18 Sexy and Easy Night out Hairstyles for Parties or Date Nights

Looking for hairstyles for a night out? We have 18 styles to help inspire your date-night or party look.  

Night out hairstyles: Woman with chestnut brown hair styled into a high sleek bun, with face-framing tendril, wearing white party dress, posing in a hotel

We all know that our hairstyles can make or break your night out outfit. So, we’ve put together some impressive and easy night out hairstyles, below, to ensure you look your best this party season and beyond.

Whether you’re looking for something vintage-inspired or a romantic updo for a date night, these 18 hairstyles for a night out are all you need to make unforgettable entrance.

Wrapped Ponytail

Long night out hairstyles: Woman with sleek low long chestbrown ponytail, with a wrapped hair accessory at the base, wearing black cut out dress in a living room setting
Here’s a red carpet ‘do you can rock in RL. Credit: Instagram.com/karenwazenb

Guilty of looking to the runway for hairstyles for a night out? Us too. And, we think you’ll seriously nail model-off-duty vibes with this glitzy, wrapped ponytail. Credit: @karenwazenb

Low Bun

Night out hairstyles: Woman with short golden blonde styled into a low sleek bun, wearing hoop earrings in a bedroom setting
Last minute hair doesn’t need to look bad. Credit: Instagram.com/alissaviolet

You can’t talk about slick night out hairstyles without mentioning this middle-parted, sultry low bun. The best thing part? You can create it in under 10 minutes and it also works a treat for short and long hair. Credit: @alissaviolet

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray Front of bottle

Editor’s tip: Are you planning on using heat to create this gorgeous ‘do? Before you do, make sure to protect your tresses against heat damage with the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray.

It’ll help control frizz, boost shine and leave your locks looking silky smooth.

Messy Bun

Night out hairstyles: Woman with chocolate brown wispy hair styled into a messy topknot bun, wearing hoop earrings and posing outside
Messy buns are heaven sent. Credit: Instagram.com/brittsully

Not all hairstyles for a night out need to look super polished! If you’re working with second day hair and need to get to the club ASAP, we suggest playing up your manes texture with this hot messy bun.

You’ll get extra style points if you decide to pair this look with a pretty hair scarfCredit: @brittsully


Romantic Topknot

Night out hairstyles: Woman with chestnut brown hair styled into a high sleek bun, with face-framing tendril, wearing white party dress, posing in a hotel
Ooh la la! Credit: Instagram.com/camilacoelho

Need a hairstyle that will wow as much as the party dress you bought? Work most of your hair into a topknot and leave out some of it at the front, to create this romantic, curly tendril (with a curling iron, preferably!). Credit: @camilacoelho

Vintage Curls + Hair Slides

Short night out hairstyles: Woman with short dark brown hair styled into vintage curls, wearing colourful bobby pins in her hair with a green wrap dress, posing outside
Time to start looking for your bobby pins! Credit: Instagram.com/dollface_mubyjes

We’ve stalked enough red carpets to know that hair slides can also work for night out. The best hairstyle to team with them? Vintage curls, of course!

Doing so will give your retro look a cool-girl twist, ensuring you get all the compliments at every event. Credit: @dollface_mubyjes

Side Braids With Waves

Short night out hairstyles: Woman with short hair with undercut styled into beachy waves, with a side braid in it, posing in a studio setting
A simple side braid will take your mane to the next level. Credit: Instagram.com/chloenbrown

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to pull off this flirty, beachy hairstyle. Just get your plaiting fingers at the ready and weave this pretty side braid. Credit: @chloenbrown

Editor’s tip: Creating braided night out hairstyles, like this one, requires the trusty TONI&GUY Flexible Hold Braid Balm.

Giving your hair added structure and grip, this nifty balm will make weaving your mane easier and help your plait last longer, too.

Disco Curls

Night out hairstyles: Woman with naturally curly caramel brown hair, wearing a silver and gold party dress, posing in a studio
Disco curls? Yes, please. Credit: Instagram.com/ashley_moore_

Looking for curly night out hairstyles? You can channel major Diana Ross with this sexy, bouncy and defined hairstyle that’s sure to help you rule the dance floor. With a sparkly outfit, nothing can stop you. Credit: @ashley_moore_

Side-swept Blow Out

Night out hairstyles: Woman with blown out ash brown long hair swept to the side, wearing a black top and posing in a studio
If it’s good enough for Bella Hadid, it’s good enough for you. Credit: Instagram.com/chelseahaircuts

When it comes to night out hairstyles for long hair, you really can’t go wrong with a classic blow out. But, if you really want to give yours a ’90s supermodel feel, we suggest you sweep your look to the side, like this. Credit: @chelseahaircuts

Glam Waves

woman looking to the side with glamorous long dark wavy hair
Think long waves for Hollywood glam night out hairstyles. Credit: Instagram.com/petra_buljan

Night out hairstyles for long hair don’t get much more glamorous than this. Combining the slicked-back look and our favourite Hollywood waves, this look is achingly polished and begs to be seen! Credit: @petra_buljan

Slick Pixie

front facing image of a woman with a blonde haired pixie cut
Night out hairstyles for short hair?
Give this a whirl! Credit: Instagram.com/cyriacks

Want rock chick hairstyles for a night out? We’ve got just the thing! This pixie cut is anything but sweet and meek, and has been transformed into a bold, edgy, sexy ‘do that’s dying to go out on the town. Credit: @cyriacks

Statement Look

side view of a woman with dark slicked back hair and orange coloured ends of her hair
Add a touch of shocking colour for extra impact! Credit: Instagram.com/paula.pedrosa

If you’re on board with the slick-back look and have coloured hair, this pic is perfect #hairspiration for anyone that wants to make a statement. The shock of bright colour is sure to keep all eyes on you and you alone! Credit: @paula.pedroasa

Long Locks

side view of a model with long blonde hair slicked back
Night out hairstyles for the long haired ladies… Credit: Instagram.com/blowdrybarqatar

Night out hairstyles for long hair needn’t be a headache. Forget the hours of tonging and braiding, and go for a simple slick-back ‘do instead. We love the understated elegance of this pretty look. Credit: @blowdrybarqatar

Glitter Hair

side view of a @sophiehannahrichardson with slicked back hair on one side and glitter
Night out hairstyles always look fab with added glitter! Credit: Instagram.com/sophiehannahrichardson

If you’re heading to a gathering that calls for (mandatory) glitter, this Insta pic will have you swooning. Simply create your slick-backed look or just slick back one side, then go wild with shimmer and glitter. Credit: @sophiehannahrichardson

Psst… If you do all that, don’t forget to read our top tips about removing glitter from your hair.

Slicked-back Pony

Night out hairstyles: Woman with long, dark brown relaxed hair styled into slick ponytail, wearing red lipstick and leopard print top
Kim K would approve of this ‘do. Credit: Instagram.com/kimclarkartistry

Need no-fuss, night out hairstyles? We are just obsessed with this simple and shiny ponytail. And the best part? This easy-peasy night out look is practically foolproof. Credit: @kimclarkartistry

Smooth and Straight

model wearing a leather jacket with long slicked back hair - night out hairstyles
Hairstyles for a night out?
We’ve got just the thing! Credit: Instagram.com/hairbybradleyleake

Going out straight after work? Then take your look from day to night in an instant with a little hair gel!

It really can be that easy, which is why we love this easy, long-haired ‘do that’s neat and stylish, and just the right amount of edgy. Credit: @hairbybradleyleake

Middle Parting

side view of a woman with dark slick back hair
Night out hairstyles don’t get more slick than this. Credit:Instagram.com/sadiebass_

Create a winning style for your next girls night with this chic look. We love this Instagrammer’s long dark tresses and, in our books, is an on-point look that’s sure you get you plenty of likes! Credit: @sadiebass_

Half-up Ponytail

Night out hairstyles: Woman with golden blonde hair styled into a half-up, half-down ponytail, wearing patterned bra
Can’t decide whether to wear your hair up or down? Try this! Credit: Instagram.com/kykhair

Can’t decide whether to wear your hair up or down? You won’t need to with this half-up, half-down ponytail in your life. It’ll show off your long hair like a dream while also keeping the majority of it off your face. Credit: @kykhair

A-list Wet Look

Rachel Bilson wearing a green dress with dark slicked back hair
Rock slick back glam tresses like Rachel Bilson. Credit:Instagram.com/rachelbilson

Do you want night out hairstyles that have the celebrity seal of approval? Well, we’re just in awe of Rachel Bilson and this winning look that’s mermaid-esque perfection! Credit: @rachelbilson


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