At-home hair care for you and the kids

Finally a haircare article for you and the kids! We’ve put together a list of products that are mild and made specifically for little ones (ages 3+). But it’s not all about the kids! We’ve also put together a list of our favourite products to help you have great hair while spending quality time with your little ones.


No more tears with 1 wash

chil's hair being washed by parent
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When it comes to washing your kid’s hair, it can be all bubbles and mermaid fun, or a bath time drama. And if shampoo gets in their eyes… it’s tears galore. Which is why we are such major fans of gentle products that don’t burn the eyes.

If there was one product range we’d highly recommend, it’s the Organics Kids Shampoos. Both Organics Kids Strawbelicious and Coconutty 2-in-1 Shampoos have a special no-tears formula. So, if any of it does find its way into your child’s eyes during the washing process, it won’t sting or hurt their eyes.
These products are also hypoallergenic, ophthalmologist and dermatologist-tested, and they contain no artificial dyes!


Combing made easy

for your and the kids: a father brushing his daughter's naturally curly hair with a pink detangling brush
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Knots and tangles can be a mission to deal with! And it’s not just tough on you — the pulling and tugging can be painful for them and harmful on their hair.

Organics Kids Funtangly Detangling Hairspray softens hair, making it easier to comb through any knots and tangles.


A good clean

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This tip is just for you: hands-up if you regularly have less-than-clean little fingers in your hair. As parents, it can be a common occurrence. Sometimes, even art and craft supplies like glitter or play dough end up in your hair because of creative activities with you and the kids.

We suggest using a clarifying shampoo when you need to get the glitter out of your hair (or whatever else the little ones have been playing with). This will help thoroughly cleanse your hair, leaving no residue. The TRESemmé Cleanse & Replenish Shampoo is a great option for this. With Pro-vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera, your hair will also be left feeling hydrated.


Give your hair moisture

for you and the kids: mother and daughter wearing full white and towels wrapped around their hair
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After a good wash, use a mask to give your tresses a boost of extra moisture. You can include your little ones in this self-care session. This can make a great bonding activity for you and your kids. While relaxing with a mask on your hair, you and the kids can sip on tea, snack on baked goods, or watch your favourite cartoon or animated series together.

A hair mask that’s gentle enough for your kids is the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Treatment Mask. This formula is gentle enough to not irritate your little one’s hair or scalp. It’s will also deeply nourish and smooth the hair.


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