How to get the perfect blow out hair: Our top techniques and tips

Getting perfect blow out hair doesn't have to be difficult! Don't believe us? Then get your hairdryer at the ready and prepare to be proven wrong!  

We’re sure you’ll agree: there’s nothing quite like leaving the salon with fresh, gorgeous blow out hair. And while we all wish we could rock a salon-perfect blow out hairstyle every day, the majority of us don’t actually have the time or money to do so. But there’s no reason to get disheartened because you can actually achieve a bouncy blow out at home!

We know it sounds too good to be true, but all you need to get the look of your dreams are the right tools, products, and our expert advice. And if you’re addicted to blow outs but short on time, why not try out our easy tutorial above and follow the steps below? With our insider tips and tricks, you’ll be able to give yourself a salon-worthy style in a flash!

How to get a gorgeous blow out hairstyle: 6 easy steps to perfect the look


blow out hair step 1: model with damp hair, prepping hair
Gorgeous blow out hair starts in the shower! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Step 1: Wash your mane and prep

Before you learn how to get gorgeous blow out hair, you need to prepare your tresses for styling by washing them with a moisturising wash and care system, like the Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.

Now that your strands are squeaky clean, apply a small amount of the TIGI Catwalk Blow Out Balm through the lengths of towel-dried hair. This blow out essential will help protect your mane from heated styling damage, and act as a strand-smoother and shine-booster, too!

Next, tilt your head upside down and rough dry the roots and ends. Continue this action until you remove all the excess moisture from your ends and your hair is almost completely dry.

Editor’s tip: If you’re after a tousled finish, use your fingers to comb through your hair unevenly. But if you’re after a sleek, polished look, direct your hands in one direction. Easy peasy, eh?


blow out hairstyle tutorial step 2: model sectioning her hair
Sectioning your hair will make blow drying your hair a breeze! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Step 2: Divide and conquer

Apply some more of the blow out balm through damp locks, then use jaw clips to separate your hair into 4 or 6 sections. After you’ve decided where you want your hair parting to fall, start blow drying the bottom layer of your hair (AKA the area closest to your neck).

To get ultra-smooth results, you’ll need to use a round brush and follow this roll and pull technique! So, deeply nestle a round brush near your roots, and roll it up and down the hair shaft, while also keeping the blow dryer pointed in a downward position.

Editor’s tip: Since you need tension to help straighten your hair, you’ll need to use the brush to pull at it and not let the ends fall loose. If you feel like you’re tugging too much, work in short bursts from the root, rather than one continuous pull.

blow out hair how to: model blow drying hair straight with round brush
Rolling, rolling, rolling! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Step 3: Repeat until complete

Repeat on all sections, concentrating most of your energy on the top three sections — people notice those first. Now, depending on the look you want, you can choose to keep it sleek and chic, or factor in some curling time, once your hair is completely dry.

Editor’s tip: For a sexier blow out hair look, use a curling iron to wrap hair away from face in the same direction. Once all hair is curled, spray your mane with a texturising spray and shake out the curls.

model with blown out hairstyle spraying hairspray into locks
Cool air and cool hair! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Step 4:  Use cool air and hairspray to help set the style

A blast of cool air will aid in setting the style. This should be common practice for most stylists, but if you’ve never considered it when doing a DIY blow out hairstyle at home, it’s definitely worth adding to your routine.

Once your hair is completely done, mist your palms with a flexible hold shine hairspray, like the TIGI Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray, and run them lightly over your hair, concentrating on the ends.

This will help lock your blow out hair in place, while allowing it to maintain movement and body. Did we forget to mention that this product will also give you a star-worthy shine? Bonus!

model with sleek blown out locks
Et voila! A stunning occasion-ready blow out hairstyle. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Step 5: Final look

And just like that, your blow out hairstyle is complete. Gorgeous enough for any occasion, yet simple enough to do when you want to save some money – it really is a blow out dream come true!

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Looking for natural waves? Watch the video above as the lovely Diipa Khosla shows us exactly how to achieve her loosely-curled blow out. Perfect for a night on the town, no?

How to maintain blow out hair

model backstage with blow out hair
These blow out hair tips will change your life! Credit:

Now that you’ve got the hairstyle of your dreams, you’re probably wondering how you can maintain the style. Luckily for you, we’ve come up with a list of things you should know to help extend the life of your gorgeous ‘do. You can thank us later!

Blow out hair tips that’ll make your look last for day

1. Use products sparingly for the first two days. While styling products are great for enhancing or holding your ‘do, too much product will weigh your hair down.

2. By the third day, your roots are likely to need a bit of lifting and freshening. This is where dry shampoo comes in. The perfect tool for masking any oil build-up, dry shampoo can also be used prior to engaging in any physical activity or before sleeping, as it will help absorb sweat and grease before the hair even has a chance to.

3. Sleep smartly and invest in a silk or satin pillowcase. The texture of cotton is rougher on hair and can cause it to crease easily, reducing the lifespan of your blow out.


We hope you enjoyed learning how to get and maintain blow out hair – it wasn’t as hard as you thought, was it? And now you’re a pro, you should head on over to our New Hairstyles page and pick another look to master!