On-trend black men’s hairstyles to cure your FOMO

All Things Hair | 18 December 2017

Got FOMO in the hair department? Then these haircuts for black men will put an end to that!


Feeling uninspired, or just not sure where to start when it comes to cool, black men’s hairstyles? No need to fear the idea of heading to the barbers, as we’ve rounded up the most stylish hairstyles for black men, guaranteed to get you excited about your next appointment.

Below we’ve unearthed something for just about everybody, whether your hair is natural or relaxed, short, medium or long. So, if you’re considering a fresh new ‘do or just want an update, here are the best styles to have a look at before you take the plunge.

The best black men’s haircuts and hairstyles to try


side view image of a black man with a faded sides - black men's hairstyles
Try out this South of France inspired look! Credit: Instagram.com/ronny.ron.

South of France

This South of France hairstyle was first made popular by Usher. And although it’s modelled on the classic punk-inspired mohawk, it’s really known as a “gentleman’s mohawk”, thanks to its subtle shape.

The haircut is almost undetectable from the front, but once turned to the side, you can identify it by its dapper four dimensional look and trademark burst fade. Credit: @ronny.ron

front view image of a black man with glasses and twist-out hair - black men hairstyles
Black men’s hairstyles like this are edgy and cool.
Credit: Instagram.com/llcooldrae


Thought that twists and twist-outs were reserved for the ladies? Think again. Because twists are also a great protective hairstyle for black men.

Simply take an inch-wide section of hair (you can start anywhere), then divide this section into two and weave your two-strand twist. Continue this process with the rest of your mane – and that’s pretty much it!

The best part? When you’re tired of rocking your twists, you can undo them, revealing a great twist-out! Credit: @llcooldrae

side view of a black man with afro hair and a goatee - black men's hairstyles
Ready to rock an afro? It’s one of our fave hairstyles for black men. Credit: Instagram.com/_pharaoh.

The Afro

This is ultimate ‘do when it comes to black male hairstyles, obviously. No matter the size of your afro, celebrate your mane by rocking your natural hair texture.

This is pretty much a wake-up-and-go look, which has major bonus points, but when it comes to the colder months, you might want to consider a more protective style.  Credit: @_pharaoh

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front view of a black man with a goatee and short buzz cut - black men hairstyles
Haircuts for black men don’t get much cooler than this! Credit: Instagram.com/bj__williams.

Caesar cut

Looking for short, dapper black hairstyles for men? The Caesar haircut exudes classic coolness, especially when teamed with a 360 wave. Although it takes a little time (and a lot of effort), once you’ve created your waves, you won’t regret it.

Still on the fence? Why not check out our comprehensive 360 wave guide on everything you need to know about the look? We’re sure you’ll be a convert in no time! Credit: @bj__williams

front facing image of a black man with a high top fade - black men hairstyles
Ready to throw it back with the high top fade? Credit: Instagram.com/altondeon.

High top fade

Ready to throw it back to the days of The Fresh Prince? Then go for a hipster-approved high top fade. We, for one, are glad that this hairstyle has been revived and brought back from the hair archives.

Like the name suggests, it’s a high fade with a slightly longer top: a great style for black men as it allows them to really showcase their natural hair texture, while keeping the sides and back short and neat.

Tip: Just remember to keep the top soft, otherwise you risk looking like you’ve just stepped out of the ’90s! Credit: @altondeon

front facing image of a black man with a buzz cut
Cool black men haircuts? You can’t go wrong with a buzz cut. Credit: indigitalimages.com

A fade cut

Fade haircuts are great to add a subtle stylish edge to many looks, no matter the length of your hair. Combine a short afro and a sharp cut with clean, faded sides (or geometric patterns) for a contrast in textures. Or, for a more minimalist style, get a closely cropped cut with tapered sides to add a modern touch without going to extremes.

As one of the most versatile black hairstyles for men, fades can come in a range of options; from the classic mid and low fades, to higher ones that will give your cut a striking finish. 

front facing image of a black man with a colourful afro hairstyle - black men hairstyles
We’re loving this colourful look. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Coloured hair

Want to transform your hairstyle without getting a new cut? Create a bolder look by adding some colour! Deep brown and red hues work really well with dark locks, as the combination produces a super attractive look, while vibrant, brighter shades can give your hair a really stunning finish.

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Editor’s tip: Before you go for a new colour, you might want to consult professionals to get their recommendations. And remember that the colouring process can cause your locks to become more dry and brittle!

But fret not, as by using a wash a care set that is specifically formulated for coloured hair, like the TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Vibrance Protection Shampoo and Conditioner, you’ll help keep your dyed locks looking their best. 

front facing image of a black man wearing glasses with a buzz cut hairstyle - black men's hairstyles
Why not try out the buzz cut? Credit: indigitalimages.com

The buzz cut

The buzz cut is one of the most popular black men’s hairstyles right now. Super versatile and low-maintenance, it works well for most face shapes and hair textures. 

While you can create the cut yourself, it’s worth consulting your barber to find out what length you should go for, as you’ll still need to choose the one that’ll work best for your face and head shape.

front facing image of a man with short and curly hair - black men hairstyles
Black men hairstyles? Try this short and curly look. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Short and curly

Depending on the natural texture of your hair, a curly hairstyle can be great for creating a cool look with lots of shape. And there is a wide range of curly black hairstyles for men you can choose from – from short afros to more intricate options that will help enhance your naturally thick locks. 

For sharp and classic haircuts for black men, keep your hair closely cropped (about one inch or less all over) and create a side parting to produce a contemporary and polished effect (or you can simply leave it as it is). 

side view image of a black man with a short fade hair cut - black men's hairstyles
Keep things classic with a fade hair cut.Credit: indigitalimages.com

Classic taper fade

The fade is another one of the classic black men’s haircuts that shouldn’t be overlooked, as this cut has a lot of range and can be worked with a variety of lengths.

If a standard taper fade feels too safe, you might want to try a low or high fade. As for the scissor fade? It’s a great option for curly hair textures if you want a casual style that looks as effortless as it feels.

front view image of a black male model with dreadlocks - black men hairstyles
Try out stylish dreadlocks for your next look Credit: indigitalimages.com


One of the most well-known hairstyles for black men, this permanent ‘do takes time to create, but once your hair is ‘locked’, the styling options are endless.

Updos like the man bun and half-up styles are just some of the options you can easily achieve. See music mavens Lenny Kravitz, Future, and Wiz Khalifa for reference: they’re all dreadlock devotees!

front view image of a black man with a man bun
Want a hipster approved style? Think; man bun. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Man bun

The camps are still split on the man bun, but we can’t deny it’s a great option if you need an easy, protective style.

Not only does it keep your hair ends safe and sound, but it’s also acceptable for work and practical at the gym. Don’t worry if you don’t have shoulder-length hair, Zayn Malik is proof that you can do man buns with relatively short hair, too.

front view image of a black man with a no hair looks - black men's hairstyles
Go for the easiest style there is – the practical ‘no-hair’ look. Credit: indigitalimages.com

‘No-hair’ hairstyle

Time-poor and can’t spare a moment to style or groom your black hair? That’s okay, because the ‘no-hair’ look is one of the only black men’s hairstyles that requires zero maintenance.

It’s fuss-free and practical, not to mention it’s a great way to conceal thinning hair or male pattern baldness, while still effortlessly looking stylish – that makes it a win-win in our books.

front view image of a man with a high and tight look - black men's hairstyles
This high and tight look is cool and classic. Credit: indigitalimages.com

High and tight

Suitable for any face shape, the high and tight is one of the most stylish and flattering black male hairstyles. Often worn by those in the armed forces due to the fact that it requires minimal styling and maintenance, it’s a good choice of hairstyle if you’re strapped for time in the mornings.

Ask your barber to keep some length on top, but to fade out your hair either sides of your head. We promise, it’ll add a stylish touch to any standard fade.


Loved these hairstyles and haircuts for black men but got your heart set on rocking dreadlocks next season? Don’t go anywhere, as we’ve rounded up the best men’s dreadlocks to inspire. You’re welcome!