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Natural black hairstyles you need to try

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Your fresh ‘fro search is coming to an end…


Are you on the hunt for new and exciting natural black hairstyles to spruce up your look? Well, you’ve come to the right place. It just so happens, we’ve gathered our favourite ‘dos that’ll help refresh your ‘fro in an instant. And no matter your styling abilities, hair length or texture, our list includes easy, protective and practical updos that can look great on anyone.

So, whether you’re fed up of wearing the same low bun everyday, are new to natural hair or are currently in the midst of transitioning, check out these 7 natural black hairstyles you need to rock now.

7 Natural black hairstyles you need to try now


Black hairstyles the front bun
Natural black hairstyles: Front bun.

Front bun

Inspired by elegant ballerinas, the classic bun exudes sophistication, all the while protecting our fragile ends, it’s clear that we’ve never needed any more reasons to love it! But that was until we discovered the front bun. The twist here is that your bun is placed at an angle, closer to the front of the head – hence the name. A perfect blend of the retro pompadour and the traditional high bun? You can count us in!

Natural black hairstyles boxer braids
Cornrow pigtails. Credit: Dvora.

Cornrow pigtails

It seems like everyone is wearing – or at least talking about – cornrow pigtails these days, thanks to the likes of A-listers Karlie Kloss, Kendall Jenner and her sister Kim Kardashian, who have been rocking this ‘do on the streets and fashion week front rows. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, you might know this style by its other designation: boxer braids. And as the name suggests, it’s a great look to rock at the gym, too!

Editor’s tip: Remember to apply a hair oil, like the Toni&Guy Casual Radiating Tropical Elixir, before braiding to help keep your hair nice and conditioned while in your protective hairstyle.

Natural black hairstyles bantu knots
Natural black hairstyles: Bantu knots.

Bantu knots

Rihanna wearing bantu knots on the cover of i-D Magazine probably had a thing or 2 to do with the steady rise of this style. And to be honest, we’re not surprised that this popular ‘90s natural black hairstyle is back. Whether you have a short afro or long locks, you can easily create Bantu knots. It also does a great job of keeping the ends of your hair safely tucked in and produce an awesome twist-out once undone (just one more reason to love it!).

natural hair faux afro mohawk
Natural black hairstyles: Faux hawk. Credit: Dvora.

Faux hawk

Has the idea of experimenting with a mohawk always caught your fancy? Then you should definitely consider the faux hawk. Before you start panicking, rest assured there’s no shaving or cutting involved – so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Starting from the top of your head, create 4 horizontal partings, tying each one with a hairband so you have a line of ponytails down the middle of your crown. Now, all you have to do is fluff and tease the ends of each pony. And there you have it: an edgy yet pretty faux hawk!

Editor’s tip: To stop your faux hawk from getting frizzy, apply some VO5 Smoothly Does It Frizz Free Creme to your ‘do after styling.

box braids natural black hairstyles with headscarf
Natural black hairstyles: Cool box braids.

Box braids

This braided ‘do is a great option if you easily grow restless of the same long-lasting protective hairstyles – because the great thing about box braids is that you can easily re-style them without causing any damage to your mane (hooray!).

And if this hairstyle is good enough for the likes of Queen Bey and her sister Solange, then it’s good enough for us! Read our step-by-step guide to find out how to create box braids without extensions, here.

insta freshlengths side afro ponytail
Natural black hairstyles: Side ponytail. Credit:

Side ponytail

We love Lianne La Havas for bringing the side ponytail back. The good news about this hairstyle? No matter your styling abilities, it’s a foolproof way to quickly and easily put your hair up. If your locks are a little too short to create a full, cascading side pony, don’t worry, you can always create a similar effect by sweeping your curls to one side and using bobby pins to secure the style in place. Stuck for inspiration? Just look to musician Corinne Bailey Rae, and you’ll soon have the ‘do of your dreams! Credit: @freshlengths

half cornrows close afro natural black hairstyles
Natural black hairstyles: Half cornrows.

Half cornrows

This hairstyle offers a twist on traditional cornrows or a braided version of an undercut. But instead of braiding all of your hair, you just need to plait one side. Easy, right? This not only cuts down styling time, but also allows you to rock braids while promoting the texture of your natural hair.


So, which one of these stunning natural black hairstyles are you going to try first? Once you’ve worked your way through them all, don’t forget to head on over to our Black Hairstyles and Natural Hair Care pages, where you’ll loads of incredible ways to make the most out of your curly mane!

08 January 2017