The best male haircuts of all time – which will you choose?

They're not called iconic for no reason...  

From the buzz cut to the quiff, and everything in-between, there are some incredible haircuts that have truly stood the test of time. So what are the ultimate best male haircuts? Let’s delve into our hairstyle history to pick out the cream of the crop…

The 6 best male haircuts of all time

male model on the runway wearing a white top and an earring with his dirty blonde hair worn in a neat crop
The neat crop is a classic for a reason. Credit:

The crop

Favoured by the latest Bond incarnation, the crop is an ideal haircut for someone who wants a fuss-free look with minimal styling requirements.

With a gradual taper on the back and sides, and a little more texture on top, this is a fantastic haircut that will offer you a different work and off-duty style. Keep it smooth for a smart professional look, and tousle it up for the weekend.

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male model on the runway wearing a orange jacket with a fur trim hood with a full shaven head and a moustache
A fully-shaven head will make big style statement. Credit:

The fully shaved look

This is definitely an extreme look. As sported by actor Vin Diesel, it exudes power and determination. It can also help to define your style if your hair is starting to thin, but it really takes the right face and head shape to pull it off.

side view image of a man wearing a dark shirt with the top button open with dark hair and a full quiff hairstyle
A full quiff is always on trend!

The full quiff

As sported by the King himself, the quiff is definitely one of the most iconic and eye-catching haircuts in history. But it’s also a perfect option for contemporary men, too, because it can easily be styled and adapted to meet more modern standards.

With less of the shine and heavy, sculpted look and a little more messiness added into the mix, the quiff can be a great way to make a style statement.

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male model on the runway wearing a white top with his brown hair in a buzz cut style
The buzz cut is back with a new fashionable status. Credit:

The buzz cut

Want to go short but not ready to embrace a full-on shaved look yet? Then the precise and uber masculine buzz cut may be great option for you.

Originally a major military look, the hairstyle has worked its way into popularity through films and fashion runways, and is a cut that succeeds in looking completely modern, whatever the era.

The buzz cut is the ideal choice if you’re after something low-maintenance. But remember that you’ll need to pay a visit to your barber regularly to keep it in shape.

side view of a man wearing a grey top with his hair worn in a man bun with am undercut
The undercut comes in many forms. Credit:

The undercut

One of the most classic, timeless best male haircuts, the undercut has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity lately. Why? Because it’s a style that works well for a variety of looks, hair types and lengths.

Keep it slick and well-groomed with a polished side parting for a vintage feel, or keep a little more length at the top if you want to play with texture and volume.

male model on the runway wearing a navy blazer and a green tshirt with his long brown wavy hair worn down
Long hair, don’t care. Credit:

Long hair

Gents who are blessed with long, lustrous and thick locks, we salute you. There’s no denying it, long hair exudes a carefree rock ‘n’ roll vibe like nothing else and comes with a legacy of icons (from Kurt Cobain to Russell Brand and the host of long-haired celebrities in-between).

Done well, it can look amazing. But if you’re growing your hair out, remember that it will need a lot more maintenance and care – make sure you wash it regularly, and invest in products that will enhance its natural texture and style.

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