How to do a pull-through braid in 9 easy steps

A pull-through braid is a hybrid hairstyle between a Dutch braid and a bubble ponytail, made by tying together stacked ponytails to give the look of a braid.

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We admit it: braiding isn’t always the easiest task, especially if you’re a styling novice. But what if we told you that you can create Instagram-worthy braids without actually weaving a single strand? All you need to do is follow our pull-through braid tutorial.

As simple to master as it is stylish, a pull-through braid is by far the easiest way to fake a Dutch plait – without actually having to braid at all. You simply section the hair horizontally into separate ponytails and tie them together.

See how to pull-through braid in a matter of minutes by watching our video tutorial above and scroll down to follow our easy step-by-step guide.

Pull-through braid step-by-step


Start with a texturising spray.

Start by spraying the VO5 Dry Texturising Spray all over dry hair from root to tip.

This will give the hair a textured finish and grip, so the braid is easier to create. 

Woman with mid-length brunette hair spraying texturising spray

Create your first hair section.

Using your fingers or a comb, pick up a horseshoe section of hair from just above the crown.

Secure with a hairband and then pin the ponytail up onto the top of your head and out of the way. 


Woman with mid-length brunette hair tying hair into a half-up ponytail

Repeat the process.

Just under the first ponytail, take another horizontal section of hair that’s a similar width and create a second ponytail.

Secure with an elastic and brush through the ponytail if needed to eliminate any frizz. 

Brunette woman tying a second half-up ponytail

Split the top ponytail.

Using your hands, divide the top ponytail into two equal sections vertically.

Next, pull the ponytail underneath upwards between the separated sections above and clip it to the top of the head. 

Brunette girl separating ponytail

Combine the loose hair.

Repeat step two, taking a horizontal section of hair the same size as the previous two and gather it into a ponytail. 

Do not tie it with a hairband just yet. Take the two remaining sides of the divided ponytail from the top and combine them into the new ponytail. Then tie to secure it. 

Brunette girl tying a ponytail into a hairband

Repeat steps 2-5.

Repeat as you move down the hair, taking horizontal sections as you go and combining them with the divided hair from the ponytail above.

Continue until you reach the nape of your neck. 

Brunette girl tying hair into a braid

Braid down the remaining hair.

Carry on this process of splitting and securing the top ponytail as you go until you have braided all the hair.

Leave a small amount loose at the bottom and secure with a hairband. 

Girl with brunette hair tying a pull-through braid

Pancake your braid.

Use your fingers to gently loosen the braid starting at the top and working down.

Flattening the style in this way will ensure any visible hairbands that were peeking out are now hidden. 

Brunette girl pancaking a pull-through braid

Secure the look.

You’re nearly there! Keep your intricate braid in place with a mist of TONI&GUY Tousled Texture Creation Hairspray, concentrating on the braid and the front of your hair. 

And that’s it! You’re now a total pro at pull-through braids. 

Brunette girl spraying her pull-through braid hairstyle with hairspray

Turn your ponytail into a pull through braid

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Add a little oomph to your ponytail in a matter of minutes by turning it into a pull-through braid. Start with a high or low ponytail and divide it into two sections.

Then, using a hairband, tie off sections of the ponytail (similar to a bubble pony) and weave the lower section through. Sound simple enough? Follow our how-to tutorial above if you want to watch the braiding in action…

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