2022 Hair guide: Trend predictions

For the planners among us, the beginning of the year is the best time to figure out what hairdo and colour to have in the year. It’s also a really useful way to stay on-trend at all times, with minimal effort. So, here are our predictions for 2022 hair trends — from colour to cut to length.

No matter your vibe, there’s a trend that will suit you. Keep reading to see what hairstyles will be trending this year.


Blunt bob

woman with a long bob haircut with a blunt finish and middle path
Source: Unsplash

We just had to begin with a classic — after all, when is the blunt bob not in fashion? But this look is definitely on the rise to becoming a major trend this year.


Chunky highlights

2022 hair trends: woman with long dark brown hair with thick white highlights at the front hairline
Source: Unsplash

Definitely one of our favourite 2022 hair trends, chunky highlights are here to stay. We absolutely love this version of the look: it’s serving Rogue from X-Men. And we love it.

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Long layers

2022 hair trends : image of a woman wearing a white face mask, with long naturally curly brown hair
Source: Pexels

Long layers are a low maintenance, beautiful look that we can really see blowing up this year. This trend works great for everyone who loves to keep their long length.


Wispy bangs

2022 hair trends: woman with long brown straight hair and a thin wispy fringe
Source: Unsplash

This version of the fringe has been trending in Asia for a while now, and now it’s making its way all over the world. It’s super flattering for any face shape, length and texture of hair. Definitely a great trend to have this year.


Textured bob

2022 hair trends: a woman with a wavy bob hairstyle with a middle path
Source: Pexels

Bring some fun, flirty vibes into your year with the textured bob. You can get this look with layers and a curling iron.


Pixie cut

woman with a short dark brown haircut
Source: Pexels

If you’ve been thinking of cutting your hair short, this is your sign to do it. The pixie cut isn’t going out of fashion any time soon, so go ahead a give this hair trend a try.


Highlighted curls

woman with a large curly afro and thin blonde highlights
Source: Pexels

Chunky highlights aren’t the only highlights to look out for this year. This style of highlights involves intentionally and strategically highlighting your curls and coils in a way that makes them stand out. This is a beautiful way of emphasising your natural texture, making it a must-try on this list of 2022 hair trends.


Pop of colour

woman sitting in a car, with long hair that has black roots and red lengths
Source: Unsplash

Why bleach or dye your entire head of hair when you can do have just a pop of colour? Feel free to experiment with this trend — whether you’re dyeing a section of hair at the nape of your neck, like in the image, half of your fringe or a lock of hair at your temples.


Mid-length hair

image of a woman with medium-length hair
Source: Unsplash

From collarbone to just past your shoulders: it’s time to embrace mid-length hair. Keep it straight and sleek or give it texture and loads of volume by adding waves to the look. Honestly, one of the most versatile looks of the 2022 hair trends.


Copper tones

2022 hair trends: woman with long wavy, copper-toned hair
Source: Pexels

This specific colour started really gaining popularity in 2021, and we predict that it will only become a bigger trend in 2022. Shades of warm copper and ginger are going to be massive this year.

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Vibrant shades

2022 hair trends: woman with a bright red afro
Source: Pexels

Okay, so some like a warm copper, but others are after something a little spicier. If that’s you, then go big and bold with a bright, vibrant hue. We recommend a daring cherry red, pink or platinum.


French bob

2022 hair trends: woman with a bob haircut with a full fringe
Source: Unsplash

Chic and playful at the same time — that’s the French bob. It’s never longer than jaw length, and usually has a full, blunt fringe. But what makes this bob different? It’s cut and styled in a way that adds whimsy to your overall look, with volume and bounce, and sometimes curls too.


Sleek middle path

2022 hair trends: woman with her hair tied back in a sleek style with a middle path
Source: Unsplash

This year, you can expect to see the middle path all over. In fact, it was seen all over New York Fashion Week A/W 2022 — so we know it’s going to be one of the top 2022 hair trends. The great thing about this look is its versatility. You can wear it with a ponytail, bun, loose waves, curls or straight and sleek.



2022 hair trends: woman lying on the grass, with very short natural hair
Source: Unsplash

Another look spotted on the NYFW runways, the TWA is a beautiful, low maintenance look that can also be seen as a celebration of natural hair. This hairstyle is a great first look for people looking to have a big chop.


Mushroom brown

2022 hair trends: woman with dusky brown hair and blonde tips
Source: Unsplash

Mushroom brown is a super ashy brown shade that has been slowly gaining popularity, and we foresee it really blowing up this year. Mushroom brown is usually a medium shade of brown, but it can be slightly darker, or light enough to be called mushroom blonde. This one is a great trend to follow if you like to keep your hair colour a bit more low-key.


Curtain bangs

2022 hair trends: woman with long dark blonde wavy hair with a long wavy fringe and middle path
Source: Unsplash

We’re taking it back to the 70s with this iconic Farrah Fawcett hairdo. The point of this 2022 hair trend is the long wavy fringe that is paired with a deep middle path. This look screams chilled beach babe or off-duty model.


Plumped up curls

2022 hair trends: woman with a curly black afro
Source: Unsplash

In earlier 2022 hair trends we saw ways to embrace natural hair texture and even emphasise it through highlights. However, with this trend, the natural curls and could are emphasised through a slightly more spherical cut and creates plumped up, voluminous effect.

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