102 Best Hair Dye Ideas for 2021

On the hunt for a new hair colour? Here, 2021's biggest hair dye ideas revealed.

Looking for hair colour ideas to inspire your next look? From balayage and ombre to bright rainbow hair, discover the most popular hair dye ideas for 2021 right here.

Here are all the things you need to know.

102 Best Hair Colours For 2021

With celeb-approved inspiration, whether you’re looking for a new everyday look or a fun hue for festival or party season, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling to see all the hair dye ideas.

Icy ash blonde hair

Woman with ash blonde highlighted wavy hair
Credit: Instagram.com/emilyboulinhair

Ash toned hair is distinctive thanks to its grey toned appearance. Use highlights or a balayage to mix ash tones to blonde or brown hair. Credit: @emilyboulinhair

Smoky ash brown hair

Woman with wavy long ash brown hair wearing a srunchie
Credit: Instagram.com/ stylelushsalon

Give your brown tresses a smoky finish with an ash brown hue. And for the ultimate cool-girl look, follow this Instagram babe and opt for an ash brown balayage. Credit: @stylelushsalon

Rich auburn highlights

Woman with auburn highlights on long dark brown hair
Credit: Instagram.com/aestheticartist_angelina

Auburn highlights are a great way to give brown tresses an autumn feel. Auburn tones will suit medium to dark skin tones, helping to add warmth to the skin. Credit: @aestheticartist_angelina

Classic balayage

Woman with brown balayage wavy hair
Credit: Instagram.com/livetruelondon

From blondes, brunettes to redheads, a balayage is a hair colouring staple loved by everyone. A balayage can be worn all year round and helps to add dimension and warmth to strands. Credit: @livetruelondon

Balayage on curly hair

Woman with naturally curly balayage hair
Credit: Instagram.com/joyjah

If you’re looking for inspiration on balayage for curly hair, look no further than this eye-catching hue. Pairing her naturally curly hair with a dark red balayage, this is a great look for winter. Credit: @joyjah


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Balayage on Bdark hair

Woman with dark brown balayage straight hair
Credit: Instagram.com/simplicitysalon

Lighten your dark strands with a subtle balayage like above for a natural finish that’ll add warmth to dark cool tones. Credit: @simplicitysalon

Blended balayage highlights

Woman with balayage highlights on long wavy hair
Credit: Instagram.com/jleighwebdoeshair

The reason why a balayage is one of the most popular colouring techniques is that it can be tailored to suit your individual needs, with placement being key to achieving this highlighted balayage look. Credit: @jleighwebdoeshair

Balayage on long hair

Woman with balayage on long brown hair
Credit: Instagram.com/hairbycarmelina

By adding a chocolate brown balayage to her dark brown locks, this babe has taken her long hair from drab to fab. Credit: @hairbycarmelina

Balayage on medium hair

Woman with brown blonde balayage on medium hair
Credit: Instagram.com/hairbycarmelina

Want to give your medium length tresses a makeover for summer? Then this light brown colour melt is perfect. Credit: @hairbycarmelina

Balayage on short hair

Woman with balayage on short bob hair
Credit: Instagram.com/lexismithhair

This blonde bob is proof that a balayage looks just as great on short hair as it does long. Credit: @lexismithhair

Balayage on straight hair

Woman with blonde balayage on straight bob
Credit: Instagram.com/balayageombre

When you have the perfect balayage why wouldn’t you want to show it off with the perfect cut? Credit: @balayageombre

Statement black hair

Woman with dark brown hair with fringe
Credit: Instagram.com/livedopediedope

Get the Kardashian look with raven black hair. The darkest and most common hair colour is flattering on more skin tones than you may think so why not give it a try? Credit: @livedopediedope

Black hair with blue tips

Woman with long dark brown hair with blue tips
Credit: Instagram.com/vcoiffuremtl

If you haven’t quite got the confidence to pull off a full head of blue, try adding blue tips to dark hair. Credit: @vcoiffuremtl

Highlights for black hair

Woman with highlights on dark brown wavy hair
Credit: Instagram.com/laurak_beauty

You might think your black hair is too dark for highlights, but this glossy shade is all the proof you need to know that isn’t the case. Credit: @laurak_beauty

Cool bleach blonde

Woman with bleach blonde wavy long hair
Credit: Instagram.com/bangbangbalayage

Ready to live your best blonde hair life? Then go all out with this bleach blonde hue. Credit: @bangbangbalayage

Golden blonde afro

Woman with blonde afro
Credit: Instagram.com/laurissawillems

Find out if blondes really do have more fun with this beautiful blonde afro. Credit: @laurissawillems

Blonde and brown hair

Woman with brown balayage wavy hair
Credit: Instagram.com/defactosalon

Blonde and brown hues like this bronde shade flatter most skin tones and hair types making it a popular choice for those looking for a natural hair colour. Credit: @defactosalon

Melted blonde balayage

Woman with long straight blonde balayage hair
Credit: Instagram.com/ida_rammavramsvik

We all know that colouring hair can be high maintenance but with this blonde balayage you won’t have to worry about regrowth. Credit: @ida_rammavramsvik

Editor’s tip: Keep your blonde bright with the Dove Silver Care Shampoo.

The nourishing formula is infused with pearl extract and violet toning pigment to neutralise/smooth brassy tones, enhancing the radiant shine for beautiful and healthy hair.

Blunt blonde bob

Woman with blonde straight bob
Credit: Instagram.com/emmakehoe

Pair your dream hair colour with your dream cut and what do you have, a beautiful blonde bob of course. Credit: @emmakehoe

Natural brown blonde

Woman with brown blonde medium length wavy hair
Credit: Instagram.com/parmidakiani

Pair your favourite two shades together to achieve this stunning brown blonde hue. Credit: @parmidakiani

Classic blonde hair

Woman with wavy blonde long bob
Credit: Instagram.com/thefoxandthehair

You’ve decided you want blonde hair, but with so many blonde hues to choose from, which one will you try? Credit: @thefoxandthehair

Blonde hair with dark roots

Woman with dirty blonde medium length hair
Credit: Instagram.com/val.saltstrands

Always double tapping pics of girls with gorgeous blonde hair and dark roots? Then this dirty blonde hue is the look you need. Credit: @jbangssalon

Highlights for blonde hair

Woman with highlighted long wavy blonde hair
Credit: Instagram.com/lo_wheelerdavis

Channel beach babe vibes by adding highlights to blonde hair. Credit: @lo_wheelerdavis

Blonde hair with lowlights

Woman with wavy blonde bob
Credit: Instagram.com/blisshairsalons

By darkening strands, lowlights are a great way to add depth to blonde hair, adding a further dimension to your base colour. Credit: @blisshairsalons

Bold blue hair

Woman with wavy blue hair
Credit: Instagram.com/saysoscandinavia

If you’re thinking of colouring your hair this year, throw out the rule book and try a bold blue hue. This fantasy colour is perfect for those with tanned to deep skin tones, think Kylie Jenner and Cardi B for inspo. Credit: @saysoscandinavia

Sunkissed bronde hair

Woman with bronde wavy medium length hair
Credit: Instagram.com/nataliesole

Get the best of both worlds with a bronde hair colour. Bronde, AKA blonde and brown is flattering on everyone and can be created by adding blonde toned highlights through brown strands. Credit: @nataliesole

Natural brown balayage

Woman with brown balayage hair
Credit: Instagram.com/salon_du_sud

Whether you choose chestnut, frosted or caramel, one thing is for sure, brown balayage hair is gorgeous. Credit: @salon_du_sud

Classic brown hair

Woman with brown medium length hair
Credit: Instagram.com/brittsully

From light brown to almost black, brown hair has so many colour possibilities. If you’re unsure which brown hair colour to try, we suggest speaking to a hair colourist to discuss which shade will suit you best. Credit: @brittsully

Brown hair with blue eyes

Woman with dark brown hair and blue eyes
Credit: Instagram.com/chloe.pey

Make your eye colour pop by colouring your hair a brown shade. The contrast between your dark hair and blue eyes will be striking enough to scare off The Night King. Credit: @chloe.pey

Creamy blonde highlights

Woman with long blonde hair with highlights
Credit: Instagram.com/blonderandblonder

Fool everyone into thinking you’ve just come back from a beach vacay by adding multi-toned highlights though blonde hair. Credit: @blonderandblonder

Highlights for brown hair

Woman with wavy brown hair and highlights
Credit: Instagram.com/padropiinheiro

Hair contouring is the secret to getting celeb hair. With the right shades and colour placement, your hair can highlight and add shadows to your face. Credit: @padropiinheiro

Summery brown highlights

Woman with long brown wavy hair with highlights
Credit: Instagram.com/defactosalon

Give your brown tresses a sunkissed finish by adding a mix of light brown and blonde tones through your hair. Credit: @defactosalon

Dark brunette hair

Woman with long wavy brunette hair
Credit: Instagram.com/graziamezas

Want brunette hair but not sure if you can pull it off? Well, you’re in luck because with so many brown shades out there, there’s an option for everyone. Credit: @graziamezas

Sweet caramel balayage

Woman with long wavy caramel balayage hair
Credit: Instagram.com/thehair_jeannie

Sweet caramel shades look amazing when paired with a brown base. So, if you’re tempted to try a caramel balayage, screenshot this look for inspiration. Credit: @thehair_jeannie

Charming caramel hair

woman with long wavy caramel hair
Credit: Instagram.com/styledbyceds

Make your hair look sweet enough to eat with this caramel toned hair colour. Credit: @styledbyceds

Editor’s tip: Gorgeous hair colours like above can cause damage to your strands so we suggest adding the Love Beauty And Planet Hope & Repair 2 Minute Magic Masque to your hair routine.

Use after shampooing and leave in your hair for 2-3 mins before rinsing to help nourish and repair your hair for smooth and healthy looking tresses.

Sparkling champagne blonde

woman with champagne blonde
Credit: Instagram.com/hairbykellan

Champagne lovers will adore this bubbly shade of blonde! The bright and cool tones in this hair colour make it perfect for year-round wear. Credit: @hairbykellan

Cherry cola hair colour

woman with long curly cherry cola hair
Credit: Instagram.com/jmorahair

If champagne isn’t your drink of choice, this cherry cola shade is sure to entice your appetite. Credit: @jmorahair

Autumnal chestnut brown hair

woman with long chestnut brown loose curls
Credit: Instagram.com/parmidakiani

Turn to this sophisticated shade if you want a classic look that will work for all seasons. Credit: @parmidakiani

Chocolate brown hair

woman with chocolate brown long wavy hair
Credit: Instagram.com/brittsully

As if we all needed another reason to want chocolate! This classic shade never fails to impress. Credit: @brittsully

Chocolate mauve hair

woman with long wavy chocolate mauve hair
Credit: Instagram.com/thebusinessofbalayage

Looking for the brunette alternative to rose gold? Try chocolate mauve. Credit: @thebusinessofbalayage

Modern chunky highlights

woman with dark hair and chunky highlights
Credit; Instagram.com/hairbyjennasalonoh

Chunky highlights are having a major revival right now. And, this is how you should wear them in 2021. Credit: @hairbyjennasalonoh

Spicy cinnamon hair colour

woman with long cinnamon hair
Credit: Instagram.com/hairby_michelenyc

This cinnamon hair colour has dimensional, copper tones while still maintaining a brunette base. Credit: @hairby_michelenyc

Vibrant copper highlights

woman with long curly bob with copper highlights
Credit: Instagram.com/susiestylz

An easy way to spice up your mane is with copper highlights. Don’t forget to curl your hair, will you? Credit: @susiestylz

Highlights for curly hair

woman with curly long highlighted hair
Credit: Instagram.com/flaviaesantiago

Proof that highlights work on all hair types, so there’s no need to feel left out! Credit: @flaviaesantiago

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Sandy dark blonde

woman with long wavy dark blonde hair
Credit: Instagram.com/dwcreativegroup

Not all blonde hair colours must be bright. If you prefer muted tones, this dreamy look should be right up your street. Credit: @dwcreativegroup

Dark brown hair

woman with dark brown shoulder length hair
Credit: Instagram.com/sohniahmed

Can’t go wrong with this gorgeous dark brown hue –– or that perfect blow out. Credit: @sohniahmed

Raven dark hair

woman with wavy shoulder length dark hair
Credit: Instagram.com/hairby_chrissy

Super classy and sexy at the same time, this Kardashian-approved hair colour will ensure you shine. Credit: @susiestylz

Highlights for dark hair

woman with long dark brown hair with caramel highlights
Credit: Instagram.com/xo.farhana.balayage

Think dark hair is boring? This playful highlighted look will make you think again. Credit: @xo.farhana.balayage

Dark roots with blonde hair

woman with wavy dark roots and blonde hair
Credit: Instagram.com/nadia_mejia

Team dark roots with blonde hair to make the ultimate style statement. Credit: @nadia_mejia

Blue denim hair

woman with wavy denim hair
Credit: Instagram.com/brazilianbondbuilder

Take your denim obsession to the next level by getting denim hair to match. Credit: @brazilianbondbuilder

Beachy dirty blonde

woman with long dirty blonde hair
Credit: Instagram.com/citiesbesthairartists

If you’re dreaming of the beach (aren’t we all?), this dirty blonde is destined for you. Credit: @citiesbesthairartists

Salt & pepper frosted hair

woman with frosted medium hair
Credit; Instagram.com/mlz_hairstylist

Frosting adds a subtle salt and pepper look to your hair, by blending highlights and lowlights together. Credit: @mlz_hairstylist

Golden blonde

woman with golden blonde long wavy hair
Credit; Instagram.com/-exhibitsalon

Hello, Goldilocks hair! If you’re looking for a shade a blonde that will make your skin glow, this hue is just right. Credit: @exhibitsalon

Golden brown hair

woman with long golden brown hair
Credit: Instagram.com/mesut_altinbas

For those brunettes looking to lighten up their strands, try opting for an illuminating golden brown hair colour like this one. Credit: @ mesut_altinbas

Graffiti hair

woman with pink bob with bangs with graffiti polka dots
Credit: Instagram.com/esclub.salon

Graffiti hair is the coolest way to upgrade your hair for festival season. The best thing about it? It’s temporary and quick to do. Credit: @janine_ker_hair

Emerald green hair

woman with green curly bob
Credit: Instagram.com/crankee_

If you want a daring and stylish colour that isn’t temporary, turn to this statement-making green instead. Credit: @crankee_

Moody grey hair

woman with long curly grey hair
Credit: Instagram.com/xcellent_kevin

Yes, we’re still obsessed with grey hair! Will you be giving this stunning shade a try this year? Credit: @xcellent_kevin

Cool-girl grown out roots

woman with shoulder length blonde hair with grown out roots
Credit: Instagram.com/romeufelipe

Instead of getting your roots re-done, let them grow out and you’ll be channelling ‘90s grunge vibes in no time. Credit: @romeufelipe

Colourful chalk hair

woman with silver hair with rainbow hair chalk in it

Hair chalks are the perfect way to add a little colour to your strands without the long-term commitment. So, what hues will you go for? Credit: @chrissythair

Henna hair colour

woman with long henna dyed red hair
Credit: Instagram.com/analua_cosmetica_natural

Looking for henna hair dye ideas? Look no further than this fiery, warming shade. Credit: @analua_cosmetica_natural

Striking hair streaks

woman with dark brown hair and golden blonde hair streaks
Credit: Instagram.com/off7thsalon

While highlights are more natural and discreet, hair streaks are the complete opposite. They’re great for giving character to dull tresses, as they create an eye-catching contrast. Credit: @ off7thsalon

Classic highlights

woman with classic highlights in her light brown long hair
Credit: Instagram.com/lazarooliveriaoficial_

Give your tresses a new lease on life with a fresh set of classic highlights. Whether you’ve got blonde or brunette hair, you can easily enhance the look of your hue with this popular colouring technique. Credit:@lazarooliveiraoficial_

Glossy holographic hair

woman with holographic long wavy hair
Credit: Instagram.com/michaeljohn_ldn

Holographic hair marries together unicorn pastels, grey and silver tones so that your hair can look as reflective a holograph. Credit: @michaeljohn_ldn

Warm honey blonde

woman with long and wavy honey blonde hair
Credit: Instagram.com/mollieolivia_hairstylist

The best thing about honey blonde hair? It adds instant radiance to a range of skin tones. Credit: @ mollieolivia_hairstylist

Editor’s tip: Make your hair colour glisten with the TONI&GUY High Shine Serum Drops.

Work 2-3 pumps between fingers and smooth through lengths of dry, styled hair avoiding the roots to tame frizz and flyaways and give your tresses a high shine gloss finish.

Honey brown hair

woman with long curly honey brown hair
Credit: Instagram.com/aitous

Another hair colour that will flatter all skin tones is this gorgeous honey brown hue! Credit: @aitous

Toasted hygge hair

woman with hygge medium wavy hair
Credit: Instagram.com/chrisgreenehair

Focusing on toasty, warming shades (think caramel, golds and reds), hygge hair is the trend you should try during the cooler months. Credit: @chrisgreenehair

Light blonde hair

woman with long light blonde hair
Credit: Instagram.com/karihillhair

Keep your tresses looking gorgeously bright with this bombshell blonde hair colour. Credit: @karihillhair

Light brown hair

woman with long light brown hair
Credit: Instagram.com/ivanikolina

Looking for natural hair dye ideas? Try this cool girl-approved light brown hair colour. It’s universally flattering and bound to get you noticed. Credit: @ivanikolina

Long hair with highlights

Woman with long wavy dark brunette hair with light brown highlights
Credit: Instagram.com/colorbymarina

Attached to your long locks? Highlights are a flattering way to breathe fresh life into longer lengths without having to get your hair cut. Credit: @colorbymarina

Accentuating lowlights

Woman with long wavy blonde hair with brunette lowlights
Credit: Instagram.com/khrisstilos

If you’re looking for a way to make dyed blonde hair look more natural, try lowlights. They’re the best way to try out or transition to a darker hue without commitment. Credit: @khrisstilos

Lowlights for brown hair

Woman with long wavy brunette hair with dark lowlights
Credit: Instagram.com/brookebauerboutique

Thought lowlights were just for blondes? Lowlights also work well for those with brown hair too, as the multiple tones add dimension and vibrancy. Credit: @brookebauerboutique

Deep mahogany hair colour

Woman with medium length dark brunette hair with red highlights
Credit: Instagram.com/beautiquehairdesign

For a unique hair colour that will set you apart, the beautifully rich blend of red and brown tones make mahogany hair a must-try. Credit: @beautiquehairdesign

Easy medium brown hair

Woman with long tousled medium brown hair
Credit: Instagram.com/studiotimny

After a colour you can wear year-round? Whatever the season, medium brown hair looks on-trend, always. Credit: @studiotimny

Mythical mermaid hair

Woman with dark to light blue ombre mid-length hair in a half-up fishtail braid
Credit: Instagram.com/jmichelehairart

If ‘normal’ hair colours don’t excite you, why not live your best mermaid life with this ocean blue ombre? Credit: @jmichelehairart

High-shine metallic hair

Woman with long wavy opalescent hair in a half-up messy bun
Credit: Instagram.com/hairbyasla

From shimmering silvers to pearlescent pinks, metallic hair is the stuff of Instagram hair dreams. Credit: @hairbyasla

Everyday natural blonde

Woman with long natural highlighted blonde hair with wavy ends
Credit: Instagram.com/caseycolorcreations

Channel Disney princess meets girl next door vibes with this natural highlighted blonde. The root highlights help to break up the colour and give a naturally sunkissed look. Credit: @caseycolorcreations

Editor’s tip: The TRESemmé Colour Shineplex Shampoo and Conditioner is designed to gently cleanse the hair without stripping colour and shine.

The unique low-foaming formula delivers a long-lasting effect, that helps you get vibrant colour and shine for up to 12 weeks.

Bright orange hair

Woman with bright orange straight shoulder-length hair
Credit: Instagram.com/karolinekato

Want to make a real statement with your hair? With this eye-catching tangerine hue you won’t ever have to worry about fading into the background. Credit: @karolinekato

Minimal partial highlights

Brunette woman with long curled hair and partial highlights
Credit: Instagram.com/colorbymargarita

Quicker than regular highlights, partial highlights are a simple way of adding colour around the face and front layers to brighten up your look. Credit: @colorbymargarita

Pastel hair colours

Woman with pastel blue shoulder length curly hair
Credit: Instagram.com/hairbyailinshanks

What’s the one thing that Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga and Maisie Williams all have in common? Their love for pastel hair colours! Credit: @hairbyailinshanks

Pretty peach hair

Woman with mid length peach coloured hair with long bangs
Credit: Instagram.com/erikpascarelli

Everything’s peachy! Or at least it will be, once you try this peachy pink hue on for size. Credit: @erikpascarelli

Hidden peekaboo highlights

Woman with red wavy hair with blue and green peekaboo highlights
Credit: Instagram.com/twistinbangshair

Hidden peekaboo highlights allow you to add a fun pop of colour without having to give up your current hue. Credit: @twistinbangshair

Shimmering silver hair

Woman with a silver blunt long bob
Credit: Instagram.com/madisen_thecolourattic

With silver-grey hair so big right now online and with celebrities, there’s no shortage of icy inspiration out there. Credit: @madisen_thecolourattic

Playful pink hair

Woman with a pastel pink long bob
Credit: Instagram.com/bungalow.hair

Umm-ing and ahh-ing over whether to dye your hair pink? A sugary candyfloss pink like this flatters a variety of skin tones and will fade out gradually over time. Credit: @bungalow.hair

True platinum blonde

Woman with long wavy platinum blonde hair
Credit: Instagram.com/luxecolorloft

Always aspiring for the brightest, lightest blonde? Feast your eyes on this Pinterest-worthy platinum. Credit: @luxecolorloft

Light platinum highlights

Woman with platinum blonde highlighted curly hair
Credit: Instagram.com/shear_perfection_by_lexie

If you’re already blonde but searching for a way to change up your look, why not try these platinum highlights for a subtle colour upgrade? Credit: @shear_perfection_by_lexie

Punchy purple hair

Woman with long wavy lavender coloured hair
Credit: Instagram.com/annabelladesu

Purple hair is already proving to be a massive trend this year and this muted lavender is a fresh way to wear it. Credit: @annabelladesu

Pastel Purple highlights

Woman with mid-length ash blonde hair with purple hidden highlights
Credit: Instagram.com/lmariehairr

Give a casual half-updo a cool-girl twist with purple highlights on the underlayers of your hair.  Credit: @lmariehairr

Fun rainbow hair colour

Woman with long wavy ash blonde hair with rainbow highlights
Credit: Instagram.com/hooliganhair

If you haven’t heard of the rainbow hair trend yet, where have you been?! Pairing rainbow highlights with an ash blonde base makes the colours really stand out without going multicoloured all over. Credit: @hooliganhair

Strawberry red blonde hair

Woman with straight shoulder length red blonde hair
Credit: Instagram.com/linda_mariano_haircolorist

We love the warm peachy tones in this red/blonde blend as they allow natural redheads to go lighter while adding warmth to the complexion. Credit: @linda_mariano_haircolorist

Red hair to blonde

Woman with wavy red to blonde ombre shoulder length hair
Credit: Instagram.com/studio306_sptn

Thinking of going from red to blonde? If you’re scared it won’t suit you or you’re worried about the regrowth don’t worry – this dark red to platinum ombre is perfect. Credit: @studio306_sptn

Dark red highlights

Woman with straight shoulder length dark brunette hair with red highlights
Credit: Instagram.com/tinaaa_ranck

Give chocolate brown hair a cherry tint with the addition of some red highlights. Credit: @tinaaa_ranck

Rose gold hair colour

Woman with a rose gold wavy bob with sweeping bangs
Credit: Instagram.com/emilyboulinhair

As one of the hottest colour trends around right now, if you’ve been secretly swooning over rose gold hair (we definitely have) now is the time to get in on it. Credit: @emilyboulinhair

Short hair with highlights

Woman with a bronde highlighted bob
Credit: Instagram.com/heatherfosterstylist

Who said you can’t have highlights just because your hair is short? This chic bob with dimension-boosting blonde highlights is all the proof you need. Credit: @heatherfosterstylist

Stunning silver blonde hair

Woman with waist-length silver blonde waves
Credit: Instagram.com/brushedtoblonde

The blonde shade to covet right now, Game of Thrones may be over but the love for Khaleesi’s iconic blonde lives on. Credit: @brushedtoblonde

Spring hair colour

Woman with tousled blonde and pink highlights on mid-length hair
Credit: Instagram.com/cathyinw0nderland

With a new season comes new hair trends and this rosy pink is just what you need to nail this season’s colour trend. Credit: @cathyinw0nderland

Sweet strawberry blonde

Woman with strawberry blonde highlighted wavy hair
Credit: Instagram.com/marilanae

This dreamy strawberry blonde look blends a mix of red tones, from dark red at the roots, to strawberry honey mid-lengths and peachy blonde tips. Credit: @marilanae

Mesmerising succulent hair

Woman with green and purple mid-length wavy hair
Credit: Instagram.com/katkolors

Any budding plant enthusiasts will appreciate this green and purple cacti-inspired look. Credit: @katkolors

Daring two-tone hair

Woman with a two-tone blue and green bob
Credit: Instagram.com/sophiehannah

Can’t ever decide what to do with your hair? Embrace your indecisiveness with a two-tone look that lets you rock two shades in one. Credit: @sophiehannah

Editor’s tip: Give your tresses that lived-in feel with the VO5 Dry Backcomb Spray. Use this spray to get the volume of a backcomb minus the damage from the brush –  it also works as an instant volume refresher too!

Dreamy unicorn hair

Woman with long wavy purple and rainbow coloured hair
Credit: Instagram.com/hairbymisskellyo

We’ve never seen a unicorn ourselves but we imagine if we did, they’d have hair like this. Credit: @hairbymisskellyo

Delicious watermelon hair

Woman with pink to green ombre wavy hair
Credit: Instagram.com/_atmolly

It doesn’t have to be summertime for you to rock this juicy watermelon hue. Credit: @_atmolly

White blonde hair

Woman with long wavy white blonde hair
Credit: Instagram.com/hairbyevanturkel

If you’re wary of platinum hair making you look washed out, we’d suggest adding in more yellow or golden tones which work better for medium complexions. Credit: @hairbyevanturkel

Snow white hair

Woman with a white lob with a deep side parting
Credit: Instagram.com/sara_stylz

White hair and bob cuts, can you name a better duo? Make like Leighton Meester and this stylish Instagram beauty with a subtle asymmetric lob in a bright icy white. Credit: @sara_stylz

How to find your perfect hair colour

The best way to find your perfect hair colour is by finding shades that flatter your features, work well with your skin tone and complement your personal style.


There’s more to skin tone than simply light/medium/dark. You can determine whether you have cool, warm or neutral tones by looking at the colours of the veins on the inside of your arm. If they appear blue or purple, then you’re probably cool toned, if they’re green then you’re likely to have a warm skin tone and if they’re not obviously one or the other, then you have a neutral tone.

Eye colour

Certain hair colours can intensify your eye colour, so if you really want your eyes to pop, choose a colour that complements them.

Eye colour: Blue

Recommended hair colours: Icy champagne blondes, cool-toned brunettes and natural-looking reds.

Eye colour: Green

Recommended hair colours: Vibrant coppers and chestnut browns.

Eye colour: Hazel

Recommended hair colours: Chestnut and chocolate browns and rich auburns.

Eye colour: Brown

Recommended hair colours: Golden caramels and dark espresso browns.

Your style

One of the reasons that hair plays such a big part in our identity is that it’s a way of showing our personality. Are you someone who likes to keep up with the latest fashion trends or do you prefer to stand out from the crowd? Grungy or classic, out-there or minimal, think of your hair as an extension of the rest of your outfit and find a hue that feels the most ‘you’.

How much does it cost to dye your hair?

Depending on location, the level of your colourist and the type of colour treatment you want (e.g. tint, highlights or balayage), the price of dyeing your hair can vary massively. As a rough guideline, you can expect to pay in the region of:

Full head tint  £40-£80

Half head highlights £80-£130

Full head highlights £100-£200

Balayage £100-£250

Note: In some salons, a complimentary blow dry is included in the price of colour treatments but others will charge an additional fee for this, so make sure to check when booking.

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