27 Best Ombre Hair Colours To Look At In 2021

Ombre hair colours to fall in love with.

Ombre (pronounced om-bray) is from the French word meaning shaded or shading. Ombre hair colours became popular in the early 2000s with stars like Aaliyah, Vanessa Hudgens and Ciara championing the look.

Ombre is hair that is darker at the roots and blended getting lighter at the ends. Variations of this technique include balayage and dip-dye. Balayage is a freehand colouring technique that adds dimension and frames the face. While dip-dye is a two-tone colour that gives the appearance of hair that has been ‘dipped’ into colour.

Ombre hair has a universal appeal and there’s a colour to suit everyone. Find our top ombre hair colours, below.


woman with long blonde ombre hair
Credit: Instagram.com/oladementeva

Proving that ombre colours look amazing on blonde hair, this Instagram babe added a bright platinum ombre to her ash tones. Credit: @oladementeva


Woman with long wavy brown ombre
Credit: Instagram.com/judy.mai.hair

Rich shades like chocolate, caramel and chestnut work perfectly with a brown base. Credit: @judy.mai.hair


woman with wavy grey ombre shoulder length hair
Credit: Instagram.com/ultrafadebyrich

Combine dark roots with a silver ombre and you too can be rocking this blogger-worthy hue. Credit: @ultrafadebyrich


Woman with long wavy dark brown ombre hair
Credit: Instagram.com/marion.stylist

This gorgeous dark brown ombre colour melt is perfect for those who are a little colour shy but still want to make their tresses pop. Credit: @marion.stylist


Woman with long red ombre hair
Credit: Instagram.com/thefoxandthehair

When subtle just won’t do, go bold and take on this statement red ombre shade. Credit: @thefoxandthehair

Editor’s tip: Gently cleanse hair without stripping your colour with the TRESemmé Colour Shineplex Shampoo and Conditioner.

The unique low-foaming formula helps you get a vibrant colour and shine for up to 12 weeks without the use of parabens, dyes or sulphates.


Woman with dark brown black ombre hair
Credit: Instagram.com/hair__bydemib

Love your dark tresses but want to give your look a seasonal update? Then look no further than this gorgeous espresso ombre hair colour. Credit: @hair__bydemib


Woman with long purple ombre hair
Credit: Instagram.com/michellesbeauty926

This purple ombre hair colour will require regular root touch-ups so it’s ideal for those who are not afraid of a high maintenance hue. Credit: @michellesbeauty926


Woman with blue grey wavy ombre hair
Credit: Instagram.com/notanothersalon

Stand out from the crowd with this show-stopping blue ombre complete with an icy silver finish. Credit: @notanothersalon

Pastel pink

Woman with pastel pink ombre wavy hair
Credit: Instagram.com/blondingnbalayage

We all know that pastel hues are huge (especially at summer).  So update your style for a fun, pastel pink ombre. Credit: @blondingnbalayage


Woman with silver pearl ombre hair
Credit: Instagram.com/guytang_myidentity

This smokey silver hue will look incredible come festival season. Credit: @guytang_myidentity

Editor’s tip: Due to the use of bleach and other colourants used to achieve this ombre hair colour it’s more important than ever to help restore the health of your hair.

We suggest using the Love Beauty And Planet Hope & Repair 2 Minute Magic Masque 1-2 x a week to give your tresses a hit of moisture.


Woman with ginger wavy ombre hair
Credit: Instagram.com/constancerobbins

Lighten up ginger hair with an ombre colour for a gorgeous sunkissed finish. Credit: @constancerobbins

Rose gold

Woman with rose gold wavy ombre hair
Credit: Instagram.com/kimwasabi

We’re seriously loving this rose gold ombre for an all year round hue that’ll sparkle come rain or shine. Credit: @kimwasabi

Ash blonde

Woman with ash blonde wavy ombre hair
Credit: Instagram.com/hairtalkbymigo

The cool tones of an ash blonde ombre will give your tresses a grey tint that’s moody and sultry. Credit: @hairtalkbymigo

Brown and blonde

Woman with brown and blonde wavy ombre short hair
Credit: Instagram.com/thebangbangcollective

Brown and blonde shades like this ombre above are like a match made in heaven. Credit: @thebangbangcollective


Woman with caramel ombre long wavy hair
Credit: Instagram.com/beautybyshorty

Caramel ombre hair colours are always sought after and look especially great on those with warm tanned skin tones. Credit: @beautybyshorty


Woman with copper ombre wavy hair
Credit: Instagram.com/natostylist

Be the envy of all your friends with this glossy copper ombre hair colour. Credit: @natostylist

Light brown

Woman with long light brown wavy ombre hair
Credit: Instagram.com/thefoxandthehair

Ombre hues can be as bold or as subtle as you like. So if you want a more natural finish this is the perfect example to show to your hair colourist. Credit: @thefoxandthehair


Woman with straight green ombre bob with bangs
Credit: Instagram.com/notanothersalon

From the cut to the colour, this poker straight green ombre bob is ticking all our hair boxes. Credit: @notanothersalon

Editor’s tip: Want to show off your new ombre colour with a poker straight style? Be sure to use a heat protect spray like VO5 Heat Protect Spray before heat styling.


Woman with straight lilac ombre bob
Credit: Instagram.com/emmadavisonhair

Get straight to point with this cool-girl lilac ombre dip dye. Credit: @emmadavisonhair


Woman with medium length auburn ombre
Credit: Instagram.com/izzyhairstylist

Auburn hair is a reddish brown hue that looks amazing when paired with a soft blonde ombre. Credit: @izzyhairstylist


Woman with long burgundy red ombre hair
Credit: Instagram.com/fortheloveofreds

Burgundy ombre hues have great universal appeal and will look lovely on those with darker skin tones too. Credit: @fortheloveofreds

Black and red

Woman with black and red ombre long bob
Credit: Instagram.com/emmadavisonhair

This black and red dip-dye ombre is giving us serious ’90s grunge vibes that we just love. Credit: @emmadavisonhair

Black and silver

Woman with long black and silver ombre hair
Credit: Instagram.com/hairbymelssahaan

The fashion world can’t get enough of silver hair right now so nor should you. Credit: @emmadavisonhair


woman with long wavy orange ombre
Credit: Instagram.com/salon167

Nothing screams autumn like this pumpkin-spiced orange ombre. Credit: @salon167

Black and orange

Woman with long wavy black and orange ombre hair
Credit: Instagram.com/hairbymeaganhannon

Not ready to go for an all over colour? Give this black and orange ombre hue a whirl. Credit: @hairbymeaganhannon

Blue and purple

woman with purple and blue wavy ombre hair
Credit: Instagram.com/hairbeautybybri

This isn’t an ombre colour for the faint-hearted, but don’t let that put you off. The results are worth the high commitment. Credit: @hairbeautybybri

Brown and burgundy

Woman with long brown and burgundy ombre hair
Credit: Instagram.com/beautybyshorty

This gorgeous red wine colour melt goes really well with dark roots and will look amazing on both light and dark skin. Credit: @beautybyshorty


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