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10 Best Red Balayage Hair Colours for 2023

There’s no denying that red balayage inspo has been enjoying an unprecedented moment in the limelight. The unique French colouring technique involves a sweeping motion, done by hand, to add colour to your locks, leaving you with results ranging from subtle to bold flashes of colour.

But while you might think that adding red hues to your mane will look too brash, we’re here to tell you that incorporating red balayage highlights is a great way of creating a natural-looking style, that will bring a new dimension to all hair types and colours!

Don’t believe us? We’ve scouted out the top looks from Instagram to prove that red should be the next colour in your mane…

1. Multiple shades of red

image of a woman with multiple shades of red hair
Work different shades of red to create a statement. Credit:

To help you stand out of the crowd this season, look to insert multiple shades of red into your look. Embrace both bright red and dark burgundy, and you’ll earn instant style points!

Tip: If you have naturally straight hair, and don’t want to curl or create waves in your tresses every day, try getting some layers cut in. Why? Layers will help provide natural movement and texture, which will, in turn, enhance the look of your red balayage colours!

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Editor’s tip: To maintain the vibrancy of your tresses, use a shampoo and conditioner that’s been specially formulated for colour-treated hair. We suggest trying the TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Shampoo and Conditioner on for size.

2. Natural red

back of a womans head with curly hair and red balayage
Go for warm reds and copper tones for a totally natural finish! Credit:

Natural-looking red balayage hair is perfect for brightening up home-grown colours such as blonde or brown, without imposing on your everyday look too much!

And the best thing is, that working with understated red tones will give a subtle, yet high-impact finish, that won’t overpower your facial features. Plus, it looks amazing on curly locks!

3. Black and red

back view of a womans hair with bold red balayage on dark hair in curls
Keep it bold and bright. Credit:

The beauty of red balayage is that it lends itself to a whole spectrum of stunning shades. And if you’re looking to make a bold statement this season, there are a huge variety of bright red hues that will allow you to turn more than a few heads (for all the right reasons, of course!).

Both bright red highlights and lowlights look especially great with dark hair colours, as the contrasting tones will provide heaps of depth and dimension to your tresses. Prime example: this bold cherry red on dark brown tresses!

4. Burgundy hues

back view of a womans hair with long tumbling curls and red balayage
We love warm burgundy for perfect autumn locks! Credit:

Not feeling cherry tones for your mane? Don’t worry, because it isn’t all about investing in bright hues, as this Instagrammer perfectly demonstrates.

Muted burgundy tones worn in loose waves look equally impressive when teamed with any number of different hair colours, making it the ideal shade to update your ‘do.

5. Reverse blonde and red balayage

back of a woman's hair which is blonde with red balayage in loose waves
It even works with blonde! Credit:

Want to adopt this fierce look, but feeling a little apprehensive about getting a full head of vivid red tones? Then add subtle elements of your favourite red shade into your current locks, for the perfect way to try this trend.

Flipping the balayage on its head and working the red hues a from your roots is a simple and low-key way to refresh your look. Plus if you have naturally dark roots, it’ll enable you to grow out your hair without the need of touch-ups!

6. Brunette and red

side image of a woman with curly red balayage hair
Keep the colour a little tamer for a totally rocking look. Credit:

If you’re a natural brunette, adding red balayage to your tresses will enhance the shine of your natural shade, while injecting a dose of vibrancy. Helping to brighten even the dullest of days, yet when the sunlight does hit it, every strand will shimmer and shine. Perfection!

7. Chunky red balayage

picture of a womans hair with red balayage in undone waves
Experiment with red balayage that looks like a full head of colour! Credit:

Want to go bigger and bolder? Then ask your stylist to apply large sections of colour closer to the roots, rather than thin streaks. The overall effect will look similar to a full head of colour, but your natural shade will still peak through – if you want it to!

8. Pumpkin Spice

back view of a woman's hair with red balayage colour
Love pumpkin spice? Now you can rock the shade on your hair! Credit:

Are you an autumnal babe who can’t wait to get their woollies on? Then you’re going to love this pumpkin spice shade of red balayage. It’s warm, it’s cosy and it screams for lattes sipped by crackling fire somewhere. We love, love, love it!

9. Copper Tones

back view or woman's wavy copper coloured hair - red balayage
Paint the town red with these stunning copper tresses! Credit:

We told you that there was a whole spectrum of red balayage shades for you to try, right? So, copper tones are definitely worth a dabble.

Neither too bright nor too subtle, it’s the perfect middle ground if you’re unsure of which direction to take your look. We’re sold!

10. Ombre red balayage

side view of woman with straight hair with ombre red balayage
Fall in love with this autumnal shade or red balayage. Credit:

Where to begin with our love for this hair colour! It’s vibrant, it’s got depth and it’s incredibly wearable; plus we love how the roots start darker and then transition into lighter shades of copper red.

This type of red balayage would work really well if you’re a natural redhead, as you can work with your own colour to create more depth.

Have these red balayage looks got you all fired up? Then check out the 12 stunning ways that you can rock this trend – for any hair colour! You’re going to want to book that salon appointment, stat!

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