Pelo color caramelo: el tono más dulce entre el rubio oscuro y el castaño claro

Un tono que aporta luz, calidez y profundidad.

Caramel hair is perfect for lightening or deepening a brown tone, and it works wonders with warm or neutral undertones. It can be applied with different techniques depending on what you want to achieve.

Here we show you different inspirations for you to adopt caramel hair, that tone that has the particularity of providing warmth.

woman in profile to the sun with glasses and long loose hair with curlers at the ends and chocolate-colored hair with highlights of caramel-colored hair
Toffee. Credit: Shutterstock

Brown hair with caramel highlights

The perfect balance between warmth and lighting. These caramel highlights on brown hair add dimension and depth to the style, enhanced by the curlers in this long hair.

fair-skinned woman with short hair with curlers and caramel-colored hair
Caramelized Bob. Credit: Shutterstock

Caramel hair

It is very common to see caramel hair applied with the balayage technique or reflections in long extensions. However, this shade works perfectly on short hair. Here it shines bright in a bob cut with curlers .

the actress Ana de Armas with loose half-length hair and caramel-colored hair
I degraded. Credit: Shutterstock

Ombré honey

The ombré is the coloring technique to gradually go from a darker tone to a lighter one. In this case, the chestnut roots give rise to caramel-colored hair and then lighten more towards the ends, until it reaches a honey- golden color .

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woman from behind with brown wavy side hair with caramel hair balayage
Melted caramel. Credit: Shutterstock

Caramel Balayage

The balayage technique is one of the most used to incorporate caramel-colored hair tones. This type of coloring is done freehand, so the result is quite natural. It is low maintenance since, as it grows, there is no marked color contrast.

white skinned young woman with long straight reddish caramel hair parted in the middle
Spicy caramel. Credit: Shutterstock

Reddish caramel hair color

This is a darker interpretation of the caramel hair color, thanks to the reddish dose that lights up this mane. It is similar to mahogany, which falls under the umbrella of reddish brown or red hair . Full as in this look is FA-BU-LO-SO.

Balayage smiling woman with caramel color straight hair
Swept. Credit: Shutterstock

Balayage caramel straight hair

We already saw how it looks on long wavy hair. Now in a straight half hair . The balayage candy – colored hair smooth perfect works on a base of chocolate – colored hair like this. The movement to expose the different shades can be given by the layered haircut .

brunette woman in profile with long hair with waves with chocolate hair and highlights of caramel hair
Baby reflexes. Credit: Shutterstock

Chocolate colored hair with caramel highlights

In this example, the caramel color took the form of babylights on a chocolate-colored hair base . These small reflections bring a lot of light with a very subtle result. Unlike other techniques, these start at the root and are done all over the head.

Olivia Palermo with sunglasses and caramel hair
Just downstairs. Credit: Shutterstock

Caramel hair in a cape

Another option is to give your hair depth by focusing on a layer of hair to create a subtle contrast. In this case, the caramel hair is worn only in the lower layer. It’s a way to wear your hair in two colors without the need for a drastic change.

white-skinned young woman with light caramel hair in a low ponytail parted in the middle
Brown-blonde fusion. Credit: Shutterstock

Caramel blonde hair color

The bronde blends brown hair with blonde, with highlights that can turn more towards gold or caramel. It is warm wherever you look at it, bright and even makes you want to eat it!

long haired smiling woman with waves and open bangs with caramel colored hair
Intermediate step. Credit: Shutterstock

Orange candy

This can be the transition tone for dark hair that wants to go to a lighter color or even blonde. Caramel color with orange undertones looks good on people with brown, hazel or honey eyes.

front-facing woman with long dark hair with caramel colored hair streaks
Just above. Credit: Shutterstock

Caramel colored hair in layer above

Candy can also be worn on the top layer to create a strong contrast with a darker undercoat. Another similar option is that of the inverted ombré , by which a degradation from lighter to darker color is generated towards the ends.

Sofia Vergara with loose hair with waves and caramel hair
Hypnotic. Credit: Shutterstock

Gold-plated dark caramel hair

The light streaks in the dark caramel hair add a golden, almost metallic touch to the look. The movement of the waves also reveals different nuances depending on how the light is given to it.

Suki Waterhouse with flowing medium hair and caramel hair
Sophisticated like few others. Credit: Shutterstock

Sandy blonde

The sandy blonde, in English known as sandy blonde , is ideal for those looking for a more ashy tone instead of the warmer spectrum of caramel hair. It could be described as a medium blonde with cool tones, with a powdery look.

brunette woman with long loose wavy hair with caramel hair balayage
Chocolate with caramel. Credit: Shutterstock

Chocolate hair with caramel balayage

As you will see, the chocolate and caramel combination is one of the most popular. Almost as if it were a dessert. The variants of styles arise according to the applied technique. Here, in a balayage on long wavy hair.

smiling woman in profile with loose hair with dark brown waves and caramel colored hair streaks
A little here and there. Credit: Shutterstock

Caramel highlights

Highlight highlights can be strategically arranged around the face as in this example. They serve as a framework to soften the features, especially if the base tone is dark.

long straight hair woman with middle parting and caramel colored hair
Symphony of tones. Credit: Shutterstock

Caramel flamboyage

Flamboyage is another coloring technique that allows you to achieve random reflections of different shades with a natural result. Hers blend with the base chestnut color for a low-maintenance chic look. The roots grown from it prove it, they are almost imperceptible.

long haired woman with bushy bangs and caramel colored hair balyage
Another more reddish variant. Credit: Shutterstock

Coppery caramel

In the kitchen, when the caramel burns it takes on a more bitter taste and its color becomes somewhat darker. This would be the representation of that perfect mix between caramel brown and copper . The wide waves add some lightness to the look with long, bushy bangs .

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smiling brunette woman with long wavy hair and caramel colored hair
Radiant. Credit: Shutterstock

Golden caramel hair

She opted for a caramel blonde that glows brightly in the light. It is a tone that is displayed on brown and / or brunette skin. And, applied with the balayage or ombré technique, it does not require as much maintenance.

Olivia Palermo with caramel hair
The less warm version. Credit: Shutterstock

Ashy caramel

Just as there is ash blonde , there is also ash caramel hair. It is a matte or more opaque version, far from the orange nuances that caramel can have. It is still a warm color although with a cooler overall look.

Beyonce with long loose straight hair and highlights of caramel and blonde hair
A mix. Credit: Shutterstock


Tortoiseshell hair color is a fun and original style that combines various techniques: highlights, babylights , ombré, ombré, and rooting. It is achieved by mixing caramel, honey blonde, golden blonde and chestnut brown hair tones.

Lily Allen with caramel orange hair
Spicy Credit: Shutterstock


We saw it in highlights, now is the time to see a full alternative. This ginger color is truly a combination of warm caramel, strawberry blonde and honey blonde tones .

white skinned woman with middle parting and caramel blonde hair color
Towards the blonde tips. Credit: Shutterstock


With you … a transition from caramel to blonde. This example is for how the soft gradient effect of the shadow looks on a lighter base. The advantage? It is a low maintenance coloring technique.

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