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4A Hair Type: How to Take Care of Your Curls

For girls with springy curls.

As much as we love talking about braiding and styling hair, we also love getting into the nitty-gritty of understanding different hair types. This is essential so that you can better understand what products will work best for you. 4A hair is positively gorgeous so we knew it needed a post of its own. Whether you have been a natural gal your whole life or you are transitioning from relaxed hair to your curls, this guide can point you in the right direction!

Read on to learn more about some of our insider 4a hair maintenance tips:

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4A hair can have a super fine or thick strand with a tight S pattern.  Maintenance of 4A hair revolves around keeping your curls moisturised and hydrated.


1. Shampooing Your Curls

Make sure your shampoo is super moisturising to pamper your 4A curls. The TRESemmé Botanic Co-Wash is a cleansing conditioner that works to cleanse and shower your hair with moisture. This product is sulfate-free and infused with aloe vera and coconut milk so it doesn’t strip your hair of its natural moisture.

TRESemmé Botanic Moisture and Replenish Co-Wash

Editor’s tip: Before shampooing your hair, you may want to pre-poo and/or detangle with your fingers. After your hair has been fully soaked in the shower, gently detangle your hair from ends to root. Also, focus shampooing your scalp and roots only, the shampoo will gently cleanse the rest of your hair as you rinse.


2. Conditioning Your Curls

We always recommend that curly hair types should condition (or deep condition) after shampooing. Conditioners replenish the moisture that your hair needs to have springy, defined curls.

TRESemmé Botanic Moisture & Replenish Conditioner

To replenish your curls with moisture after shampooing, condition it by using TRESemmé Botanique Conditioner.


3. Daily Moisture

4A hair may need to be moisturised every day or every other day. Coconut oil works well for adding moisture while you shape your curls because of its ability to penetrate the hair shaft, unlike most oils. If you need just a bit of moisture to refresh your curls, consider using serums or dry oils for natural hair. You can apply as little or as much as you need to get your curls springy.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil_front of bottle image_50ml_product image

A great option is the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil. You can use this whenever your hair needs moisture or shine.


4. Pre-Sleep Care

To avoid flyaways and breakage, sleep with your hair in a silk scarf or use a silk pillowcase. Cotton can pull and tug on your curls.Silk and satin glide over your hair so that doesn’t happen. You may find it helpful to protect your curls by sleeping with your hair up in a pineapple ‘do.


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