20 Adorable Flower Girl Hairstyles for Every Wedding

Searching for adorable flower girl hairstyles for your big day? Here are 20 little girls' hairstyles for the cutest member of your bridal party.

You’ve spent time dreaming up the perfect looks for you and your bridesmaids, but you might have overlooked one small thing: the flower girl. Before you make your big entrance, all eyes will be on your littlest attendee, so it’s only right she looks the part, right?

Of course, with so much wedding planning prep to do, we appreciate you may be short on time, so we’ve found you 20 super cute flower girl hairstyles, so you can focus your time on finding the right dress (you’re welcome!).

Rose Braid Ponytail

blonde woman with a flower braid ponytail
You’ll be blooming away with this look! Credit: Instagram.com/updobybuablink

As you may have guessed, this stunning pony with a braided bun draws inspiration from flowers, mimicking the shape of delicate little petals — and isn’t it utterly gorgeous?

There’s no denying that this blooming hairstyle will totally make your flower girl’s hair unforgettable. Credit: @updobybuablink

French Braid With Pearls

blonde french braid with pearl hair accessories
Incorporate the pearl hair accessory trend into your flower girl hairstyles. Credit: Instagram.com/yourhairsdestiny

Want a hairstyle for your flower girl that will stay in place throughout the day? Keep it simple with a classic French braid, then make the look extra special with some pearl hair accessories. Credit: @yourhairsdestiny

Heart Braid

woman with long curly blonde hair in a half-up heart braid
Give Cupid a run for his money with this stunning heart hairstyle! Credit: Instagram.com/sweethearts_hair

When it comes to flower girl hairstyles, what could be cuter than this heavenly heart braid? Credit: @sweethearts_hair.

Fishtail Crown Braid

blonde with a fishtail crown braid into a bun
The perfect princess hairstyle. Credit: Instagram.com/braidsbyjordan

Looking for the perfect updo? A fishtail chignon, loose curly strands and delicate floral details make this the perfect flower girl hairstyle. Credit: @braidsbyjordan

Waterfall Braid

woman with curly brunette hair in a waterfall braid
Waterfall braids scream romance! Credit: Instagram.com/makeupbysianuk

If we’re honest, we’ve never seen a waterfall braid we didn’t love! This timelessly romantic half-updo never goes out of style and works beautifully on all ages – so your flower girl hairstyles can match the rest of your bridesmaids. Credit: @makeupbysianuk

Tiara Updo

Blonde girl with a high bun updo with a tiara
Tiara hair, do care! Credit: Instagram.com/zinovyeva_vizajist

There’s something about tiaras with a high bun updo that always makes everyone swoon. Instead of going for a sleek bun, try curling the ends of your flower girl’s hair for a princess-worthy look that’s full of romance. Credit: @zinovyeva_vizajist

Floral Ponytail

Woman with brown to blonde ombre curly hair with a messy low ponytail hairstyle
Who knew messy hair could be so cool? Credit: Instagram.com/ulyana.aster

Think ponytails aren’t wedding appropriate? One glance at this messy ponytail with floral detailing and all your doubts will just melt away.

Perfect for woodland weddings or even beach-bound ones, this easy flower girl hairstyle will definitely get everyone talking! Credit: @ulyana.aster

Mermaid Braid

woman with red brown hair in a braid with flowers
Mermaid braids do exist! Credit: Instagram.com/braidsmade

Hosting an outdoor wedding? Keep your flower girl’s hair in place with this pretty and practical mermaid braid! Use hair jewels (or even small flowers, a la the picture above) to accentuate your braid. Then sit back and watch as all the guests swoon. Credit: @braidsmade

Smooth Waves

blonde woman with smooth side-swept waves
Smooth waves for days! Credit: Instagram.com/mleotta

Beach-inspired waves are every girl’s go-to look for weddings, but if you fancy doing something a little different for your flower girl, why not give her wavy ‘do a highly polished finish? Credit: @mleotta

Editor’s tip: Give your flower girl’s hairstyles an extra special shine with the TRESemmé Ultimate Shine Hold Hairspray. After creating waves, just mist some of the hairspray all over her locks to give her mane that glossy, occasion-worthy finish!

Ribbon Braids

brunette with a ribbon braid holding flowers
Ribbon +braids = dreamy hair! Credit: Instagram.com/kmphair

Ribbon braids are set to be the hair accessory to rock this festival season and we’re absolutely thrilled! However, did you know you can also extend this festival-perfect trend to wedding hair? Need an example? Take a look above!

This fairytale-worthy hairstyle is super easy to create, beyond impressive and, when paired with a ribbon and flowers, they’re a boho lover’s dream come true. Credit: @kmphair

Beachy Waves

Woman with blonde wavy hair in a half-up half-down with a leaf headband
Bring the beach to you with these waves! Credit: Instagram.com/kristin_ess

When it comes to fail-safe flower girl wedding hairstyles, this charming, softly curled half-up hairstyle is one of our absolute favourites!

This show-stopping style will allow your flower girl to show off her pretty locks, while also keeping them in place. Credit: @kristin_ess

Donut Bun

Natural haired woman with her hair in a high donut bun with gold foil detail
Donuts aren’t just for eating! Credit: Instagram.com/naturalhairdreams

Love donut buns? Us too! To make yours wedding-worthy, just add a touch of gold hair foiling around the base of the bun, to give an ethereal finish to your bun hairstyle. Credit: @naturalhairdreams

3-Strand Braid

woman with a blonde braid with flowers in
Simple? Check. Boring? Not at all! Credit: Instagram.com/lucieferx

When it comes to easy flower girl hairstyles, nothing beats a simple-yet-stunning 3-strand braid. But this is no ordinary braid, because this pretty plait incorporates a few flowers, for an extra romantic twist. Credit: @lucieferx

Milkmaid Braid

blonde woman with milkmaid braid with flowers in it
Milkmaid braids are super duper easy to create! Credit: Instagram.com/getupandpinup

Want your flower girl to channel her inner fairy? Well, we’ve got just the thing: this beautiful milkmaid braid. Use flowers as accent pieces to give the style A Midsummer Night’s Dream vibes. Credit: @getupandpinup

Afro Flowers

black model with flowers in her afro hair
Flower hair, don’t care! Credit: Instagram.com/dominiquereshae

Take your flower girl’s gorgeous afro curls to the next level — and create the ultimate wedding hairstyle — by decorating her mane with flowers.

With this boho-perfect look, your starring beauty will be sure to win the hearts of your guests. Credit: @dominiquereshae

Short Curly Waves

short curly blonde hair with flower hair accessory
It’s time to get wavy! Credit: Instagram.com/vilma_vavavoom

Think flower girl hairstyles for short hair are not interesting? Well, you’d be wrong! Take this short curly hairstyle for example: it’s utterly fabulous and won’t require the use of a glam squad. Credit: @vilma_vavavoom

Editor’s tip: If your flower girl’s hair needs curling or straightening, remember to use a heat defence spray like the VO5 Heat Protect Spray to protect her strands from damage.

Gibson Tuck

brunette woman with her hair in a rolled gibson tuck updo with flowers
Give your Gibson tuck a floral update! Credit: Instagram.com/crispenil

Wondering how to stylishly keep your flower girl’s hair under wraps? Don’t fret, because there are lots of wedding-appropriate updos out there that won’t be compromising on an ounce of style!

And this beautifully rolled Gibson tuck hairstyle is ideal, giving off loads of vintage glamour, as well as endless sophistication and class. We’re totally sold! Credit: @crispenil

Box Braids

black woman with box braids wearing a flower crown
Box braids look amazing with flower crowns! Credit: Instagram.com/authentically.b

If your flower girl happens to have box braids, you’ll want her to show them off on your big day, right? Team her look with a hair accessory of your choice – like a statement clip or a flower crown – and there won’t be a single dry eye as she walks down the aisle! Credit: @authentically.b

Bow Hairstyle

brunette woman with blonde highlights in a half-up, half-down bow hairstyle
Pretty and practical? Sign us up! Credit: Instagram.com/n.starck

There’s something about a half-up, half-down hairstyle that always makes guests smile. But if you really want to think outside of the box, try mixing a bow into the look, for a unique style that’s positively enchanting and perfect for a little girl. Credit: @n.starck

Side Bun

woman with dark brunette hair in a messy side bun
Which side will you go for? Credit: Instagram.com/thebeautylineup

If you’re after something with classic girly vibes, we think we have just the thing for you: the floral side bun!

This pretty hairstyle is quick and easy to achieve, and what’s more, it’s also a great way of keeping your flower girl feeling cool and looking it, too — bonus! Credit: @thebeautylineup


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