15 Hairstyles for Thin Hair Volume-seekers Will Love

Have ultra-fine hair? Here are some styling ideas that are so good, they might even surprise you.

Dreaming of taking your thin hair to more voluminous heights? Well, there’s something you should know: the right hairstyle can make all the difference. So, if you want to give your limp tresses a major boost, you really can’t go wrong with taking a look at these 16 hairstyles for thin hair, below.

What are you waiting for? Keep scrolling to see the stylish hairstyles that we guarantee will up your volume game.

15 hairstyles for thin hair you’ll be seeing in 2019

Jamie King with her golden blonde hair styled into a loose pomp, wearing all white on the red carpet
There’s nothing wrong with giving off retro vibes. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

1. Voluminous pompadour

Thin hair can sometimes feel flat with a short cut, so if you’re looking for ways to give it a little more body, try this relaxed, swept-back pompadour style.

Hairstyles for thin hair: Emma Willis with a tousled platinum blonde pixie haircut, wearing a pink velvet blazer on the red carpet
Will you take the plunge? Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

2. Tousled pixie

The reason Emma Willis loves this tousled pixie? Because it does a great job of making her short hair look super voluminous. The style is full of dimension and drama, making it the perfect ‘do to rely on when you want a look that’ll turn heads.

Editor’s tip: Thin hair may be easy to style, but it often falls flat. However, with the TRESemmé Collagen+ Fullness Thickening Balm in your life, you can add extra oomph to each and every strand, making it feel fuller and thicker.

To use it, smooth a small amount into the palm of your hand and spread evenly through damp hair before blow drying to achieve a plumper look.

Nina Dobrev with dark brown short wavy bobbed hair, wearing florals and posing on the red carpet
Considering getting bangs? This is how you should do it. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

3. Full fringe

Looking for bang hairstyles for thin hair? We suggest you take a leaf out of Nina Dobrev’s books and get a full fringe haircut. Doing so will make your thin hair feel thicker and fuller, especially if you team the look with some bouncy curls.

Emma stone with medium length copper hair styled to sleek and swept to the side, wearing a printed dress on the red carpet
When it comes to hairstyles for fine hair, side swept ones are a must. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

4. Deep side parting

You might think that side partings don’t work well with thin hair, but if you opt for a deep one like Emma Stone‘s, it can really look incredible and help create the illusion of thickness (since its parted off centre).

Create this polished style for your next night out by blow drying your hair to achieve this sleek, smooth finish.

Lily Collins with dark brown hair styled into a double milkmaid braid, wearing a black dress on the red carpet
Save this one for days when you want your mane off your face. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

5. Braided crown

Yes, you can create a braided crown with your thin strands! Rather than wrapping a singular braid around your whole head, you can create two mini braids, position them close to one another and pin them in place.

Hairstyles for thin hair: This is a good article. Follow the link for more information. Naomi Watts with a blunt cut A-line bob, wearing pink velvet top and posing on the red carpet
Give your look extra edge by cutting an angled cut. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

6. Angled bob

Bobs can look a little flat without the volume that comes with having thicker tresses, but make it an angled hairstyle and it’s a whole different story. Take this A-line haircut for example, its chic, flawless and all you need to enhance the appearance of your fine strands.

Hairstyles for thin hair: Lucy Boynton with her short platinum blonde hair styled into a short, flipped bob with Bardot bangs, wearing a floral top on the red carpet
Brigitte Bardot would seriously approve. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

7. Flipped out bob

The ‘60s started it, but we promise you’ll be seeing flipped out bobs everywhere in 2019. The good news? Thanks to its feathery ends, this cut will inject thickness into your mane and allow you to get ahead of the hair curve.

Editor’s tip: Bob hairstyles for thin hair, like this one, really come to life with the use of a texturising spray. So, you should try working the VO5 Dry Texturising Spray into your tresses to give your strands a messy, cool-girl finish.

Claire Foy on the red carpet with a short dark brown choppy bob with a glizty hair slide in it, wearing white on the red carpet
The choppier, the better. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

8. Choppy bob

Adding layers to your locks is one tried-and-tested way to make even the thinnest of hair appear thicker. And, this choppy bob is definitely one of this year’s most fashionable hairstyles for thin hair.

Lighter layers at the top create depth and shape while the lower layers add a feel of full, luscious tresses.

Victoria Beckham with her dark chocolate brown hair styled into a low, wavy ponytail, wearing all white on the red carpet
Add some fun to your favourite ponytail with some waves. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

9. Wavy ponytail

Love ponytails? You can give them an extra boost of thickness by incorporating some tumbling beachy waves into them, like Victoria Beckham has done.

Hairstyles for thin hair: Paris Hilton with long golden blonde hair styled into a voluminous half-up, half-down hairstyle, wearing all black on the red carpet
Long fine hair looks amazing when styled into this ‘do. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

10. Half-up bump

You can’t talk about long hairstyles for thin hair without mentioning half-up, half-down hairstyles. Here, Paris Hilton adds some lift to her half-up hair by teasing it at the crown, distracting us away from any flatness — and you can do the same!

Camilla Belle with slicked back shoulder length dark brown hair, wearing blue gown with green flowers at the 2019 Golden Globes awards ceremony
Slicked back hair is always impressive. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

11. Slicked back hair

Looking for hairstyles for thin hair to make the most out of your hair type? Well, now’s your chance to cave in and give this red carpet-approved slicked back hairstyle a whirl. All you need is some hair gel and great event to wear it to!

Woman with thin medium brown hair styled into a messy bun updo
When you it comes to hairstyles for thin hair, you can’t go wrong with a messy bun! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

12. Messy bun

When it comes to easy hairstyles for thin hair, a messy bun is exactly what you need to get you out of the front door. Once your bun is secured, gently pull wisps out at the front and the ends, to give it an effortless model-off-duty feel.

Back shot of woman with golden blonde thin hair styled into a half-up, half-down bun hairstyle,m wearing grey and posing in a the Al Things Hair studio
This ‘do is about to become your new go-to. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

13. Half-up bun

Another bun hairstyle that’ll make your hair appear much thicker? This half-up bun! By dividing your hair into two sections and lifting half of your locks up, you’ll make everyone believe you’re a member of the thick hair club.

Hairstyles for thin hair: Backshot of a woman with golden blonde short hair styled into a French twist updo, wearing a black polka dot top in the All Things Hair Studio
Got an upscale affair to attend? This ‘do has got your back. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

14. Voluminous beehive

What’s not to love about the beehive? Its classic and most importantly, full enviable texture. And if you’ve got a fancy event to attend, it’ll do the job of boosting your thin hair and also give your look a glamorous, retro edge.

Woman with dark brown medium-length tight curls, wearing a grey jacket and red top on the street
Tight curls are your fast track ticket to volume. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

15. Tight curls

Tight curls, like these, are perfect for adding height, width and depth to hair that’s on thinner side. Use a small barrel curling tong to create these tight ringlets and get ready to let your mane live its best voluminous life.

Editor’s tip:  The secret behind curly hairstyles for thin hair?The TONI&GUY Volume Plumping Mousse, which is ideal for those of you with thin strands, as it helps keep your curls bouncy, but it also adds lift at the roots, too.

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