22 Best Wavy Hair with Bangs Ideas for 2020

Wavy hairstyles are one of those styles that aren’t going away anytime soon! They sit somewhere between straight and curly hair. Unlike curly hair, the pattern doesn’t usually start right at the root of the hair. Instead, wavy hair is often thinner until mid-shaft where it starts to curl into a loose pattern. They’re fun, flirty and easy to style, and when you throw a fringe into the mix, this look gets an instant update. If you have naturally wavy hair or are looking for new ways to wear your hair with bangs, why not give wavy hair with bangs styles a try? We’ve gathered several wavy hair with bangs hairstyles below that you can easily recreate at home, with little to no fuss.


Natural-Looking Waves on a Bob with Bangs

Natural looking waves in bob
Source: Shutterstock

We’re obsessed with the natural effect on this wavy hair bob. The contrast between natural waves and styled bangs is a stunning look that says “I woke up like this… kind of”.


Undone Wavy Hair with Bangs

Undone bangs
Source: Shutterstock

The messier the hair, the harder they stare—with good reason, of course! Go for this effortlessly undone hairstyle to match your laid-back look.


Thick Fringe

Thick fringe
Source: Shutterstock

Go for a full effect by getting a thick fringe. Make sure you balance it off with texture. Case in point: Add waves to the rest of your hair to create balance.


Naturally Thick Hair

Naturally thick hair
Source: Unsplash

It works with all hair types of course, but bangs on naturally thick hair is an absolute winner. We love this look because it frames the face perfectly with a veil of thick tresses.


Hint of Waves with Bangs

Hint of waves with bangs
Source: Unsplash

No need to have a head full of waves to get in on this laid back ‘do. Add a couple of waves here and there to recreate this look.


Wavy Bangs

Wavy bangs
Source: Unsplash

If you want to go full on with the waves, don’t hesitate to add it to your fringe too! Waves in your fringe will have a gorgeous natural look that will take you from day to night.

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Side-Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs
Source: Unsplash

Turn waves from a playful to a more sophisticated look with side-swept bangs. This is a low maintenance look that absolutely transforms your ‘do from casual to classy.


Curtain Bangs with Waves

Curtain bangs
Source: Unsplash

Separate your bangs down the centre to create this modern take on the curtain bangs style.


The Shag

Shag hair cut
Source: Shutterstock

Looking for something in style at the moment? Opt for the fun shag haircut. This ‘do can be seen through the years. If that’s the case, then it’s an obvious winner.

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Vintage bangs
Source: Unsplash

Turn an old hairstyle into a modern look. This style is inspired by vintage waves, the messy effect makes it more off-the-moment.


Natural Waves

Natural waves
Source: Unsplash

Have naturally wavy hair? Embrace your texture to recreate this wavy hair with bangs style.


Micro Bangs

Micro fringe and lob waves
Source: Unsplash

Feeling bold? this is the look for you. Stand out from the crowd with a micro fringe and take it a notch up with a stylish messy texture.


Long and Flowy

long and flowy hair
Source: Shutterstock

Whether it’s date time or wedding time, this is the must-have look for all the important moments. This is the perfect wavy hair with bang style for special occasions.


Defined Waves

Wavy hair and bangs
Source: Pixels

In the mood for perfection? Go for a more polished look with defined waves.


Lob Wavy Hair with Bangs

lob waves
Source: Shutterstock

Update your lob style with waves as you play with the direction of your fringe.


Bang and Waves with Layers

Bangs and waves
Source: Unsplash

Want a cut with lots of movement? Think layers, layers and more layers.


Wavy Hair with Bangs and Highlights

Wavy hair and highlights
Source: Unsplash

Add a few ribbons of highlights to help add dimension to your waves.


Undone Bangs

Undone bangs
Source: Shutterstock

Going for an undone fringe look? Make sure the rest of your hair matches too. Opt for subtle waves with loads of messy texture.

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Blonde hair with bangs and hat
Source: Shutterstock

If wearing your hair on its own isn’t enough, don’t be afraid to play around with accessories! The cutest hat can draw attention to your hairstyle.


Platinum Blonde

PLatinum blonde hair
Source: Shutterstock

Try a super bold platinum hair colour to add some edge to your style.


Extra Long Bangs

Extra long bangs
Source: Shutterstock

What to do with grown-out bangs? Embrace them and add some waves to the rest of your hair to keep the look polished.


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