chosen gym hairstyle, those with shorter hair have to be a little smarter with how they style their strands. So why not put your locks into a protective ‘do? Braids are some of our favourite and most versatile looks, and you can make them as long or short as you want!


The low textured pony

gym hairstyles for short hair: woman with short natural hair tied into a low ponytail
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We love this low ponytail as a sporty hairstyles option for short hair. Ideal for any kind of workout, go for a sleek and smooth top, with volume and body in the ponytail itself.

Simply fluff out your natural locks or use a spritz of the TRESemmé Dry Shampoo to build body and texture without any sticky residue.


The retro sweatband

woman wearing a headband retro hairstyle
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When it comes to gym hairstyles for short hair, it’s safe to say that the headband is the unofficial hero of all gym hair dilemmas.

Tap into this look by drawing inspiration from the 1980s. Use this pretty yet practical hair accessory to help prevent strands falling into your eyes while you’re striking a yoga pose or pumping iron.


So, now that you’ve selected your next workout hairstyle, it’s time that you learn to look after your tresses post-gym. How, you ask? By making sure you’re not over-washing!



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