woman wearing a protective braids for windy weather

10 Tips to deal with windy weather

Did you know that the beginning of the year is the windiest time for some parts of the country? Whether windy weather is a yearly struggle or an everyday thing in your area, we got you covered.

Windy weather can cause some very specific problems for our hair but thankfully, these are easy to overcome — no matter your hair type or length. Keep reading for our tips and tricks to allow your hair to thrive, even in the windiest conditions.


Everyday tips & tricks

Pack a brush

Okay, we know this sounds obvious, but it’s just so easy to overlook. Keeping a brush or comb on you will help you touch up (or re-do) your hairstyle throughout the day. So if the windy weather messes up your ‘do, it’s a bit easier to fix.


Regular hair masking

Windy weather not only messes up the perfect hairstyle, it can also cause dryness. To combat this, we suggest applying a hair mask 1 – 2 times a week. Thanks to the concentrated formulation of hair masks, your hair will stay hydrated, healthy and nourished.

A great hair mask to prevent dehydration is the Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Treatment Mask. This cruelty-free mask is packed with natural oils and organic shea butter to infuse your hair with moisture and hydration.


Always use a leave-in-conditioner

So regular hair masking helps inject moisture into your hair every now and then. But what about keeping the moisture locked in when you’re out and about in the windy weather? This is where leave-in conditioners come in. These products will not only help keep your strands smooth, but it will assist it locking in hydration.

If you haven’t tried out the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Leave-in Conditioner yet, then may we suggest you give it a go. As the name suggests, it strengthens your hair while keeping it protected from the elements. Double win!


Styling tips

Strong hold gel

Woman holding a tub of hair gel
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Strong hold gel: the ultimate windy weather styling product. After all, if the wind can’t move your hair, it definitely won’t be able to mess it up.

A great option to try is the VO5 Sculpted Mega Hold Styling Gel. With this gel, you can rest assured that your hair will still be looking fab at the end of the day (or night!)


Protective styling

woman wearing a protective braids for windy weather
Source: Unsplash

Now, if we’re being honest, protective styling is hands-down our favourite way to protect hair from windy weather (it is in the name, after all). There are so many kinds of protective styles, but one of our faves are braids. Which braids? Well, there are tons to choose from…


Slicked-down hairstyles

woman wearing slicked-down hairstyle

An easy way to look chic and be totally undisturbed by the windy weather? Slicked-down ‘dos are definite winners. Make use of your strong hold gel with this kind of style to get the perfect finish. Whether you choose to rock a bun or a fashionable ponytail, the choice is yours.



woman wearing a hat for windy weather
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Now if you just couldn’t be bothered to fix your hair everytime you get blown away by the windy weather, or if you don’t have time for a particular hairstyle, this one is for you. Simply pop on a hat to cover up your wind-blown tresses and nobody will ever know!



woman wearing a green headscarf
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What if you’re experiencing the after-effects of being hit by windy weather? These kinds of conditions can leave hair in need of some extra care. For those days, treat it with your favourite hydrating mask and protect it with a headscarf. This way, your hair will be given a chance to recover and you will still look uber stylish!



woman wearing a red headband
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For mildly windy weather, a headband could be all you need. Thankfully, fancy headbands and Alice bands are making their way back into fashion. Invest in OTT, plain, practical or patterned types to go with your overall style.


Windblown, wispy hair (embrace the wind!)

Woman wearing a wispy windy weather hairstyle
Source: Adobe Stock

If all else fails, embrace the wind! We say make it work in your favour. Opt for a wispy hairstyle that looks great when it’s a bit windblown, like this flirty bun hairstyle.


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