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3C Hair: A Complete Guide to This Hair Type and How to Care For It

Twist and shout and wear it all out.

3C hair is a curly hair type that is made up of tight coils with volume and lots of strands that are packed together to create this texture. Many women fall under this category but don’t know what it means when it comes to which hair care products they need to add to their lineup and how they should be implementing these products into their routines. We love this hair type and know that it deserves lots of love and hydration. Keep reading to learn more about 3C hair and get the scoop on how to care for your curls.


Caring for 3C Hair

woman with natural hair curls
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If your hair falls into this category, you’ll need to figure out how to take care of this particular natural hair type. 3C hair is first and foremost curly hair, so all the litanies hold true: It has a fuller volume and it’s prone to react to changes in weather and climate. Since sebum from the scalp doesn’t have a direct highway down the lengths due to obstruction from ringlets, oil doesn’t get distributed as evenly.


Best Hair Products for 3C Hair

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Step 1: Wash and Condition Thoroughly

With curly or textured hair, the first day always begins with a good washing. Choose a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that removes oils and grease without stripping the curl of crucial nourishment. We love the TRESemmé Botanic Shampoo and Conditioner, as they are infused with coconut milk and aloe vera for nourished, hydrated curls. Not a fan of sulphates? Try out the TRESemmé Botanic Co-Wash instead – it’s sulphate-free but it still does a great job of cleansing the hair and scalp, without stripping the natural moisture.

TRESemmé Botanic Moisture and Replenish Co-Wash

Step 2: Deep Condition Your Hair

3C hair is the curliest hair can get without stepping into a dry, delicate kinky territory, which means on the thirsty scale, your strands are pretty much parched. Don’t worry about deep conditioning after using regular conditioner. A quality hair treatment, such as Dove Nourishing Oil Care Treatment Mask, won’t weigh strands down but will impart much-needed slip.

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Step 3: Choose a Curl Cream

A styling cream that moisturises ringlets while retaining their bounce and shape is similar to what mousse is for straight or wavy hair. This product is essential for type 3C hair. It helps keep curls shiny and defines their shape, imparting that telltale highlight to each coil.


Step 4: Apply a Curl Refresher

It isn’t recommended for curly or natural-textured women to wash their hair daily. For that reason, most resort to a product akin to a leave-in conditioner to reconstruct or maintain their manes. For type 3s, this is commonly referred to as a curl refresher. And as the name suggests, a curl refresher revives your ringlets without water. It also keeps things feeling smooth while offering some control and bounce for day 2 and beyond.


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