Espresso hair colour: why we love this shade

If you’ve been looking for a brown hair colour option that has high impact while still being low maintenance, you’ll be thrilled to hear that espresso hair colour has been trending. This soft caramel-coloured brown shade has all the same tones as a coffee shop special and is one of the most versatile colour options out there. Keep reading to find out why we love espresso hair colour and why it might be your best bet for your next mini makeover.


Why We Love Espresso Hair Colour


woman with long wavy brown hair
Source: Unsplash


Espresso hair is super low maintenance

As far as dyeing your hair goes, espresso hair colour falls on the lighter end of the maintenance scale. Regardless of what shade of brown your natural colour is, this creamy colour won’t be too far off and it will seamlessly grow out into a soft ombré.

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If you’re aiming to have your colour last far into the later stages of an ombré style, make sure to protect your strands with TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray before any heat styling.


This shade practically goes with everything

Some hair colour experiments (hello, pink hair!) steal the show and limit what kind of outfit and makeup combinations you can rock. This coffee-coloured hue is like your favourite camel coat: it goes with everything and is an easy way to look and feel on-trend.


It’s perfect if you’re new to the hair dye scene

New to the hair colour world? Save your debut as a redhead for a little farther into your journey. Opting for a variation on your natural brown hair colour that’s noticeably different from your usual hue is the best place to start.

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Make sure you’re taking proper care of your newly dyed strands though, and wash and condition your hair with TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Shampoo and Conditioner.


Some of Our Fave Ways to Wear Espresso Hair Colour

Dark Espresso

espresso hair colour: woman with voluminous naturally curly hair
Source: Unsplash

This variation of the espresso hair colour leans more on the dark side. If you enjoy your darker browns, then lighten up your ends just a little. This will still give it the espresso feel, with a darker vibe.


At the Ends of  Your Curls

woman with naturally curly hair with a side path
Source: Unsplash

We think this colour looks phenomenal on curly hair! Give the ends of your brown hair a lighter shade to add dimension to your curls.


Loose Curls

espresso hair colour: woman with short wavy hair with a fringe
Source: Adobe Stock

Give your espresso hair colour some body and movement by adding loose curls. This look is most effectively created with a hair curler or wand. Let your curls set and then loosen them by finger-combing your strands.


Espresso with Cream

woman with very short naturally curly hair
Source: Adobe Stock

Go extra light with your soft caramel tones and add that espresso and cream look to your hair. We love how the extra-bright tones really make this style pop.


Layered and Textured

espresso hair colour: woman with medium-length wavy brown hair
Source: Unsplash

Espresso hair colour deserves a fun and textured style to go with it. Adds some layers and a beachy texture to nail this look.

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Make sure your wavy style stays all day with a couple of spritzes of Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray.

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