7 Cute spring haircuts for women

Spring haircuts for women are a great way to change your style for the warmer months to come. We all know South African springs can be just as hot and humid as our summers, which is why we love cute, short haircuts for this season. Choosing a sassy short cut for spring means less fuss, and your hair won’t get in your way on those hot, sweaty days. Read on to find our top 7 cute cuts for spring.


1. Ear-length textured bobs

woman with short messy hair
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This adorable cut is a super chic spring haircut for women that looks really sophisticated and glam. The modern cut paired with tousled waves gives off a fresh vibe that’s perfect for spring. Dress it up with a pretty headband, or add some colourful clips to it, for a more playful look.


2. The blunt lob

woman with brown hair bob hairstyle
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Blunt spring haircuts for women are really fashionable in 2020. We especially love a blunt cut paired with some length, like this long bob, aka, lob. Up your style by adding extra texture to your spring haircut for women with a slight curl, a defined wave or give your ends an effortlessly glam tousled style.

We recommend TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray to give your long bob a naturally tousled look.


3. Curls and an undercut

woman with curly hair and undercut
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This curly style paired with a shaved undercut is bold and edgy spring haircut for women. Try adding a trendy spring hair colour or some lowlights to your length on top for a unique look that’s fuss-free and glam.


4. Tight curly crops

woman with short pixie cut and curly hair
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If you’ve got natural curls, we highly recommend this modern tight spring haircut for women to show off your natural texture while giving yourself some volume.

To emphasis your volume on top and draw attention to your curls, we suggest opting for shorter back and sides with these spring haircuts for women. Cropping your hair shorter on the sides and at the back will create the illusion of more volume on top.

For extra curl definition use a mousse, like VO5 Extra Body Styling Mousse to help shape your hair’s natural bends and spirals.


5. Modern shaggy cuts

woman with medium length haircut and messy waves
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The modern shaggy cut is a great look for all hair types because the more texture and volume, the better with this spring haircut for women. Ask for some shorter layers to give your look extra lift and volume.

Show off your sassy, refined version of this 70s-inspired look by adding more texture near your ends and layers. Try TONI&GUY High Definition Spray Wax to enhance definition and add extra texture.


6. Asymmetrical Bobs

woman with bob haircut
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Sleek, wavy or curly, however, you want to wear it is totally up to you! The asymmetrical bob is a great spring haircut for women because this style is really glam without being too extra to wear as an everyday cut.

We recommend using a bit of the VO5 Firm Hold Spray because this hairspray helps your style hold without leaving your locks feeling sticky — and it’s fast drying.


7. Micro fringes

woman with short, micro fringe and long hair
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Not to be confused with a mini fringe, micro fringes are slightly longer and end around mid-forehead. These short fringes can easily transform your current style into a cute spring haircut for women.


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