7 Blonde Afro Ideas for the Bleach-Happy Curlfriend

Got the itch to switch up your style? If your #hairgoals look like a blonde afro, we’re on the same page. There’s nothing like your natural hair texture paired up with the colour you’ve always wanted to try.

But getting dark hair to lighten to blonde is time-intensive. So make good friends with your hairstylist and prep a few snacks — because it will likely take several sessions. But, the result is totally worth it! Read on to see our top blonde afro hair ideas.


1. Bronde afro

close up shot of a smiling woman with brownish blonde afro hair
source: Adobe Stock

Bronde hair is a forever fav colour. Combinations of brown and blonde afro hair have gone by so many different names over the years, but no one can deny that this combo looks beautiful together. We love this hue as a way to make the transition from black to brown to blonde more natural-looking.

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If this is your dream hair colour don’t forget that you’ll need to keep the colour toned by using a system that’s designed for colour-treated hair. We recommend TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Shampoo and Conditioner to help protect your colour and make it last longer.

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You’ll also need to regularly use a hair mask, like Dove Nourishing Oil Care Treatment Mask, to hydrate and nourish your strands. Plus, it’ll make your hair super soft!


2. Bright blonde afro

woman on a race track with a big, bright blonde afro and dark roots
Source: Unsplash

You don’t need to go totally platinum to enjoy a blonde afro, especially since it can be quite damaging from the bleaching. Instead, we love how a few platinum highlights really brighten up this buttery blonde afro. This slightly darker take on blonde also means a bit less time with bleach. (Yay!) Try styling your ‘fro with a side path to show off your volume and length.


3. Mini ‘fro

smiling woman with a very short blonde afro hairstyle
Source: Pexels

A great alternative is going for the teeny weeny blonde ‘fro. This blonde afro is a seriously underrated look. It’s great for short-haired women and it really adds an edge to your look. You can wear it brushed-out like it is here, or define your coils for a more polished look.


4. Honey-coloured curls

woman with honey coloured curly hair
Source: Unsplash

Say hello to this gorgeous shade of honey blonde. This colour is super flattering on warmer skin tones. And, we love how this hue helps to give a blonde ‘fro the appearance of super defined curls.

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Editor’s tip: Keep those curls defined with good levels of moisture and hydration. The TRESemmé Botanic Nourish & Replenish Rich Oil Mist is an effective and convenient way to add this much-needed hydration to your hair.


5. Defined, tapered blonde ‘fro

Glad dark skinned happy woman with twa blonde Afro hairstyle, holds modern mobile phone in front of face, waves palm in camera, makes video call, dressed in casual wear, isolated over pink background.
Source: Adobe Stock

This short look is great for blonde hair because it’s so high fashion. It’s also a great way to reduce the breakage that comes with bleaching. If you’re getting regular trims, then the split ends will be snipped before it travels up the shaft.


6. Centre path afro

woman with honey blonde afro hair worn with a centre parting
Source: Unsplash

We have a thing for afros styled with a centre path. It gives your ‘fro the appearance of added volume and really shakes up your look from the classic halo styled afro. This style looks especially chic as the hair grows longer.

Dove Intensive Repair Treatment Mask_front image_200ml_product image

Editor’s tip: If you’re lucky enough to be able to grow out a bleach blonde afro to a long length, products that moisturise, strengthen and repair your hair are going to be your BFF. We always suggest hair masks because they make a world of difference for bleached hair. We absolutely love the Dove Intensive Repair Deep Treatment Mask for weekly intense hydration and repair.


7. Barely Blonde

woman with dark afro hair and a few blonde highlights
Source: Adobe Stock

For a different take, why not try blonde highlights? This look gives your ‘fro a whole lot of dimension and the appearance of added volume. Blonde highlights are great if you want to add a little light around your face without bleaching all your hair.


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