10 Quick Matric Ball Hairstyles for Girls with Natural Hair

Matric balls are one of the biggest events in the country each year for high school students. Which is why we've put together some of the best hairstyles for you choose from.

Also known as a matric dance, the matric ball is a final farewell to South African high school students before they leave for college or university. Girls dream about what they will wear to their own matric ball and what their hairstyle will be from the time they enter grade 8. On the night, limos and the best cars are hired to escort the young men and ladies. In short, no expenses are spared for this night.

As such, only the best matric ball hairstyles will do for this occasion. We’ve curated some of the best looks for girls with natural hair – whether you like wearing it up, down, braided, or accessorised, we have it. Keep scrolling to find great matric ball hairstyles for you, and every eye will be on you for your big night.


Sleek Accessorised High Bun

black girl natural hair sleek high bun gold accessories
Source: Unsplash

One of the most elegant ways to wear your hair is up and away from your face. This sleek high bun will show off your pretty face and the accessories will make the entire look pop.

Editor’s Tip: Keep your hair smoothed down with the VO5 Sculpted Mega Hold Styling Gel. This product will also give your hair a gorgeous shine all night long!


Mini Blonde and Black Braids Matric Ball Hairstyles

black girl blonde and black braids box braids mini braids
Source: Unsplash

Braid hairstyles are great options for your big night. These mini braids are super versatile can be styled in a variety of ways, including this half-up, half-down look.


Tiara Matric Ball Hairstyle

woman with silver tiara and bouncy black curls
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Nothing says ‘princess’ like a beautiful, sparkling tiara. For these kinds of looks, pair your tiara with big bouncy curls.

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Simply stretch your hair out while it is damp, in big, chunky twists. Once your hair has dried, undo the twists and add some TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil to keep those flyaways away, and to give your curls a healthy shine.


Braided Headband with a Curly Puff

black woman curly puff braid matric ball hairstyle
Source: Shutterstock

Add a touch of sophistication to your look with this sleek ponytail with a braid laid over it. Show off your natural hair with a big puff and you’re ready to go!


Beautiful Bronde and Black Half-Updo

black woman black blonde box braids half updo
Source: Unsplash

We said it once and we’ll say it again: braids are great options for matric ball hairstyles. Style the top section of hair in a sophisticated bun, add a few beads, and you’re ready for your big night!


Accessorised Curly Matric Ball Updo

young woman afro hair updo accessory curls natural hair matric ball hairstyles
Source: Shutterstock

This elegant matric ball hairstyle does not require a professional and it will only take you 5 minutes to do. Despite the quick styling time though, it does take quite a while to prep. Unless you naturally have these beautiful corkscrew curls, you will need to stretch your hair to get these curls.

Editor’s Tip: We recommend prepping your hair the previous day. Cleanse with moisturising products such as the Organics Dry/Damaged Shampoo and Conditioner, which is infused with shea butter. Put your hair into twists while it is still damp, and wear it until it dries. Once dry, take out the twists and your hair will be in these stunning corkscrew curls.


Micro Twist Updo

woman with micro twist updo hairstyle silver tiara accessory matric ball hairstyles wedding hairstyles
Source: Shutterstock

Micro braids and twists are excellent for creating intricate updos, such as this one. This look is a South African take on the classic updo that’s been worn by brides and debutantes through the ages. Complete with a tiara or a sparkling headband, this matric ball ‘do will draw every eye.


Fierce and Feminine Matric Ball Hairstyle

black woman long braids natural hair matric ball hairstyles
Source: Shutterstock

Not everybody likes a soft or princess-like look, and if this is you then we have the perfect matric ball hairstyle for you. This updo consists of numerous medium-sized braids that have been pulled away from the face into a half updo that cascades down the back. Certainly a look fit for a queen!


Timeless Pulled-Back Braided Ponytail

black woman with big box braids black natural hair matric ball hairstyles
Source: Shutterstock

For a truly timeless look, wear your hair away from your face and secured in a low ponytail. To give the look a more interesting flair, wear it with thick braids (the braids should be smaller than jumbo braids so they can lie flat against the head).


Voluminous Curly Mane

dark skinned woman with natural hair curls
Source: Shutterstock

Sometimes the best hairstyle is simply the one you have naturally. Embrace your curls and your texture and wear your hair out in a big, voluminous mane. It is sure to leave a lasting impression on all of the other matriculants and chances are, it will look fantastic with whatever you are wearing on the night.

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