Mod hairstyles are back again: Discover 5 ways to rock the trend

Yes, mod hairstyles are making a comeback for 2017. Get the low-down on how to channel the swinging sixties with our handy guide...  

When it comes to inventive hairdos, the swinging ’60s was one of the most exciting decades for styling. And for many women, it was the first time that they really started to experiment with their locks, encouraged by influential figures in film, TV and even politics. And with the likes of sky-high beehives and sleek bowl cuts being revisited once again on the red carpets, mod hairstyles are making a huge comeback in the hair world!

Now, it’s important to remember that there’s a fine line between rocking the retro vibes and just looking dated! But luckily, the All Things Hair team are on hand to help you navigate the trend in a fresh and modern way. So whether you’re already a vintage hairstyle fanatic, or you’re simply intrigued to see how women’s mod hairstyles can be adapted for a modern mane, just keep scrolling!

The mod haircut: Women’s A-list inspiration


women's mod hairstyles : zendaya's bowl cut at the met ball
Could the bowl cut be making a comeback? Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

1. The bowl cut

Having pioneered the bowl cut, every member of The Beatles can be thanked for making it one of the most famous mod hairstyles of the decade! However, it wasn’t just men who took inspiration from Paul McCartney and co, oh-no! Also known as the mushroom bob – characterised by it’s uniquely rounded shape – this bold style proved just as popular with women. And since Zendaya debuted her modern-day take on the ‘do at the Met Ball this year, we can safely assume the bowl cut is back on the menu!

Editor’s tip: To recreate Zendaya’s mirror-like sheen, give your hair a quick spritz of the VO5 Tame & Shine Spray before styling. The clever formula is heat activated, so as you blowdry or straighten your locks it’ll help to add a glossiness, while also tackling any unwanted frizz.

mod hairstyles: lily collins' bouffant updo
The ’60s bouffant is instantly recognisable. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock.

2. The bouffant

Making headlines on both sides of the pond with her blow-dried, bouffant hair, First Lady Jackie Kennedy made the style synonymous with elegance and femininity. And even today, this mod hair look continues to radiant both these traits, as demonstrated by Lily Collins, who looks every inch the ’60s siren on the red carpet with this voluminous bouffant updo.

Editor’s tip: Fancy rocking this style for your next night out? Start by prepping the hair with an all-over spritz of the VO5 Dry Backcomb Spray, before using a fine-toothed comb to tease the hair backwards to create volume at the roots.

mod haircut: women's pixie crop on actress michelle williams at the 2017 louis vuitton paris fashion week show
Celebs like Michelle Williams and Emma Roberts are big fans of the pixie crop. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

3. The pixie crop

At just 16-years-old, British model Twiggy burst onto the scene with her unique, boyish style and inspired a generation. Her elfin pixie crop totally redefined female beauty and instantly became one of the most copied women’s mod hairstyles! With stars like Katy Perry and Gemma Arterton both recently going for the chop, you’ll likely see this daring style cropping up (get it?!) more and more over the coming months.

Editor’s tip: Sweeping your bangs to the side using a hair wax, such as the TIGI S-Factor Creamy Molding Waxis a great way to add a feminine edge to this androgynous style.

lana del rey's half up half down mod hair
Half-up half-down styles are a great way to channel the sixties trend. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock.

4. The half updo

While some women opted for more boyish ‘dos, French actress Brigitte Bardot inspired many women to embrace their sultry side. Famed for her platinum blonde tresses and her sexy, dishevelled half updos, Bardot often accessorised her look with hair bows, flowersheadscarves and all manner of other accessories! Recently paying homage to the actress was American singer Lana Del Rey, who simply oozes ’60s sex appeal with her voluminous half-up half-down ‘do and off the shoulder top.

Editor’s tip: To add height to your crown like Lana, spray your locks with the TIGI Catwalk Root Boost spray, concentrating on the roots. Then use a hairdryer to blowdry your strands upwards to create even more lift!

adele in a black dress with a beehive mod hairstyle
The mod haircut: women’s looks we love. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

5. The beehive

With the likes of Beyoncé and J-Lo having rocked a beehive on the red carpet, it’s easy to think that this sky-high style is a modern one. But did you know that the style actually originated in the ’60s? Launched into popularity by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, this backcombed hairstyle is possibly the most timeless mod hair look of all. While the original approach was definitely bigger is better, Adele shows that the beehive can totally be toned-down for a more subtle nod to the era.

Editor’s tip: Beehives are all about structure, so make sure to lock in your style with a strong hold hairspray, like the Toni&Guy Body Amplify Creation Hairspray. Trust us, it’ll take your hair to new heights!


We can tell you enjoyed these mod hairstyles and are now in need of more stunning, retro ‘dos. Which is why you need to head over to our Vintage Hairstyles page, where you’ll find even more ways to rock hairstyles from decades gone by, like the rockabilly trend!

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