Fashion in Euphoria: Stand out with these hairstyles

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woman with a Euphoria-inspired hairstyle: half-up wavy hair with gelled baby hairs

Whether you’re a mega fan of Euphoria or just happen to see the memes and TikToks, we can all agree that the show’s fashion has been epic.

Between the expressive outfits, intricate makeup looks and nostalgic Y2K hairstyles, recreating the show’s fashion has become one of the biggest trends. Whether you’re going for preppy, grunge, punk or even head-to-toe Spice Girls — there is something for everyone.

To get your creative juices flowing we’ve put together a few iconic Season 2 hairstyles that are perfect to try out.


Maddy’s iconic edges

Euphoria hairstyles: woman with her hair tied into a slick high ponytail with neatly brushed and gelled baby hairs
Source: Pexels

Maddy is by far one of the characters with the best Euphoria fashion moments (Season 1 and Season 2 included!). Her sassy and sexy style is definitely stand out, even when it comes to simple looks like this ponytail and laid edges.

All that’s needed to get Maddy’s perfect edges is a fine tooth comb or toothbrush and a small amount of the VO5 Sculpted Firm Hold Styling Gel to give those baby hairs the perfect amount of hold and shape.


Kat’s two low ponytails

Euphoria hairstyles: woman with ginger hair, tied into two low, braided ponytails
Source: Pexels

After Kat’s edgy transformation in Season 1, her hair game has just gotten stronger! Her short sleek bob has been recreated into a few hairstyles we love — including this two low pony look. To finish off the style, pull out two strands from the front of your hair to give it the “cutesy” vibe and you’re good to go.


Rue’s curls & waves

woman with long brown naturally curly / wavy hair
Source: Pexels

Although Rue’s hairstyle hasn’t changed much since Season 1, if you have naturally curly or wavy hair, why not leave it loose like Rue?

We’ll admit, her curls are probably not a top priority to her in Euphoria, but yours should be IRL. To keep them looking great and feeling nourished, we’d suggest trying the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s sulphate-free and packed with nourishing ingredients like coconut oil.


Lexi’s accent braid

wavy strawberry blonde hair with a half halo braid
Source: Unsplash

This romantic halo braid style is one of Euphoria’s softer, more subtle looks. If you’re looking for an elegant and pretty hairstyle, this is def a must-try. To get this style, braid a section of hair around your head, bringing the braid up and across the top of your head. Pin the braid in place — and voila!


Gia’s braids

Euphoria hairstyles: woman with very long single braids
Source: Pexels

This long braided hairstyle paired with big hoops is the perfect combo of old-school and modern. Gia’s more grown up look is represented perfectly in Euphoria Season 2 through her upgraded style — including these perfectly braided styles.


Jule’s bunt long bob

Euphoria hairstyles: woman with a wavy, blunt-cut long bob hairstyle
Source: Pexels

Euphoria fave, Jules, was already a style icon with her long pink highlights in Season 1. But we must say, we’re loving this short choppy bob just as much! The asymmetrical cut and middle path combo give this hairstyle an effortless feel, making it the perfect “get up and go” look.


Cassie’s long straightened hair

woman with long straight blonde hair
Source: Pexels

This sleek straight blowout is an evolution from the softer, sweeter looks Cassie’s was previously rocking. And, given what’s happened (no spoilers here) it makes sense! For a super straight hairstyle like this, we’d suggest blow drying your hair as straight as possible first. Follow up with some touch ups with a hair iron.

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To keep your hair protected when styling, don’t forget to use the TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray while your hair is damp and then apply heat.


Maddy’s tendril updo

woman with a sleek updo and two pieces of hair framing her face
Source: Pexels

This sleek yet laid-back updo is another Maddy original that we can’t help but mention. Although it’s simple, it’s also super on-trend and can be worn casual or dressed up (as you’ve probably seen Maddy do). What makes the look a Euphoria fan fave are the long tendrils of hair in the front of the style. It’s a super sleek 2000’s throwback

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