woman with long loose plait ponytail hairstyle

6 Reasons to try a loose plait hairstyle

Fuss-free loose plaits are set to become your new everyday long hairstyle and here is why…

Look no further than a loose plait hairstyle, if you are searching for a new way to style your hair that requires minimal fuss (yet is super stylish). But, we can tell there are some naysayers out there who still need some convincing, so scroll through our article to be instantly inspired and discover the top reasons for trying the hairstyle of the moment, right now!


1. They are Instagram famous

woman with long loose plait ponytail hairstyle
Source: Unsplash

This simple style looks surprisingly good in pictures and even better, it suits every Instagrammable background.

Not to mention, Pinterest has reported a 70% rise in pins of loose plaits. So, if you want to beat hair boredom, you should keep this trending hairstyle on your radar.

Before creating your loose braid hairstyle, we recommend you wash your hair with the Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. Formulated with the unique Oxyfusion technology, this hair care system helps to keep your hair full of bounce and help your braid look full.


2. They show off your hair colour

woman with red hair and a braided updo
Source: Unsplash

Did we mention that it also looks really cool when paired with colour trends? It is guaranteed to make your colour pop, whether you have a beautiful solid colour like this bright red hue, highlights, ombre… you name it!


3. It’s super easy to create

woman with a long loose plait hairstyle
Source: Adobe Stock

Thank goodness for a loose braid hairstyle because who needs to be spending hours on their hair every morning when you can spend more time in bed. Loose plait hairstyles will not only allow more time for beauty sleep but will also look chic for your next video call. And any braid rookies out there can rest assured that they too can give the style a try, because the messier the finish, the more style points you earn with loose plaits!


4. The fuss-free style you can wear anywhere

woman with two loose plaits and a flower in her hair
Source: Unsplash

What we love most about loose plait hairstyle, is that you can wear them anywhere and anytime. Don’t believe us? Try us…

Vacation? Check! High-intensity workout? Check! Date night? Check! Hiking, meeting, wedding? Check, check and check, this loose braid hairstyle has got you covered no matter what life throws your way.


5. You can dress this hairstyle up

woman with side braid hairstyle
Source: Adobe Stock

If you have a special occasion lined up, why not dress up your loose plait hairstyle with flowers? Finish your look off with pretty flowers secured in the braid.

Alternatively, you can try a ribbon headband or weaving ribbon through your braid for a unique, showstopping finish.


6. It will make you feel like a boho queen

woman with a loose braid hairstyle
Source: Unsplash

If you’re anything like us, you will love pretty boho loose plaits. They are simple and really easy to pull off!

We love this undone loose braid hairstyle! To get this look wear your hair in a braided style overnight. In the morning you will have soft, heatless curls, which you can then show off.


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