The best short hairstyles Pink has rocked over the years!

She's not a rockstar for no reason...  

So, Pink has turned 37 today! And to celebrate, we’ve created this article to showcase her best short hair hairstyles! Over the years, Pink has rocked a variety of different looks, from long hair to pixie crops, and even pink and silver hues. If you ask us, she’s one of the unsung heroes of the hair world, and here’s our tribute to her…

Pink’s coolest short hair hairstyles

singer Pink with her hair coloured pink and worn in a curly quiff with a shaved undercut
Curly quiff + pink hue = perfection. Credit:

If anyone can pull off an undercut, it’s Pink. Matching her pastel hair colour to her stage name, Pink posted the above picture to Instagram, showcasing her close-shaved undercut and long, curly high top. Pink’s been rocking an undercut for years (way before they became a mainstream trend – just look at the new Lisa Frank undercut craze for proof!).

To keep all of the attention on her edgy hairstyle, she left her makeup minimal with a simple but fierce cat-eye flick that complemented her signature look perfectly. Credit: @pink

singer Pink taking a selfie in the car wearing drop hoop earrings with her pink hair tied into a loose topknot with undercut sides
Face bothered? Credit:

As well as undercuts, there’s no denying the singer’s also got the top knot – which she aptly names “magical unicorn front bun” – look down to a T. And we have to agree, this short hair hairstyle is rather magical.

In this picture, her hair colour looks almost rose gold (another hue that’s currently trending this autumn). And who would have thought her hair colour would be a match made in heaven with red lipstick?! You go, girl! Credit: @pink


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