10 Trending Hair Colours for Winter 2020

Looking to treat yourself to a new hair colour? Why not try some of this season’s hottest hair colours and breathe new life into your hair.


Red Velvet

hair colours for winter: woman with dark red hair
Source: Unsplash

This deep delicious red is one of the trendiest hair colours for colder months.

Thanks to its darker pigments, Red Velvet is vibrant with a warm tone. This rich colour also helps to give your hair a glossy shine and suits absolutely any skin tone. Now that’s a win in our books.


Caramel Ombré

hair colours for winter: woman with caramel ombre natural curly hair
Source: Unsplash

This colour is all about creating contrast and texture using warm caramel colours on the lengths of your hair. We’d advise against at-home dye jobs for this look though — a ‘defined’ ombré is not a good ombré. Of all the trending hair colours for winter, this is one that we’d really recommend seeing a stylist to create.

If you’re keen to try out this stunning colour, pair it with a chocolate brown base. Together with the caramel colour, you will get a warm, fuller look to your hair.


Smoky Ice

hair colours for winter: pastel lavender hair colour
Source: Unsplash

Now, this is a stunning, bold and beautiful pastel hair colour for winter.

Depending on your preference, your Smoky Ice colour could be more lilac or lavender or can lean more towards the silver and platinum blonde look. Ultimately, this smoky shade can be changed to suit your own personal taste.

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Editor’s tip: Getting to this colour takes a huge toll on your hair’s health. So, invest in products that will help to repair your hair and keep it healthy, hydrated and soft. With Nutri-Keratin Repair Actives the Dove Intensive Repair Mask fortifies damaged hair protein, making the hair visibly stronger and more beautiful.


Rosé Pink

woman with a short bob hairstyle pink hair colour
Source: Shutterstock

If you’re a girly girl, you’re going to love this colour! Rosé Pink is a great option if you want to try out a different hair colour, but want to keep it soft instead of edgy.

This pretty pink hair shade is stylish and super glam, plus it looks magnificent on all hair types and lengths. So, why not rock a Rosé bob, or treat your curls to this cute colour this winter?


90s Golden Highlights

girl with 90s style blonde highlights on caramel brown hair
Source: Pexels

A great way to add dimension and texture to your hair is to add in highlights to your natural colour or to your new colour.

Golden highlights have been a trend for many years and we’re so glad they haven’t gone anywhere. The great thing about Golden highlights is that they work for both blondes and brunettes, and can be used to create the illusion of volume and add variety to your colour.

Thinking of adding Golden highlights to your current colour? Remember that different sections of your hair can be highlighted to create different effects, and to change the overall colour of your hair – for example, half a head of highlights can be used to create a lighter more sun-kissed look, while evenly distributed highlights can lighten your hair and create a more golden streaked look. For this 90s vibe, you will want slightly thicker streaks, especially at the front hairline.


Silver Blonde

hair colours for winter: woman with silver hair
Source: Shutterstock

Hands up if you’ve binge-watched The Witcher series on Netflix? We couldn’t take our eyes off of Geralt of Rivia’s unique grey/white mane. This silver blonde hue is a shade that lies somewhere between white platinum blonde and grey. It’s truly beautiful and is very complimentary on warmer skin tones as well as cooler skin tones. In our opinion, one of the best hair colours for winter this year.

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Editor’s tip: Keep your silver shining bright with a light-weight oil product, like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil. This cult favourite product is infused with keratin, marula oil and argan oil – to name a few. With these sought-after ingredients, your hair will look shiny and feel nourished.


Caramel Highlights

hair colours for winter: woman with brown medium length hair and caramel highlights
Source: Unsplash

The world seems to be loving caramel at the moment and we’re so on board! Caramel highlights can be used to create dimension and texture in darker brown hair colours, like deep Chestnut browns and rich Chocolate browns.

This medium-toned shade can also be used to add depth and warmth to ash blondes, golden blondes and honey hair colours.


Rooted Blonde

woman on a race track with a big, bright blonde afro and dark roots
Source: Unsplash

We are living for this gorgeous platinum look. Rooted blonde is all about the colour contrast between your darker roots and your blonde ends. Plus, your roots can grow out, but the gorgeous blonde on your ends keeps living on.


Dark Chocolate

woman with long wavy dark brown hair
Source: Shutterstock

This dark hair colour is rich and glossy. Inspired by bitter dark chocolate, it borders on black but has a much warmer undertone.

If you find such a dark colour a bit intimidating, try pairing it with caramel highlights for a hair colour that looks gorgeous and sounds good enough to eat.


Wheat Blonde

woman with very long wavy hair and golden highlights
Source: Unsplash

Wheat blonde is a lovely light golden blonde hair colour that is very different from the cooler blondes that have been all the rage recently.

We love the warm glow this hair colour has and recommend this colour for those of you with light and medium skin tones.

Editor’s tip: This colour looks best when it is fresh and vibrant. Products like the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner will ensure that your colour stays vibrant and bright for up to eight weeks.


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