10 beach hairstyles that are so good you’ll want to book a holiday ASAP

Leona | 26 June 2017

From sunrise to sunset, these easy beach hairstyles are sure to make waves!


If you have a beach holiday planned, and want to ensure that your locks are looking on point at all times, then you’re in luck! Below, we’ve put together the hottest beach hairstyles to inspire your next vacation, so you can jet off in style.

From braided looks to easy-peasy updos, we have the creme de la creme of beach hairstyles from Instagram, so you have more time for packing. See our round up of easy beach hairstyles in our gallery above, or simply keep scrolling.

10 hairstyles for the beach to inspire your next holiday look


Beach hairstyles - Long wavy dark brown to light brown hair with braid down the centre halfway
Unicorn braids are the latest trend to wear at the beach. Credit: Instagram.com/riawna

1. Unicorn braids

When it comes to hairstyles for the beach, most of us tend to go for undone waves (which we still love, FYI); but this year, why not give your look an update with this season’s hottest braid? Yes, we’re talking about unicorn braidsCredit: @riawna

Editor’s tip: Get that beachy-waves finish by applying a few pumps of TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creating Sea FoamThis ultra-light foam helps create natural-looking waves in each and every strand, for a gorgeously tousled look.

Beach hairstyle - Short bob black to grey hairstyle with side pinned braid
Even short hair can jump on board with a braided ‘do. Credit: Instagram.com/mircat

2. Pinned back braids

Mastering beach hairstyles on short hair can be tricky, especially when it’s too short to tie back. So we suggest opting for a simple pinned-back braid, instead, like this stylish Instagrammer. Credit: @mircat

Psst: This hairstyle will work just a well for longer tresses, too, so no one has to miss out!

Beach Hairstyles - blonde hair with side braid tucked into a low bun
Keep your tresses in tip top condition with this braided bun. Credit: Instagram.com/sbjcsterling

3. Braided bun

When a low bun just won’t do, it may be time to enhance your look by adding a French braid. Weave it from the start of your hairline back towards the nape of you neck, before wrapping it into a loose and messy bun.

Don’t fret if your bun doesn’t look perfect, as the aim is to have it appear carefree, so leave out a few strands for boho vibes. Credit: @sbjcsterling

Beach hairstyles - Blonde girl with simple top knot hairstyle
You can’t go wrong with a simple top know. Credit: Instagram.com/bluntandco_

4. Top knot

A top knot never fails to disappoint when you’re in a need of easy beach hairstyles. Top knots work for all hair types and on anything longer than a long bob – possibly making them the most popular go-to style for beach days. Credit: @bluntandco_

Beach hairstyles - blonde girl with milkmaid braids
In the heat you wanna keep your tresses fresh and in style of course. Credit: Instagram.com/yourbraids

5. Milkmaid braid

Milkmaid braids are ideal for those who like to keep their tresses away from their face, yet still want to earn bucket-loads of style points. You can get the look by following our simple step-by-step guide, here. Credit: @yourbraids

Beach hairstyles - Curly black hair in two double buns
Keep your head above water with this double puff curly ‘do. Credit: Instagram.com/love_your_natural

6. Double puff

You don’t want water weighing down your curly tresses now, do you? Of course not. Which is why love this double puff hairstyle, as it will ensure your naturally curly locks keep their bounce! Credit: @love_your_natural

Editor’s tip: Lock in moisture by applying a small amount of the TRESemmé Oleo Radiance Oil Elixir into your palms, before gently scrunching the curls of your puff to coat them in oil. Shinier-looking hair, here you come!

Beach Hairstyles - blonde model with double dutch braids on lob length hair
This 2-in-1 hairstyle will give you incredible waves when you let your braids loose. Credit: Instagram.com/maddie_bruce

7. Double dutch braids

Whether you’re kicking back on the sun lounger or going for a good ol’ swim session, double dutch braids will see you through in style. What makes this braided hairstyle so great, is that it works on ALL hair types and will leave you with fabulous waves when you unravel them. Credit: @maddie_bruce

Tip: Make your braids appear thicker by using the pancake method. To do this, very gently tug at the braids until you get your desired finish. Be gentle now, as you don’t want to ruin all your hard weaving work.

Beach hairstyles - Beach waves high ponytail on blonde hair
Add soft waves to the end of your ponytail for a beach waves finish. Credit: Instagram.com/kristin_ess

8. Wavy ponytail

When the day gets too hot, sweep all your tresses into a high ponytail, allowing any wispy tendrils to fall free and frame the face. This is a perfect look for the evening when your hair has that fresh, wavy finish from the ocean. Credit: @kristin_ess

Beach hairstyles - Blonde hair in high bun with headscarf wrapped around the base of bun
There is no better time to wrap your hair than on a beach. Credit: Instagram.com/shannontayloor

9. Wrapped bun

For us, the best thing about holidays (apart from the sun, sand and food) is that you can experiment with so many headscarf looks! From retro styles to this modern bun, your sunshine styling opportunities are endless.  Credit: @shannontayloor

beach hairstyles - dark hair with braids and buns
Beach party you say? Make this braided buns ‘do your look. Credit: Instagram.com/dcatsalonpatine

10. Braided space buns

If your beach holiday plans are packed full of parties and events, then this braided space buns style is the look for you. Much easier to create than they seem, this braided style has been coveted by all our favourite bloggers!

So jump on board and make this trend your own by adding sprinkles of glitter down your parting. Credit: @dcatsalonpatine

Editor’s tip: Finish your look with a spritz of the VO5 Classic Firm Hold HairsprayThis wonderful product has 24-hour humidity protection to help prevent frizz, plus gives an all-day hold and has a non-flaking UV filter. Jackpot!


Found your next beach style? Great, now go hit the sand! And if you love easy hairstyles you can create in a jiffy, then head on over to our Easy and Quick Hairstyles page, for last minute hair updos and catwalk-inspired styles.


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