Best black and red hair colour combinations

Black and red hair team together like a dream and thanks to colour techniques like balayage and dip-dye, there are so many ways to wear the look. Below, we’ve picked our top red and black hair colour ideas to help inspire your next trip to the salon.


Red and black hair melt

woman with medium-length hair with black roots and dark red lengths
Source: Unsplash

The black colour simply fading into deep cherry red tones work together so well. The subtle combination of the two colours also adds dimension to short or medium length hair.


Black and red balayage

woman with long black and red hair hair
Source: Unsplash

The balayage technique is one of the most popular ways to wear black and red hair, that we can attest to.

Thanks to the freedom to go as heavy or as bold as you like, you can tailor the look to your own style and personality. If you’re a more discreet type, simply add a few slices of red throughout the lengths of your hair for a more subtle finish, or glow up with this wine red hue.



woman with a bob haircut, half dyed red and half dyed black
Source: Unsplash

It might not be one for the faint-hearted, but it’s certainly one of our fave red and black hair colour ideas.
From Nicki Minaj to Ke$ha, this half and half two-tone black cherry hair colour is super playful and bold.


Black roots on red hair

woman with long black and red hair
Source: Pexels

This mix of black and red is striking for all the right reasons. You can use various shades of red to really show off your colour. Pair it with black roots to tone down the look ever so slightly, while keeping the fun and boldness of the look. This style is certainly one to take note of.

Editor’s tip: If you plan on adopting any of these red and black hair colour ideas, we suggest using the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner to help maintain your colour vibrancy way past the hundreds of Instagram likes you’re sure to get with this look.



woman with long black and red hair tied into two long braids
Source: Unsplash

This fearless dip-dye combination is the perfect way to ‘dip’ your toe in the colour trend. For added style points, team this colour combo with chunky braids.


Colour blocking

woman with short black and red natural hair
Source: Unsplash

Not just for your wardrobe, colour blocking is becoming one of the surprising new ways to dye your tresses of late.

Colour the top section of your hair with a fiery red hue while leaving the underneath section a deep dark hue. The contrast looks amazing and can be your own little secret when hair is left loose.


Cherry red on black hair

black and red hair: woman with black roots and bright red lengths
Source: AdobeStock

This sweet black and red hair combination is a great choice for ladies who aren’t afraid to show off a vivid hue. Not only will it warm up your strands in the winter, but it’ll also make you shine in the summer.


Peekaboo red hair

woman with long black hair with red hair underneath
Source: Unsplash

Looking for a subtle black and red hair combination? Look no further! Opt for thick deep wine red shade highlights on each side of your face for a cool effect.


Bright red and black streaks

close-up shot of a woman with a wavy bob haircut with a fringe; hair dyed bright red with thick black streaks
Source: Pexels

You can get the best of both worlds with black streaks on bright, red hair. How would you style this contrasting colour combo?


Red and black undercut

woman with bright red hair and a black undercut
Source: Unsplash

If you are dreaming of adding a playful touch to your undercut, pair it with striking red tresses while keeping the undercut black. With a dash of black hair and the rest being bright and fiery, this look makes an edgy and stylish impact.

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