18 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Natural Blondes

Surprise, surprise! 

Thought that Olivia Wilde was born a brunette? Well, think again. Thanks to the fact that hair colours can be so easily changed, it’s no surprise that loads of our favourite stars have turned to the hair dye bottle and opted to switch up their natural locks. But the real question is: do you know which celebrities were actually born a natural blonde?

So, if you think you’re quite the Hollywood know-it-all, put your knowledge to the test and see if you know about all of the natural blonde celebrities below!

1. Angelina Jolie

angelina jolie blonde
Credits: Rex from Shutterstock

Fans of Angelina Jolie’s early work will have seen her rock blonde hair in movies such as Girl, Interrupted and Gone in 60 Seconds. But after years of wearing brunette hues, it’s easy to forget that the actress is actually a natural blonde.

2. Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore blonde
Credit: Shutterstock

From chocolate brown to a sunkissed balayage, Mandy Moore always has the most Pinterest-worthy hair, but back at the start of her singing career she wore her hair long, straight and highlighted blonde. Just check out her Candy video if you don’t believe us!

3. Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks blonde
Credit: Shutterstock

Well-known for her role as the red-haired Office Manager, Joan Holloway, in Mad Men, it’s hard to believe that Christina Hendricks is actually a natural blonde. On occasion, you’ll see Christina wearing a strawberry blonde hue on the red carpet before she reverts back to her famous red locks.

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4. Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner at Venice Film Festival with long blonde hair.
Credit: Getty Images.

Another famous on-screen redhead is Sophie Turner. Any Game of Thrones fan will know Sansa Stark, (Sophie’s character), was instantly recognisable for her long auburn hair that would be styled in a mix of intricate braids and loose waves. But post GOT, Sophie has returned to her natural blonde hair colour and can be seen with anything from champagne to honey blonde hues.

5. Sofía Vergara

Sofía Vergara blonde
Credit: Shutterstock

She’s known for having sultry brown hair, but Modern Family star Sofia Vergara is actually a natural blonde with warm sunkissed strands.

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6. Jennifer Lawrence

bangs for fine hair: Jennifer lawrence with side bangs and wavy hairstyle on the mother red carpet
Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

She may have gone brunette for The Hunger Games, but did you know that actress Jennifer Lawrence is actually a natural blonde? Her original hue may be more on the ashy side, but lately, she’s been sporting bleach-blonde tresses. And if you’ve ever seen American Hustle, you’ll know that only a true natural blonde could pull off a retro look that badass!

7. Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie with wavy blonde mid-length hair with dark roots
Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

You may have seen her on the red carpet rocking dark brown, wavy locks, but Margot Robbie is, in fact, an all-round natural blonde. From her bleached white strands in Suicide Squad to her brunette locks in Z for Zachariah, Margot’s occupation as an actress means that she often has to switch up her hair colour for different roles. But we have to say, our favourite look is her hair in its au naturel state.

8. Deborah Ann Woll

Deborah Ann Woll blonde
Credit: Shutterstock

Many will only know Deborah Ann Woll as a redhead, especially if you watch True Blood, but did you know that she’s actually a natural blonde? Shocker, we know! To help her hair stand out on screen, Deborah has been dying her hair a strawberry blonde hue on and off since she was 14 years old.

9. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly osbourne blonde
Credit: Shutterstock

Hair chameleon Kelly Osbourne is no stranger to colouring her hair – you name the colour, she’s tried it. But, with all that colouring it can be confusing to know what her natural hair colour is. Drum roll, please… You guessed it, she’s actually a blonde!

10. Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon blonde
Credit: Shutterstock

Orange Is the New Black star Laura Prepon is well-known for her dark brown hair in the show, so it came as quite a surprise to find out that she’s actually a natural blonde – but you already knew that if you watched That ’70s Show.

11. Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel blonde
Credit: Shutterstock

Her natural blonde locks will undoubtedly come as a surprise to many, seeing as she’s regularly sporting a dark brown mane on New Girl but rewind to her early acting years and you’ll see that Zooey Deschanel’s natural hair colour is a dirty blonde hue.

12. Kristen Stewart

celebrity Kristen Stewart blonde pixie crop
Credit: Getty Images

We know, when we found out, this one actually truly shocked us. Kristen Stewart is almost always seen out and about flaunting super dark, sultry locks, which only add to her signature edgy look. But the truth is, the Chanel ambassador is actually dirty blonde at heart.

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13. Katy Perry

celebrity Katy Perry blonde bob hair
Credit: Getty Images

She’s sported every hair colour under the sun, but sadly, singer Katy Perry wasn’t born with rainbow-coloured hair (sigh)! No matter how much hair dye she puts into her strands, she’ll always be a certified blondie, through and through!

14. Emma Stone

celebrity Emma Stone blonde hair with fringe
Credit: Getty Images

Famously known for rocking lush red hair, it’s hard to believe that Emma Stone isn’t a natural ginger! And while she totally suits her fiery locks, deep down she’s a blonde bombshell. And as much as we love her bold red colour, on the occasion she has rocked a bright blonde hue, she’s almost been unrecognisable!

15. Leighton Meester

celebrity Leighton Meester long blonde ombre
Credit: Getty Images

We’ve seen Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester effortlessly pull off both blonde and brunette locks – but when it comes to her real mane, she’s got naturally light hair. Word on the street is she had to dye her hair brown to bag the job of Blair Waldorf because Blake Lively was already cast as the ‘blonde’ member. But it looks like Leighton finally fell in love with her brunette locks, as she’s been rocking them ever since!

16. Olivia Wilde

celebrity Olivia Wilde blonde hair side fringe wavy
Credit: Getty Images

When a baby-faced Olivia Wilde first made it to Hollywood, she was still sporting her home-grown blonde tresses. But nowadays, she’s a fully-fledged brunette – rocking a number of brown shades, and has even worked it in ‘dos from poker-straight hair to a lovely wavy bob!

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17. Amy Adams

Amy Adams with natural blonde hair with strawberry hues.
Credit: Getty Images

She may have Rapunzel-worthy red hair, but actress Amy Adams wasn’t born with ginger locks – oh no. She is, in fact, naturally blessed with strawberry-blonde tresses! But if you ask us, we think that her subtle red mane complements her skin tone and eye colour perfectly.

18. Kate Winslet

celebrity Kate Winslet wavy blonde hair
Credit: Getty Images

This Oscar-winning actress not only gets better looking with age, but she also suits a wide array of different hair colours. From her enviable auburn locks in Titanic to her bright blonde hue in The Dressmaker, Kate Winslet never fails to make a style statement with whatever look she rocks. However, beneath all that hair dye lurks a gorgeous shade of strawberry blonde! Surprised? We certainly were!

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