71 Beautiful Braids for Black Women in 2019

All Things Hair | 20 June 2019

This is your go-to for all things braids!

A braid is a unique pattern structure that is formed when you weave three or more strands of hair together. They are one of the most popular black hairstyles out there, all thanks to the fact they are protective and come in so many cool variations, which also require different techniques to achieve them.

From box braids to cornrows, goddess braids and everything in between, no matter your hair type or length, there’s bound to be a braided hairstyle, below, you’ll want to try next. Scroll down to see our top picks for 2019.

Box braids

Woman with long box braids
Credit: Instagram.com/martiniquaisement

This popular protective box braid hairstyle is a fave among celebs who often wear theirs in various styles. Credit: @martiniquaisement

Double Dutch braids

Woman with long double Dutch braids on brown ombre hair
Credit: Instagram.com/sbsb.fr

Whether you’re hitting the gym or the beach, make these easy double Dutch braids your go-to look. Credit: @sbsb.fr

Two French braids

woman with golden blonde two French braids
Credit: Instagram.com/jasmeannnn

Can’t quite get the hang of Dutch braids? Go French instead. Credit: @jasmeannnn

Crochet braids

Woman with blonde crochet braids
Credit: Instagram.com/mibelle_beauty

Crochet braids are a technique used to attach extensions to your hair to help create a host of braided styles, or like above, let loose. Credit: @mibelle_beauty

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Fishtail braids

Woman with very long side fishtail braid
Credit: Instagram.com/kiitana

Fishtail braids are a beautiful alternative to three strand braids so stash this braided hairstyle away for a special occasion. Credit: @kiitana

VO5 Invisible Firm Hold Hairspray

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Ghana braids

Woman with light pink Ghana bob braids
Credit: Instagram.com/futibraids

Characterised by their beautifully thick appearance, Ghana braids use extensions to help create a fuller-looking finish and best of all, there are so many stylish options you can try. Credit: @futibraids

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Cornrow braids

Woman with long cornrow braids
Credit: Instagram/sheliselindo

From intricately weaved designs to straight back styles, cornrows are a classic braided style for black women and can be worn as is or underneath wigs and weaves. Credit: @sheliselindo

Braided updo

Woman with cornrow braided updo bun
Credit: Instagram.com/stylesbykrystalj

The sky’s the limit when it comes to braided updos. From power ponytails to beautiful buns, which braided updo will you choose? Credit: @stylesbykrystalj

Braids for short hair

Woman with bob box braids
Credit: Instagram.com/melviee

Are you stuck for inspiration when it comes to braids for short hair? Then try this sophisticated braided bob, we promise you won’t regret it. Credit: @melviee


Woman with short dreadlocks
Credit: Instagram.com/naturalbabepro

Whether they’re real or faux, dreadlocks never fail to impress. Credit: @naturalbabepro

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Crown braids

Woman with crown braid using TRESemme spray
Credit: Instagram.com/kiitana

Make your hair your best accessory with a crown braid. Wear this hairstyle anywhere from a Christmas party to a summer festivalCredit: @kiitana

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Half-up, half down

Woman with half-ip, half-down red braids
Credit: Instagram.com/kersti.pitre

Get the best of both worlds with a half-up, half-down braided hairstyle. Credit: @kersti.pitre

Twist braids

Woman with long jumbo twist braids
Credit: Instagram.com/chrissyford

Looking for an alternative to braided styles? Get all the benefits of a braided protective hairstyle but with twists like this style queen. Credit: @chrissyford

Braided bun

Woman with cornrow braided bun
Credit: Instagram.com/freshlengths

From loose braids to cornrows, there’s no single way to rock a braided bun. So which style will you pick? Credit: @freshlengths

Halo braid

Woman with cornrows and halo braid
Credit: Instagram.com/reneebigtime

A halo braid is all the rage with celebs and real girls alike and it’s the perfect boho look for any occasion. Credit: @reneebigtime

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Dookie braids

Woman with long brunette dookie braids
Credit: Instagram.com/kyrahsky

Throw it back to the ’90s with these Rihanna-approved dookie braidsCredit: @kyrahsky

Feed in braids

Woman with feed in long cornrow braids
Credit: Instagram.com/braidedbytee

Give your hair the illusion of longer fuller braids by using the feed in braids method.

By attaching braiding hair extensions to your natural hair while weaving, you’re left with a more natural seamless finish. Credit: @braidedbytee

Jumbo braids

Woman with long jumbo twists
Credit: Instagram.com/annrdrz_17

Stand out from the crowd with these stunning jumbo braid twists. If you’re looking for a stylish low maintenance hairstyle that protects your strands, you can’t go wrong with jumbo box braids. Credit: @annrdrz_17

Side braid

Woman with side braid hairstyles
Credit: Instagram.com/fontsize4poetry

In a hurry and need a fashionable hairstyle? Look no further than this cute side braid. Credit: @fontsize4poetry

Goddess braid

Woman with goddess braid ponytail
Credit: Instagram.com/braidedbytee

Be the goddess you know you are with this beautifully braided ponytail. Credit: @braidedbytee

TONI&GUY Flexible Hold Braid Balm

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Jumbo box braids

Woman with long blonde jumbo box braids
Credit: Instagram.com/miriannjoh

Go bold or go home with these supersized jumbo box braids. From her platinum blonde braids to hair cuffs, there is nothing we don’t love about this babe’s braided style. Credit: @miriannjoh

Mohawk braid

Woman with mohawk braid hai
Credit: Instagram.com/returning2natural

Mohawk hairstyles are a popular choice for black women but if the idea of an undercut and quiff combo doesn’t do it for you, opt for this refined twisted style instead. Credit: @returning2natural

Passion twists

woman with long passion twist braid hairstyle
Credit: Instagram.com/braidsgang

When you marry Senegalese twists and goddess locs together, you get passion twists. They’re the perfect summer style! Credit: @braidsgang

Beyoncé braids

Beyonce with blonde cornrow braids
Credit: Instagram.com/beyonce

Are you obsessed with Beyoncé as much as us? They why not recreate her iconic braided hairstyle for extra style stalker points. Credit: @beyonce

Bob braids

Woman with bob braids wearing sunhat
Credit: Instagram.com/khatbrim

Bob braids are the perfect look for the warmer summer months. Not only can do they look great worn down, but they still offer enough length to be worn in a host of creative updos. Credit: @khatbrim

Crochet box braids

Woman with long brunette crochet box braids
Credit: Instagram.com/msnaturallymary

Looking for alternative ways to get box braids? Try using the crochet method instead to install your braids. Credit: @msnaturallymary

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Crochet braids twists

Woman with dark brunette and red ombre crochet twists
Credit: Instagram.com/rekaylacurls

These crochet twists are another example of the crocheting method in action. Credit: @rekaylacurls

Ponytail braid

Woman with a long red braided ponytail
Credit: Instagram.com/braidmama

A hairstyle that needs no introduction. Credit: @braidmama

Senegalese twists

Woman with long dark brown Senegalese twists
Credit: Instagram.com/thakoolo

Woven with smooth, sleek-looking hair for a glossy look, Senegalese twists are a black girl’s favourite. Credit: @thakoolo

Curly braids

woman with long half-up, half-down curly braids
Credit: Instagram.com/nigerianbraidshair

You can score the curls of your dreams by leaving your box braids undone like this. Credit: @nigerianbraidshair

Albaso braids

two women with albaso style braids with jewelled accessory
Credit: Instagram.com/braidsgang

This elegant braiding style allows you to protect your natural strands and show them off, too. Credit: @braidsgang

Curly crochet braids

Woman with long brunette curly crochet braids
Credit: Instagram.com/chimerenicole

Your secret weapon for envy-inducing curls? Curly crochet braids! Credit: @chimerenicole

Fulani braids

Woman with long brunette Fulani braids with hair accessories
Credit: Instagram.com/gsterl

Fulani braids are usually accessorised with beads to give a unique and beautiful look. Credit: @gsterl

TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Shampoo

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Micro braids

Woman with long brunette micro braids with loose ends
Credit: Instagram.com/arnell.armon

Like to wear your braids in lots of different hairstyles? Then you’ll love these micro braids which make styling a dream. Credit: @arnell.armon

Rope braid

Woman with long dark brown hair in a rope braid
Credit: Instagram.com/alysilverio

Rope braids are a popular red carpet look but did you know they’re also one of the quickest (and easiest) DIY hairstyles around? Credit: @alysilverio

Single braids

Woman with long brunette box braids worn to one side
Credit: Instagram.com/boxbraidsbr

Single braids (or individual braids) is another term used to describe box braids. Credit: @boxbraidsbr

Two braids

Woman with dark brunette long hair styled in two cornrow braids
Credit: Instagram.com/_braidsbychristina

When you want a hairstyle that’s equal parts stylish and long-lasting, two braids are the way to go. Credit: @_braidsbychristina

Big box braids

Woman with long golden brown big box braids
Credit: Instagram.com/eucarinasoares

We love these oversized big box braids for an easy everyday style with a twist. Credit: @eucarinasoares

Kim Kardashian braids

Woman with long dark brunette boxer braids
Credit: Instagram.com/sarah_bisaro

Channel your inner Kim K with these sporty-inspired double Dutch braids. Credit: @sarah_bisaro

Lemonade braids

Woman with long brunette sideswept lemonade braids
Credit: Instagram.com/freshlengths

Ever since Beyonce wore them in her Lemonade album videos, side-swept braids have become more coveted than ever. Credit: @freshlengths

Short box braids

Woman with brunette short bob box braids
Credit: Instagram.com/its_jennj

Thought you couldn’t rock braids and get in on the short hair trend? Well, you definitely can and this stylish bob is all the proof you need. Credit: @its_jennj

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Short braids

Woman with brunette bob length twists with gold hair cuffs
Credit: Instagram.com/poplaura.b

Be the best-tressed in your girl gang with these cute bob-length twists. Credit: @poplaura.b

Tribal braids

Justine Skye with tribal braids with green beads
Credit: Instagram.com/justineskye

Tribal braids AKA Fulani braids are a popular choice for black women looking for formal hairstyles and more casual festival looks, too. Credit: @justineskye

Coloured braids

Woman with long blue box braids
Credit: Instagram.com/caitlyn.af

We’ve been seeing blue hair everywhere at the moment so these pastel braids are right on trend. Credit: @caitlyn.af

Marley braids

Woman with long dark brown marley twist braids
Credit: Instagram.com/touchedbytrini

For those who like a more natural look, Marley braids are made with a particular kind of hair that gives a more textured finish. Credit: @touchedbytrini

Triangle braids

Woman with brunette triangle box braids with hair rings and shells
Credit: Instagram.com/slayedbymeliz

If you’re loyal to your box braids but want to try something new, triangle braids are a fun way to shake things up and add extra detail. Credit: @slayedbymeliz

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Festival braids

Woman with long purple ombre festival box braids
Credit: Instagram.com/brialleringer

Heading off to a festival and want a killer hairstyle to complete your look? Get inspired by this Instagrammer’s purple ombre braids, which are giving off major Coachella vibes. Credit: @brialleringer

Medium box braids

Woman with long brunette medium sized box braids
Credit: Instagram.com/tach.j

Not sure which braids to go for? Classic medium box braids are a great style for braids newbies that are guaranteed to suit everyone. Credit: @tach.j

Pigtail braids

Woman with brunette pigtail braids
Credit: Instagram.com/izabelag4

After a style that’s as cute as it is practical? These pigtail braids are utterly adorable and will keep your strands in check. Credit: @izabelag4

Tree braids

woman with blonde and brown pick and drop tree braid hairstyle
Credit: Instagram.com/brandiwynae

Perhaps the most seamless of braids, tree braids are partially plaited to a certain point (with or without hair extensions) to create the ‘root’, while the rest of the hair is left loose and flowing like this. Credit: @brandiwynae

Two Dutch braid

woman with two dutch braid cornrows
Credit: Instagram.com/black.lyst

Why have one Dutch braid when you can have twice the fun with two? Credit: @black.lyst

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Yarn braid

woman with yarn braid extensions styled into a bun updo
Credit: Instagram.com/stellas_out

As the name suggests, these braided styles are woven with yarn braiding hair, making them a great alternative for those who aren’t a fan of synthetic or real hair extensions. Credit: @stellas_out

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Alicia Keys braids

Alicia Keys with cornrow braids with bead detailing
Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

From elegant Fulani braids to cool beaded cornrow styles, Alicia Keys never fails to show us how fun and versatile braided looks are.

Braided topknot

woman with natural hair styled into a braided topknot
Credit: Instagram.com/thechicnatural

If you love braids and top knots, why not marry the two hairstyles together to get this cute look? Working in some hair jewels will earn you extra style points. Credit: @thechicnatural

Poetic Justice braids

woman with poetic justice braids hairstyle
Credit: Instagram.com/nymcfly

Channel Janet Jackson vibes circa Poetic Justice with these small, thin braids. Credit: @nymcfly

Braided wedding hair

a bride with a double braided hairstyle
Credit: Instagram.com/stanlophotography

Get the crowd talking on your big day with this gorgeous, doubled braided halo hairstyle. Credit: @stanlophotography

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Ombre box braids

woman with dark brown to neon pink box braids
Credit: Instagram.com/fatou_amina

Proving that ombre works brilliantly with box braids, this Instagram babe has given her dark hair a fun pink twist with her colour choice. Credit: @fatou_amina

Red braids

woman with long red braids and hair cuffs in them
Credit: Instagram.com/braidingruby

An all-over red is a great option for those who are looking to try something different. Credit: @braidingruby

Stitch braids

close up of woman with stitch braided cornrows
Credit: Instagram.com/braidsbyjmarie

Stitch braids look like traditional cornrows but have a different graphic and linear finish. Unlike regular cornrows, this technique requires a pinky finger and nail to create the lines and a strong-hold gel to keep them in place. Credit: @braidsbyjmarie

Straight crochet braids

woman showing the before and after straight crochet braid style
Credit: Instagram.com/kiitana

If you’re after a classic hairstyle that won’t fail to impress, go for this glossy, straight crochet braid hairstyle. Credit: @kiitana

Unicorn braid

woman with colourful cornrow unicorn braided ponytail
Credit: Instagram.com/rastafribraid

You don’t have to bleach your hair to get in on the unicorn hair trend; just get some coloured braiding extensions and weave them how you like. Credit: @rastafribraid

Chunky braids

woman with middle parted chunky braided hairstyle
Credit: Instagram.com/the_frohaven

The bigger the braid, the better the hairstyle! This middle-parted, chunky plait style is bound to get you noticed. Credit: @the_frohaven

Fishbone braid

woman with fishbone braid cornrow hairstyle
Credit: Instagram.com/steph_odia

Gone are the days of boring cornrows! You can give them a fishy update by copying this impressive braiding pattern. Credit: @steph_odia

Kinky braids

woman with kinky braid hairstyle
Credit: Instagram.com/symphanisoto

With kinky braiding hair, you can get a stylish look that complements your natural hair texture and protects it, too. Credit: @symphanisoto

Long box braids

woman with dark brown long box braids
Credit: Instagram.com/chanairaskye

Take a cue from this Instagrammer and embrace the Rapunzel hair trend. Credit: @chanairaskye

Thick box braids

woman with thick box braids styled into half-up, half-down style
Credit: Instagram.com/itsmyrayeraye

The thicker and bigger the braids, the less time you’ll need to spend waiting for your dream look. Credit: @itsmyrayeraye

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Triangle box braids

woman with half-up, half-down box braids with triangle partings
Credit: Instagram.com/beautycreationsinsta

The triangle partings in this braided look take this half-up, half-down hairstyle to a whole new level. Credit: @beautycreationsinsta

Upside down braid

woman with natural black hair styled into upside down braid
Credit: Instagram.com/touchofheavenartistry

Want to make your braided updo hairstyles feel new again? Weave them upside down, just like this beauty has done. Credit: @touchofheavenartistry

Pink box braids

woman with pink box braids styled into a messy high bun
Credit: Instagram.com/magavilhas

Excuse us while we swoon over these pink box braids. Credit: @magavilhas

Rihanna braids

Rihanna with dookie braid hairstyle
Credit: Instagram.com/rialfenty

Thanks to Rihanna, ‘90s-inspired dookie braids are back for good. If you want to channel her vibes, you can’t go wrong with copying this chunky hairstyle. Credit: @rialfenty

Boho braids

woman with long dark brown boho braids
Credit: Instagram.com/lipstickncurls

The point of boho braids is for them to look undone and care-free, which is why they’re perfect for festival lovers. Credit: @lipstickncurls


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