Balayage hair is hair that's been dyed using a French coloring process meaning "to sweep" or "to paint." It entails a colorist painting dye onto your hair using a freehand technique. It allows for that enviable sun-kissed natural look, which we’ve seen on virtually every hair length and hair type. If you’re interested in this trendy coloring technique but aren’t quite sure how it works or what your color options are, you’ve come to the right place.

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If you’ve got this hot-to-trot colouring technique on your agenda, but aren’t quite sure how it works or what your colour options are, you’ve come to the right place. From expert guides explaining the key differences between balayage hair and ombre, to inspirational galleries featuring the best balayage colours to covet, you’ll find everything you need know about this technique right here.


If you’re after a beginner-friendly touch of colour, balayage is a great (and stylish) stepping stone to consider. Why? It’s entirely bespoke, low-maintenance, and growing it out is also painless. But what things should you really consider before trying it out? Wondering if balayage on dark hair (and grey hair) is even remotely possible? (Hint: balayage highlights are a smart solution for all hair colours, as it gives block shades cool, multidimensional depth!). And can it work even on the shortest of strands?


Whatever your query, our team of dedicated experts and editors are here to help answer them and give you the guiding hand you need. Our aim is make you feel confident enough to request the look you desire from your colourist, knowing fully well what the end result should be. And if you’re ever short of balayage inspiration, we’ve covered that, too. You’ll definitely want to see who’s rocking the best balayage highlights around, and just maybe make that flattering look your own. Whatever your pick, get ready to turn heads!

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