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5 Tips to avoid drying out your hair

Dry hair can be both a hair type and a hair condition, which means many of you may struggle with rough, dry strands at some point in your life. Read on to find out what you can do to prevent drying out your hair further and how you can care for your thirsty strands.


Simple tips to avoid drying out your hair.


Check your shampoo & conditioner

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The first step to lending a helping hand to your dry hair is to check your shampoo. Ingredients are very important because each are designed to assist you with a different hair concern. For example, shampoo and conditioners for fine hair will be formulated to be light-weight and volume-boosting. While on the other hand, products for dry hair are created to deeply hydrate and nourish hair, and are often enriched with moisturising oils.

TRESemmé Moisture Rich Shampoo
TRESemmé Moisture Rich Conditioner

A good shampoo & conditioner combo to try out is the TRESemmé Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner. This range is formulated with Vitamin E to target the driest areas and lock-in moisture and shine where your hair needs it the most.


Don’t over-wash

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Who knew being too clean was a problem? All jokes aside, over-washing is often an overlooked problem when it comes to drying out your hair. Washing your hair too often can strip your scalp and strands of their healthy, natural oils which nourish and protect them.

Now, normally conditioning replaces that natural moisture. But when you over-wash, your strands become ‘thirstier’ and require far more hydration. So, instead of daily washes, we recommend leaving at least 1 or 2 days in-between each wash.


Never skip the conditioner

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Having dry hair, you probably already know the importance of regular conditioning. However, we thought we’d stress the importance of always adding hydration and nourishment back to your locks after each wash. Regularly using a good conditioner is a great way to avoid drying out your hair.


Feed your hair

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Dry hair needs a lot of TLC for it to get back to its beautiful self. That’s why setting time aside for some self-care with a hair mask is so important. Here at All Things Hair HQ, we’re major fans of applying a hair mask and a face mask while relaxing in a nice hot bath. If you’re keen for some #SelfCare tips, check out this article.

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Treatment Mask_front image_200ml_product image

We recommend selecting a hair mask with intensely moisturising and nourishing ingredients and natural oils. This will help coat your strands and lock-in moisture. One of our top picks is the Dove Nutritive Solutions Nourishing Oil Care Treatment Mask. This at-home treatment contains argan oil, sweet almond oil and coconut oil, which are all great for hair that needs to increase its hydration and moisture levels.


Protect your hair from heat

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Heat styling has become a regular part of many people’s styling routine, whether to change up their hair texture or to just dry it off quickly. However, always use a heat protection product before you apply any heat to your locks.

This is because heat styling damages and dries out your hair, and these products shield your hair from heat damage. Believe us when we say, you don’t want dry and fried hair!

TRESemmé Care and Protect Heat Defence Spray_front of bottle image_300ml_product image

Our top pick for heat protection during styling is the TRESemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray which should be used before heat styling.


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