Todo sobre el rubio dorado: ¡por una melena resplandeciente!

El más cálido de los rubios.

The range of blondes has a tone for every taste: cooler or warmer, flirting with white or light brown, shiny or opaque. In that fan, a classic that is back strongly appears: golden blonde.

In this note you will find details to define the right tone, care tips and recommendations to maintain it. Welcome to the golden blonde universe!

long haired smiling woman with golden blonde waves
A shade to shine. Credit: Shutterstock

How to recognize golden blonde?

Golden blonde is a warm shade, which means it’s closer to the palette of oranges than white. It is characterized by its light, since it usually looks bright, generating a very attractive visual texture. The balance must be fair. On one side (the cold ones) of the golden blonde are the platinum and ash blonde, while on the other is the copper blonde and honey.

How to choose the right shade?

As with other dyes, the ideal is that you evaluate the best golden blonde according to your skin tone, the base you have in your hair and if you are going to bleach or want to dye directly. If you don’t want to go through that lightening process, to achieve golden blonde you will need a light base. You can dye yourself at home by following these tips.

This shade works great with complexions that have warm pink undertones, but also looks great on skin with cool blue undertones. Dare to try golden blonde for the warmer months of the year and make your hair shine as bright as the sun.

long haired woman with light golden blonde waves
Like a nymph. Credit: Shutterstock

Light golden blonde

An even tone, classic and timeless, ethereal and angelic. This golden blonde is the coldest in the range of this warm color, paler than the other variants. However, it presents sparkles that are further emphasized by waves . If you are already blonde , nothing stops you from trying it. If you are brown, you will need to bleach.

Our tip : If you went through or have to go through a bleaching process to get to golden blonde, we recommend washing it afterwards with a system designed for hair damaged by chemical treatments. Our favorite is Dove’s Extreme Regeneration Shampoo and Conditioner , with regenerating active ingredients.

woman in profile with long hair with waves and coppery golden blonde bangs
An exquisite blend. Credit: Shutterstock

Copper golden blonde

The gateway to blonde for redheads or auburn hair . It is a warm tone, capable of softening the features. Recommended for people with fair, pale or pink skin. It is the brother of strawberry blonde , that style that combines blonde and red notes.

smiling woman with golden dark blonde hair combed back
From dark to light. Credit: Shutterstock

Golden dark blonde

Golden dark blonde is by definition a chestnut with warm, glowing notes. It can be a transition color to other blondes like platinum blonde . It is, at the same time, a tone that goes well with all the seasons of the year.

short hair woman bob type ash golden blonde straight and loose
A desaturated blonde. Credit: Shutterstock

Golden ash blonde

The golden ash blonde is one that appears dusty, opaque. It is one of the favorites of women with gray or gray hair , since it suits them favorably and naturally. With this bob cut , she makes a perfect combo.

Honey golden blonde long wavy hair smiling woman
Very sweet. Credit: Shutterstock

Golden honey blonde

On the blonde spectrum, honey blonde and golden blonde go hand in hand. In this example, the perfect hybrid. They are enhanced for maximum warmth and radiance. If your base is dark, Proba first with wicks or illuminations .

Our tip : colored hair requires a lot of hydration to stay healthy. Therefore, it is best to adopt a treatment cream at least once a week. Try Dove Nutrition Factor 60 1 Minute Mask , a reconstructive concentrate for hair exposed to chemical treatments, bleaching, coloring and straightening.

smiling woman with red lips and medium hair with golden blonde streaks
Blondes tune. Credit: Shutterstock

Golden blonde highlights

Highlights are a great alternative to add dimension to your hair. Golden blonde highlights can be combined with other shades for added depth. They are even an easy way to try a color without the commitment to dye your entire head or bleach everything.

Long straight hair woman with golden blonde balayage
As by the effect of the sun. Credit: Shutterstock

Golden blonde balayage

The balayage achieves a gradual effect whereby the base tone lightens to the tips. The technique is carried out freehand, hence its natural appearance. It is, without a doubt, a low-maintenance color, since it is not necessary to touch up roots . So it is a way to try the golden blonde without much effort.



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