Balayage en cabello oscuro: +15 inspiraciones, del castaño al violeta

De los tonos más tradicionales a los más inesperados.

Balayage is a freehand coloring technique that seeks to illuminate the hair, with a gradual and natural effect. For those with a brunette or dark chestnut base, the color chart for these brushstrokes ranges from light brown to ash blonde, through mahogany and fantasy colors. The choice of shade for the balayage on dark hair will depend on your complexion and, of course, your tastes. Our recommendation: I went to a color specialist, since this technique requires some expertise .

Joan Smalls with balayage on dark hair
Mix of tones. Credit: Shutterstock

Brown and blonde balayage

The transition between dark brown and light brown is the most classic of all. It’s the balayage safe bet on dark hair. However, a third tone can be added to the equation, as she did. For many, this is the gateway to technique and even the previous step to a more radical color change.

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long wavy hair brunette woman with balayage on dark hair
100% cocoa. Credit: Shutterstock

Chocolate balayage on dark hair

Chocolate balayage is the perfect option for women with dark complexions and very dark hair. While this chestnut combines cool and warm tones, it brings warmth and light to the face, while softening the features.

woman from behind with long wavy hair at the ends with balayage on dark hair
Blonde tide. Credit: Shutterstock

Golden and platinum blonde balayage

Anyone might think that balayage on dark hair should go for brown ones. However, blondes are also a possible alternative. In her case, two different shades were combined: one cooler and one warmer, which gives the look dimension and depth.

smiling woman with short hair and balayage on dark hair
Sweet temptation. Credit: Shutterstock

Honey balayage on dark hair

The honey shade looks tailored for balayage on dark brown hair. It is a harmonic combination, without fanfare. Contrary to what many believe, this coloring technique also works on short hair . In addition, it serves to frame the face.

long haired woman with balayage on dark hair
The favorite. Credit: Shutterstock

Balayage candy for brunettes

The caramel color is that tone between dark blond and light brown. It’s by far the most requested dark hair balayage option in salons. It will be because it has the ability to give great warmth and, at the same time, shine.

back woman with long wavy hair with balayage on dark hair type tiger eye
Veined. Credit: Shutterstock

Tiger eye

This inspiration emulates the palette of the stone known as tiger’s eye. It is a combination of caramel, bronze and dark brown tones, which generates a multidimensional look.

woman from behind touching long hair with balayage on dark hair
Opaco. Crédito: Valeriia Kogan

Cenizo balayage en cabello oscuro

Por su parte, el rubio ceniza se presenta como una opción para aquellas personas que prefieren los tonos mate. Es un tono frío, que se acerca bastante al gris, por lo que la transición no resulta chocante cuando se aplica sobre el cabello oscuro.

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smiling woman with long hair with curlers and balayage on dark hair
Metal. Credit: Shutterstock

Copper Balayage

Starting with two shades lighter than your original color is ideal so that the change is not so drastic and keeps that natural touch. This inspiration results in a tone between copper and caramel brown, which goes very well with the skin tone.

woman from behind with long wavy hair and balayage on dark hair
Autumnal. Credit: Jessie Dee

Almond balayage

Lush, dark hair can benefit from a balayage on dark hair. Why? Because it takes visual weight off. In addition, when done freehand, these highlights can be concentrated in strategic points, especially on the contour of the face to illuminate it. The almond shade is great for that.

smiling long wavy hair and balayage woman on dark hair
With its own shine. Credit: Shutterstock

Golden blonde balayage

We recommend golden blonde especially for people with a dark to medium brown base tone because it blends in a subtle way. As if it were a natural wear and tear. And it’s particularly flattering on complexions with pink undertones.

sideways woman with long wavy hair and balayage on dark brown tone hair
Infallible. Credit: Faruk Tokluoglu

Light brown balayage

By now, we all agree that auburn is leading balayage inspirations in dark hair. Here we see a light tone on black hair. The waves also reinforce the visual movement of the coloring.

Prikanya Chropra with Side Wavy Balayage Hairstyle on Dark Hair
Caffeinated. Credit: Shutterstock

Balayage espresso

This shade takes its name from coffee, a variant that combines brown and black tones. Due to its depth and intensity, it is ideal for women with black hair.

smiling profile woman with long wavy hair and balayage on dark hair light blonde tone
Chiaroscuro. Credit: Mathilde Langevin

Light blonde balayage

While it offers an obvious color jump, light blonde works for a balayage on medium to dark brown hair. It requires a significant lightening, which is why many choose it as a preliminary step to dyeing their entire hair .

long wavy hair smiling woman with balayage on dark hair in mahogany tone
Bold. Credit: Shutterstock

Mahogany balayage

Mahogany is a dark red hair that can have more orange or red undertones. In that spectrum, it works for different base tones: from dark to medium brown. It is bright, luminous and intense in equal measure.

brunette woman with hair with side waves and balayage on dark hair in burgundy tone
Intoxicating. Credit: Shutterstock

Burgundy balayage

If you want to go over to the side of red, this can be a first approach. The burgundy or burgundy color looks especially good on people with dark complexions and black hair. Radiates strength and personality.

woman from behind with long straight hair, balayage on dark gray hair and loose braid on the side
Between black and white. Credit: Kari Shea

Gray balayage

Today, women around the world are encouraged to make the transition to all gray hair. This balayage on dark hair in a gray tone can favor this process and, even, make it more enjoyable. Whether you want to join the silver sisters community or make the Granny Hair trend your own , gray is the way to go.

brunette hair woman with long curlers and balayage on dark hair in violet tone
Purple rain. Credit: Shutterstock

Violet balayage

Balayage does not only live on brown and blonde hair on dark hair. The fantasy colors are another interesting option. Imagination is the limit, since the tone chart is very extensive. She opted for a purple color.

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