On Wednesdays we wear pink. Here are our top shades of the best Mean Girls hue.

“On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was.” Fans of the iconic ‘Mean Girls’ movie probably wear pink on Wednesdays and were just waiting for October 3rd to send this quote to their friends. And what can we say, we’re definitely one of those fans. So, to celebrate Mean Girls Day we’ve put together a list of our favourite pink hair colours — because it’s just so fetch. (See what we did there?)


Rose gold

woman with dark roots and rose gold pink hair
Source: Unsplash

If you’re looking for pink hair colours that are trending but still have a classic feel to them, we recommend you try rose gold. This shade has been trending in recent years and there’s no sign of it going out of style any time soon.



woman with bright, shocking pink hair
Source: AdobeStock

On the other hand, if you just want to make a statement with your pink hair, fuchsia is definitely for you. This eye-catching shade is guaranteed to grab the attention of everyone around: it’s bright, vibrant and so, so fun.

The beauty of this shade is in its vibrancy, so keep it alive by using products that are designed to care for your pink hair colour. A great wash care system to try out for this shade (or any other, really!) is the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner. Formulated with a unique Colour Lock technology, it promises to keep your colour bright and beautiful for up to 8 weeks.


Peekaboo pink

woman with brown and pink hair
Source: Unsplash

For our low-key individuals out there, peekaboo pink hair colours are a great way to go. To get this look, simply dye the underneath section of hair, at the nape of your neck. This way, you can hide it when you want, and you can show it off when you want. It’s a win-win.


Pastel pink

woman with pastel pink hair styled in glamorous waves
Source: Unsplash

When we think of pink hair, this is the first shade that comes to mind. It’s a classic that’s been rocked by celebrities (like Katy Perry) and non-celebrities alike, and for good reason. It’s a shade that says “I’m fun but sophisticated”.


Peachy pink

woman with long, pastel peach-coloured hair
Source: Unsplash

If pink hair colours are on your list of “been there, done that” shades, this could be for you. Peach is a beautiful combination of pastel pink and orange, and works well on most skin tones, depending on whether you opt for a cool or warm shade of peach.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil_front of bottle image_50ml_product image

Peachy pink hair truly looks its best when it’s healthy and shiny. Keep your hair colour looking its finest with a bit of the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil. Made with Marula oil and keratin, this oil is lightweight but nourishing, and will give your strands a gorgeous shine.


Pink with blue streaks

woman with bright pink wavy hair, with blue streaks
Source: Unsplash

Looking to pair your pink hair with another striking shade? Give royal blue a try. These two colours are complete opposites that both compliment and contrast each other in the best way.


Pink and purple ombre

pink hair colours: woman with pink and purple ombre hair colour
Source: Unsplash

While this colour combination tends to be associated with Barbie, unicorns and other childhood favourites, it’s also a great combination to try out in your adult years. If done right, purple and pink hair combined give a fun and cute, but strong and sophisticated vibe.


Candy floss pink

pink hair colours: woman with light pink, naturally curly hair
Source: Unsplash

Let’s be honest, we all love candy floss. And who would’ve thought it would look this good as a hair colour? Definitely one of our favourites on this list of pink hair colours, this is a must-try.

To get your hair to this shade of pink, a lot of bleaching may be required. Which means your hair may get damaged in the process. Keep your hair strong and healthy with intensely strengthening and repairing haircare products. The Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner are great options for this. They will help to progressively repair and fortify your hair.

Dove Intensive Repair Treatment Mask_front image_200ml_product image

For even more TLC, use the Dove Intensive Repair Deep Treatment Mask once a week. This is formulated with unique Nutri-Keratin actives to deeply nourish, hydrate and repair your hair.


Half pink

woman with very long braids; half the braids are blue and half the braids are pink
Source: Unsplash

Half-and-half hair colours are trending, and what better way to hop onto the trend than with pink hair? Pair it with blue, like in this image, or try out other colour combinations. Pink is very versatile, to whether you go for blue, blonde, brown, purple or green, it’s pretty much guaranteed to look amazing.


Pink flower crown

woman wearing a pink flower crown
Source: Unsplash

Okay, so maybe you actually want to dye your hair pink, but you do want that pink element to celebrate mean girls day. We suggest you try out a big, beautiful pink flower crown. It also works out perfectly for us here in South Africa, as the flower crown will perfectly suit the warm spring weather.

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