#HairGoals: 17 Golden Brown Hairstyles We’re Dying To Try

If you have blonde hair and are looking to go darker, but you’re just not ready to go full-on jet black, then golden brown hair can be the perfect shade for you. This golden auburn shade works for every girl, and it’s a great way to transition your hair into a darker brunette hue. This sultry and sexy colour is a glamorous way to spice up your holiday hairstyles, so grab that screenshot and make a beeline to your stylist (or get creative yourself, if you’re so inclined!) with one of these hairstyles that we’re totally obsessed with:


1. Curled

brown hairstyles: woman with long brown wavy hair
Source: Shutterstock

Look like a Hollywood starlet with these gorgeous, bouncy curls.

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Editor’s tip: To keep your curls smooth all day long, give them a good pump or two of the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil.


2. Balayage

brown hair: woman with wavy hair and a golden blonde balayage
Source: Adobe Stock

Balayage highlights are a classy, subtle look that gives off a sophisticated and elegant vibe. Mixing light golden brown hair colours with different natural-coloured pigments gives off a beautiful multi-toned look.


3. Bed Head

woman with long straight hair
Source: Unsplash

Give your hair a texturised, tousled look for your next night out. If your mane is feeling a little too oily, use dry shampoo to take your bedhead down a notch.

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Spray some of the Toni&Guy Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo to your roots and brush it out. Fluff out your hair with your fingers and you’re good to go.


4. Curly Bob

woman with a big curly afro
Source: Shutterstock

A curly bob is so fun and quirky, it’s an adorable hairstyle we all want to rock this season!


5. Ombré

woman with ombre hairstyle
Source: Adobe Stock

The drastic multi-toned look of ombré is always eye-catching. Incorporating a light golden brown in-between dark roots and light blonde ends just gives your hair the perfect smudgy look.


6. Long Natural Curls

woman with curly brown hair
Source: Shutterstock

Long, natural curls always look whimsical and playful. If your curls are lacking moisture, shampoo less and use a nourishing co-wash in between your regular washes and you’re ready to go!


7. Fresh Blowout

woman with medium length, straight golden brown hair
Source: Adobe Stock

Go for the always loved and classic fresh blowout style. This look is simple, quick, and always looks great for any event.


8. Straight

woman with long straight hair
Source: Adobe Stock

Get a sleek and sheen-filled look by grabbing your straightener and making your locks pin-straight.

To keep your hair protected from the stressors of heat styling, use the Shea Moisture Virgin Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment before straightening. This will not only protect your hair, it will also nourish and moisturise your hair.


9. Middle Part

woman with long brown hair styled in a centre part
Source: Adobe Stock

A middle part gives off a chic and modern look to your style. Pairing it with a golden brown hair colour will give you a sweet and playful vibe.


10. Bob

woman with a bob hairstyle
Source: Adobe Stock

A short, classic bob is always one of our favourite hairstyles. It’s timeless and works for just about anyone. You can also play with it by switching up your part and styling your bangs.


11. Blunt Bangs

woman with long straight hair and full fringe hairstyle
Source: Shutterstock

Blunt bangs give your hair an added illusion of fullness. It also gives an edgy and dramatic appearance to make your look fun and flirty.


12. Side-Parted Layered Bob

woman with short wavy hair
Source: Adobe Stock

A side-parted layered bob cut is perfect for giving your light golden brown hair colour an added edge.

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Enhance the texture or your layered bob by using the Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray. This will define the individual strands, adding texture, movement and volume to your mane.


13. Sombré

woman with long wavy brown hair
Source: Adobe Stock

The calmer sister of the more dramatic ombré, this style works perfectly with golden brown hair. It slowly shifts from dark brunette colours to a slightly lighter caramel, and we love the way golden brown locks can pull off this look.


14. Blunt Layers

woman with a bob hairstyle and choppy layers
Source: Adobe Stock

Want to go bold and brave with your look? Then try out these chopped layers! They’re made for the catwalk, and everyone will be adoring them the minute you step into the room.


15. Afro

woman with afro
Source: Adobe Stock

Have fun with your tight curls by styling your afro with golden brown hair colour! It’s the perfect shade for any season, and it makes your ‘fro stand out with vibrant, beautiful colour.

To keep your curls and coils looking their best try the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Formulated with silk protein, coconut and hibiscus, it will not only define your curls, but it will also give your hair a beautiful boost of hydration.


16. Messy Bun

woman with a messy bun hairstyle
Source: Adobe Stock

A messy bun is always our go-to for those days when we just don’t even want to touch our brushes and hair tools. Just twist and tie your hair into a bun that’s as messy as you please, and voilà: You’re ready to head out for the day.


17. Waves

woman with wavy hair wearing a hat
Source: Adobe Stock

Let your natural waves flow! Waves give your hair a boost of body and texture.

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Give your waves an enviable shine with a few pumps of the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil.


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