15 Looks With Hair Streaks: From the Subtle to the Dramatic

If you’re looking to switch up your colour but aren’t digging a dramatic change, hair streaks might be the style you didn’t know you needed. Hair streaks can be dramatic if you choose a bright color and bold style, or they can be a little more laid-back. That’s the beauty of this look: The sky’s the limit on however way you want to personalise your highlights! Here’s a collection of inspirational looks to help you find your own streaky look.


Blue Hair Streaks

Discussing blue streaks
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Blue hair is one of our favourite colour trends of all time. But, if you’re not into dyeing all of your hair blue, hair colour streaks can be a fun alternative. Just make sure that you try to work an extra day or two in-between hair washes. The extra time will make sure your colour stays vibrant and highly pigmented.

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Thick Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Explaining strawberry colour streaks
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If you want to spice up light brown hair, try thick strawberry blonde streaks. We’re loving this shade because it’s not quite auburn, or rose gold, or even ginger. Instead, this fun orange hue adds warmth and tons of dimension to your look.


Blended Highlights and Lowlights

Discussing blended highlights
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For a more natural look, try a blended combination of both highlights and lowlights. This gives you a multi-dimensional effect no matter what colour you choose.


Funky Multi-Coloured Streaks

Describing multi-coloured hair streaks
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How cool is this multi-coloured look? With a focus on darker shades, like dark brown, green and lilac, this trending look is perfect for those willing to go the extra mile for something unique.


Peekaboo Blonde Highlights

Explaining peekaboo streaks
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If you want to go for just a few select highlights, we suggest trying out peekaboo highlights! These hair streaks are clustered around your face, but they only pop out when you wear your hair in certain ways. Like other subtle highlight styles, we think it’s extra important to feather the top of the highlights to frame your face.


Colourful Braid Streaks

Discussing box braids
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For braid wearers, you have all the colour options in the world! We’re obsessed with this look that combines both black braid extensions and just a few bright, cobalt blue strands.


Thick Blonde Bangs

Explaining blonde bangs
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This style is a bit less streaky and more like a colour-block hairstyle. Making sure to add blonde streaks throughout will help to create an overall more blended look.


Clip-In Fun Pink Streaks

Discussing clip in streaks
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For those wanting some temporary colour, you can still get the look of hair streaks without having to bleach or dye your hair. You can get the same hair streak effect with clip-in extensions. Opt for skinnier individual extensions, or get a whole chunk of hair dyed in the colour that you like.


Subtle Chocolate Mauve Hair

Explaining chocolate mauve
Source: Shutterstock

How pretty (yet subtle) are these chocolate mauve streaks? This colour is timeless and promises a classy look. We always have and always will love chocolate mauve hair streaks!


Tiny Multi-Coloured Streaks

woman with curly medium length hair and mini lowlights
Source: Unsplash

Mini streaks in a curly mane? Yes please! These mini streaks are the perfect shade of golden brown that can really bring out the depth of your curls and add dimension.

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Sea Green Streaky Ombre

Explaining sea green streaks
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This look is giving us some serious mermaid hair goals that combine beachy curls and sea green streaks. If you’ve got a gorgeous colour like this you’ll know that it doesn’t come easy. Maintaining this look and colour is something you have to commit to if this is your next hair goal.


Hidden Rainbow Hair

Discussing hidden rainbow streaks
Source: Shutterstock

If you have a job that frowns upon fun coloured hair, try out this sneaky colour trend. Hidden rainbow hair is exactly what it sounds like. It’s basically a combination of various colourful highlights that are hidden in the back of your hair. Turn heads at your own discretion with this hidden colour style.

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Auburn Lowlights

Discussing auburn lowlights
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We’re big fans of red hair! Because it’s hard for natural redheads to go back to their virgin colour after dying it, we believe that you shouldn’t mess around with the colour too much. But if you’re dying for a change there’s nothing wrong but everything right with adding some dimension to your hair via lowlights!


Silver Brown Lowlights

Explaining siler brown lowlights
Source: Shutterstock

As cool as silver hair is, it can be a little one-dimensional. This is where silver-brown lowlights come in! Instead of getting one full colour of silver, consider weaving in a silver-brown colour for some much-needed depth.


Ombré Highlights

Describing ombre hair
Source: Shutterstock

You don’t need to bleach all of your ends to get in on the ombre hair trend. We love this look of carefully-placed highlights that will beautifully accentuate your hair and face.


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